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In this live action/animated fantasy series, a young girl spends her days dreaming about her favorite subject, dinosaurs. When she finds that she has the ability to imagine dinosaurs into real life, her life gets much more exciting. The series is a spinoff of the Canadian series Dino Dan.

Dino Dana is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on May 26, 2017.

Where do I stream Dino Dana online? Dino Dana is available for streaming on Amazon Studios, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dino Dana on demand at Amazon Prime online.

Amazon Studios
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
May 26, 2017
Cast: Michela Luci, Saara Chaudry
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Dino Dana Full Episode Guide

  • In this two-part special, Dana creates an elaborate board game called the Game of Bones that brings out the competitive side of her family as she explains what happened when a meteorite ended the reign of the dinosaurs.

  • Dana's at the museum studying Mammoth fossils when she tells Dad and Saara a fantastical story about the cave people that lived among them. Dana and Saara are shoveling the driveway when Dana is distracted by a Troodon who has dug a den under her tree house. Dana wants to figure out why the Troodon dug the dens, but also promised to help Mom shovel the driveaway.

  • Dana has a nightmare where Saara's a Super Villain who steals an Ozraptor bone from a special, traveling display at the ROM. Dana learns that male Dromaeosaurus give gifts to impress female Dromaeosaurus, just like Dana's Dad did to try and impress young Dana.

  • When Dana, Saara and Uncle Ravi go gokarting together, Dana becomes frustrated when she can't outrace her sister and uncle. But after watching a Stygimoloch use speed, maneuverability and force to escape a pack of deadly T. rex, Dana is inspired to find a way to win! Dana is doing Dino Experiment 624 - Why does the baby Brachiosaurus eat so much?

  • Dana uses her time at Grandma's farm to conduct Dino Experiment 615: Who would win in a fight? Triceratops, Diabloceratops, or Kosmoceratops." It's the battle of the Ceratopsians. Dana discovers the differences between dino babies and human babies when Mom's friend Ashley and her new baby Ben stop by for a visit.

  • At Grandma's farm Dana conducts Dino Experiment 625: What does it feel like to ride a Hippodraco? With Grandma's guidance and Saara's love of horses, they help Dana learn what it feels like to ride a "Horse Dragon". Dana wants to stay up all night to do Dino Experiment 623: Are there nocturnal dinosaurs? But her Dad's just come back from a late hospital shift and wants to go to bed.

  • Ms. Currie asks Dana to help her choose a reptile that's most like a dinosaur to adopt for Trek's upcoming birthday. Together they scour the local Reptile Zoo and pet store for the perfect pet. Dana neglects to do her part to help take care of Nixon because she's too preoccupied with Dino Experiment 620: How do Edmontosaurus take care of their babies.

  • Dana comes across a herd of traveling sauropods and learns about why and how they migrate. Using what she learns she helps Mr. Hendrickson's move into a new home a little easier. Dana and her family plan to have a picnic lunch, but find their picnic basket has been slashed. The family heads to Dino Court, to try "The Case of the Picnic Basket Slasher".

  • Smitten with Cai's new foster kitten, Dana tries to convince Cai to adopt the kitten while imaging what it would've been like for cave-people domesticating a Smilodon. When Grandma watches over Dana, Dana's disappointed because she and Dad planned to transform her bike into a Dromaeosaurus for Dino Experiment 612: How does a Psittacosaurus use its tail quills to protect itself.

  • Dana uses a trip to the grocery store with Grandma to conduct Dino Experiment 621: What did the Sygimoloch use the Spikes on its head for? While Dad helps Saara practice karate, Dana studies which carnivore can get past the sturdy armour of the Euoplocephalus.

  • In this half hour episode, Dana's dino experiment goes awry when she finds an abandoned Baby Triceratops and tries to reunite it with its family.

