Destiny of the Shrine Maiden

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Destiny of the Shrine Maiden is an animated television series. It is the tale of two secret friends who must face evil. Two girls go to school together. Nobody knows they are secretly friends as they are ladies of good character. One day their pleasant life is disturbed when they realize an evil from ancient times has entered their world. These two then become Shrine Maidens in order to fight this evil.

Evil inhabits the world in many times and ways. For these two girls the time is now and the way is what they must combat to fight the evil.

The Anime Network
1 Season, 12 Episodes
October 2, 2004
Animation & Cartoon Anime
Cast: Noriko Shitaya, Ayako Kawasumi, Junji Majima, Michelle Ruff
Destiny of the Shrine Maiden

Destiny of the Shrine Maiden Full Episode Guide

  • The final battle is upon them. Himeko and Soma battle against Chikane and the Orochi. Himeko leaves Soma to go after Chikane, and the two fight eachother one-on-one over the fate of the world and the destiny of the Shrine Maidens.

  • Alone, Himeko revives Ame no Murakumo. Chikane comes back to her, and the two talk about how everything began and what has gone wrong. It seems as if Chikane has come back for good, until she tells Himeko that she intends to kill her.

  • Himeko is having a difficult time accepting that Chikane has betrayed her. Things get a little easier when Makoto comes back to school and she and Himeko reconcile. Chikane, on the other hand, fights and defeats all of the other Orochi, except for Soma.

  • While on their date, Soma and Himeko take shelter from the rain in an abandoned warehouse. Chikane is confronted again by Sister Miyako. Soma and Himeko are attacked by four of the Necks.

  • Soma is able to repell Tsubasa's attack, but Tsubasa gets away. Soma starts training, to ensure that when they meet again, he will utterly defeat him and protect the Miko. Soma learns that Tsubasa is, in fact, his older brother.

  • Soma finally asks Himeko out on a date. Chikane helps her get ready. The two go to the amusement park. The 1st Neck, Tsubasa, confronts them and Soma must protect Himeko.

  • Due to the damage to the dormitory, and her injured roommate blaming her, Himeko is in need of a place to stay. Chikane offers for Himeko to stay in her mansion. At school, Chikane's fans begin to bother Himeko.

  • Chikane and Himeko must face the truth about their destiny and confront the events that are ahead of them. They learn about the ancient conflict between Orochi and the Miko.

  • Chikane and Himeko Kurusugawa share the same birthday and are reincarnations of the Solar and Lunar Miko, or Shrine Maidens. On their birthday, the incarnations of the evil Orochi awaken in their human hosts.