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In this drama series, a young Mexican woman moves to New York City in an attempt to make her dreams come true. She gets the trip started on the wrong foot by stealing a large amount of money from her parents, and once she's in NYC, she's willing to do lots of unsavory things to be successful.

Diablo Guardian is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (18 episodes). The series first aired on May 5, 2018.

Where do I stream Diablo Guardian online? Diablo Guardian is available for streaming on Amazon, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Diablo Guardian on demand at Amazon Prime online.

2 Seasons, 18 Episodes
May 5, 2018
Action & Adventure Drama
Cast: Paulina Gaitan, Adrian Ladron, Andrés Almeida, Armando Espitia
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Diablo Guardian Full Episode Guide

  • Pig fears that Violetta might be in danger and attempts to report her disappearance. Bosco's true killer turns themselves into the authorities, and demands an investigation into the whereabouts of his daughter, while Rosalba's parents meet with Guerrero to demand the payment of Violetta's debt. Carballo discovers the exorbitant expenses made by Guerrero and cancels all of his accounts. A body raises suspicions about Violetta's death and Guerrero is the prime suspect. Pig has a new story to write, and this time no detail will be spared: Violetta's revenge is now in his hands.

  • When the story on Bosco breaks, Guerrero confronts his ex-partner, but both parties have dangerous information on the other. The agency decides to separate themselves from the scandal.After finding out that Marina leaked the information on Bosco, Guerrero threatens her and forces her to back down. Pig has plans to run away with Violetta and leave the past behind, but she sees the opportunity of revenge and earn back her freedom. Violetta tries to do things her way, but an unexpected event will test her.

  • Guerrero and Carballo attempt to close a new account with the son of an important client. Meanwhile Pig goes with Violetta to meet her family, and confirms for himself their opportunistic motivations. Violetta feels she's lost the opportunity to be free of Nefas, who is suspecting of the romance between her and Pig, tests her loyalty by sending her to close the deal with a new client. Marina seeks justice for Rebeca, but can't have any proof unless Violetta testifies. Violetta discovers a secret about a new client and looses the account. Pedro pays the price.

  • After turning down Eric and discovering that Nefas never planned on helping with her visa, Violetta escapes and finds an accomplice in Henry, disappointed he confronts Nefas. Violetta says goodbye to NY and six months later finds herself in Mexico, working for an agency alongside Pig. But there she

  • Violetta attempts to be smarter than Nefas and to work directly with El Gallego, but Henry figures out her plan. Violetta feels trapped in a life she didn't envision for herself and she begins to look for a way out. Meanwhile, her relationship with El Gallego intensifies and she decides to take advantage of the situation to set them all up.

  • Pig and Rosalba begin an affair. Rosalba's mysterious past awakens Pig's curiosity. In New York, Violetta starts a relationship with Nefas, who quickly shows his dark side. Her ingenuity and her vices make her the perfect new addition to Nefas' line of work, and she decides to bear all kinds of abuse in order to achieve her goal: become legal.

  • Violetta arrives in Las Vegas. She meets Super Mario and discovers a taste for cocaine. Soon she runs out of money and goes back to her tricks. Now in a mess of trouble, she is rescued by Antonio Guerrero, "Nefas", who promises to help her get a legitimate visa. Pig starts a new job in an advertising agency. His rebellious attitude and intelligence are celebrated by some but envied by others.

  • Violetta discovers that Superman used some of her money to rent an apartment, while disappointed at first, she gives in to the routine of a serious relationship. She soon gets bored and goes back to her life of tricks, pushing Eric away. Despite trying to avoid his grandmother's illness, Pig is forced to be by her side until her last breath.

  • Violetta crosses the border with the money she stole from her parents. There she meets Eric, a handsome young Texan with whom she travels to New York. In between sightseeing and shopping, Eric tries to make it as an actor and Violetta helps him the only way she knows how: by cheating. Pig experiments with drugs and meets Sopa. His luck begins to change when Mamita confesses that she is sick.

  • Pig visits Violetta's grave and discovers atape recording that reveals the story of Rosa del Alba Valdivia. Violetta narrates to Pig how she found the way to escape her mediocre life and head to the city of her dreams: New York. Meanwhile, we get a glimpse into Pig's life, a young writer who lives with his grandmother and who tries to find a story that will bring his novel to life.