  • After hearing how Dana's mom and dad fell in love, Dana helps a loneley Sinornithosaurus impress a female. Dana discovers the lengths a Sinornithosaurus must go to in order to attract a mate. Dana comes across Ms. Currie putting up posters for her grandson

  • To help a young boy get over his fear of heights, Dana tells him the story a Brachiosaurus so afraid of heights that he was afraid to put his long neck all the way up. Dana's story encourages the frightened boy. When Dana tries to figure out how a herd of Edmontosaurus defend themselves, she inadvertently wakes up her downstairs neighbour Cai. Dana learns that the Edmontosaurus aren't as defenceless towards dangerous predators as she thought.

  • It's Fossil Day at the Royal Ontario Museum! Dana's eager to show off her new discovery to the ROM's resident paleontologist, but her sister Saara isn't able to take her anymore. Determined to attend Fossil Day she enlists her neighbor Mr. Hendrickson to take her. Dana's Dad tries to get Dana up and ready for school but Dana's busy daydreaming of being Barnum Brown, the chief fossil hunter for the American Museum of Natural History, who discovered the very first T. rex fossil in 1905.

  • While tracking a particularly tricky Incisivosaurus, Dana takes inspiration from Dad's favorite cartoon in her quest to complete her collection of dinosaur feathers. Dana

  • At the Aquarium, Dana tells Saara a fantastical story about a time travelling submarine that takes them on a journey to hunt the biggest shark ever, a prehistoric Megalodon. During gym class, Saara doesn't pick Dana for her dodgeball team becuase of Dana's small size. Upset but still determined to win, Dana applies survival techniques of a Microraptor, the smallest dinosaur ever found. Dana proves to her sister that being small isn't always a bad thing.

  • When boys won't let Dana play in their "boys only" volleyball game, she decides to fossile hunt on the beach by herself. While hunting, she unexpectedly meets famous 12-year-old fossil finder, Mary Anning. Together, the two girls discover a prehistoric fossil and solve the mystery of which prehistoric creature it belonged to. While at a train park, Saara tells Dana that she doesn't like trains any more even though she loved them when she was little. Dana helps Saara rediscover her love of trains as they imagine themselves on a Dino Rescue Train saving baby dinos.

  • Using Dana's time travelling submarine, Dana and her friend Riley to travel back in time to learn how prehistoric marine reptiles used sounds to communicate underwater. Dana sees a T. rex doing a strange dance and is very curious to learn more about the dinosaur

  • When a Dromaeosaurus attacks Mr. Hendrickson's flamingo lawn ornaments, Dana sets out to protect the flamingos. During a visit to her grandmother's house, it's the hottest day of the year and Dana is wearing the frilliest dress ever. While waiting to take a family photo, she decides to find out how dinosaurs faced the heat.

  • After seeing a Kentrosaurus injured by an Albertosaurus, Dana accidentally bumps into Saara. The girls go to the hopsital where Dad teaches Dana about bones and spikes. Dana learns about how dinosaurs cared for their young when she plays the part of a Maiasaura hatchling and gets adopted by a Maiasaura family.

  • Dana gets kicked out of her bedroom when Saara has a friend coming over. Feeling left out, Dana sets out to discover how dinosaurs made friends and ends up meeting a group of friendly Incisivosaurus. While Mom does prenatal yoga in the park, Dana spots a Spinosaurus mom making noises to her eggs. With the help of Mom and the yoga instructor, Dana explores why dino Moms might talk to their eggs before they hatch.

  • When Dana sees a Kentrosaurus and a Stegosaurus fighting in her yard, she conducts a dino experiment to see why two dinosaurs in the same family would fight. While Dana's mom deals with a petrified snake-sitter at the vet clinic, Dana meets a Titanoboa, the biggest snake of all time. She sets out to figure out if the prehistoric reptile was poisonous or a constrictor.

  • When Saara's fear of heights puts her at risk of failing her swim test, Dana enlists the help of a Deinosuchus, Spinosaurus, and Pterodactylus to show Saara there are different ways to conquer her fear and get into the water. Dana is studying the hunting techniques of the Microraptor when she finds a mouse in the kitchen. Things gets complicated when the Microraptor accidentally gets inside and begins to hunt the very mouse Dana's trying to save.

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