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Is money really worth the problems it brings? Are people with money truly happy? Does money bread power, which in hand breeds corruption? Those are the questions that ABC's "Dirty Sexy Money" tries to answer. The two season show ran on the network in the Primetime slot and took a harsh look at the reality that is the upper echelon of society. The focus is a rich family living and lying in New York City's trendy Upper East Side. The Family's personal lawyer; a do-gooder, who is constantly faced with moral decisions, finds himself stuck with the clan that he had tried, so desperately, to shake away from.

Nick George, the main focus of the show, was leading a morally-upstanding life as a public attorney when his father's mysterious death launched him back into a life he desperately tried to shake himself away from. George grew up around the Darling Family, an obscenely rich New York family. Nick's father, Dutch, served as the family's persona, on-call attorney up until his death. Upon Dutch's death the family request that Nick take over his post. In a decision that would change everything Nick accepts; partially to understand what happened to his father and partially to obtain the money to do good in the world.

Nick, however, gets more than he bargained for and is pulled back into the crazy, morally questionable and often downright corrupt world that the Darling's live in. Nick's family life, career and sanity are all questioned as he works his way through the immense legal troubles and quandaries that the Darling's are constantly finding themselves in.

As season one wraps and season two gets into full-swing the show begins to take a closer look at the mystery that surrounds the death of Nick's father. Dutch, served as a life-long lawyer for the Darling clan and Nick believes they may have something to do with it. While he continues to feel suspicious he can't help but be drawn in by the heir and heiresses of the Darling Fortune.

So, at the end of the day, do you think that dirty money is worth its weight in gold?

Dirty Sexy Money is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (23 episodes). The series first aired on September 26, 2007.

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2 Seasons, 23 Episodes
September 26, 2007
Drama, Comedy
Cast: Peter Krause, Donald Sutherland, William Baldwin, Natalie Zea, Glenn Fitzgerald
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Dirty Sexy Money Full Episode Guide

  • Simon is tortured by Nola to get the truth about her brother with the help of Nick. Later, he takes Simon to Darlings' private clinic to recover. There, Simon unveils the truth about his plans, the business he had with Nola's father, and who is behind all his evil deeds.

  • Karen and Nick profess their love for each other, and she reveals to him that she is pregnant with Simon's baby. Simon and Tripp plan to celebrate their new partnership and go public with their bio-fuel patent, with a party at the Darling mansion. Elsewhere, Simon chooses Jeremy to pull off his fake murder, but Nola believes he is being set up in a trap. She wants to save her bother, but fears Jeremy will be hurt by Simon. Meanwhile, Andrea learns of Brian's plans to cheat on her with his ex-wife and throws him out of the Imperial, forcing Brian to shack up with Nick. And Patrick meets again with with Congressman Whatley who hit on him, but this time it's Dana, the congressman's wife who is making moves on Patrick.

  • When Lisa takes Nick's daughter and leaves the state without his permission, he, Brian and Karen go after them in Tripp's private jet. Feelings rise between Nick and Karen while Brian has an agenda of his own...

  • The Darlings must deal with the aftermath following the inauguration, which leaves one person dead, one shot, and one with amensia. Meanwhile, Nick and Lisa discuss custody arrangements for their daughter.

  • Senator Patrick Darling invites Carmelia to his inauguration despite being warned by Tripp and Nick. Chase makes threat against the Darlings. Brian prays to God. While Karen is face by an armed intruder.

  • Nick is sent in to work his magic on Karen while she prepares for her fifth wedding, this time to Simon Elder which doesn't sit well with others. Meanwhile, despite Nola advising against it, Patrick hires Jeremy to his team; Brian finds himself growing closer to Andrea as she lays in bed getting sicker; and Letitia believes someone has overstayed their welcome.

  • While the Darlings are away the help will play, a reporter is insisting on finding out the truth regarding the rumors surrounding the Darlings and the chauffeur gives his version all-be-it different from what has been said.Meanwhile, the fashion show goes forward at the Darling mansion and a socialite in attendance has "words" for the family matriarch.

  • Jeremy quits his job as head valet and comes to Lisa once more for advice. Patrick is reunited with Carmelita who is located in the Adirondacks with the help of Tripp. Brian and Andrea continues their battle over Brian Jr. while Nick deals with the painful truth to be revealed by his mother. Karen is introduced to Simon Elder's son as their relationship deepens.

  • Nick discovers a dirty little secret about Nola during Letitia's murder trial, while Tripp tries to wield his influence over Patrick in choosing his chief of staff.

  • As Election Day nears, Patrick insists on taking his relationship with Carmelita public; Ellen's brother, Chase, demands to know the truth about his sister's death; Nick and Lisa go to couples therapy; Brian Jr. goes missing.

  • When Nick agrees to defend Letitia in the murder case of Dutch George, he is shocked to learn that his mother is on the prosecutor's witness list. Meanwhile, Jeremy plans a surprise concert for Nola; Patrick tries to clear his mind of his wife's death; and Brian heads to Brazil to kidnap Brian Jr.

  • Tripp and Letitia Darling throw Nick a lavish birthday party on a yacht, despite the fact that the day before, Nick and his wife, Lisa, had been planning to celebrate privately. That was before Tripp called Nick to broker a reconciliation between himself and his eldest son, senatorial candidate Patrick, who's going through a rough patch in his own marriage as he searches for his missing transgendered mistress. Meanwhile youngest son Jeremy reveals his feelings for Lisa to the lovely and mysterious Nola Lyons; the relationship between Karen and Tripp's nemesis, Simon Elder, enters a new level of intimacy; the de-frocked Brian is reunited with his illegitimate son; the whole Darling family is dealt a blow by the death of one of their own, and someone is arrested for murder.

  • Nick learns that Simon and Karen are secretly an item, but refuses to admit it bothers him. Karen skips out on the Darling family tradition of watching "The Nutcracker" in order to go with Simon on a mystery date. Brian finds himself in the middle of a career crisis after being suspended from the ministry and goes to Tripp for advice. Lisa tries to help Jeremy impress Sofia.

  • In a series of flashbacks, secrets are uncovered surrounding the death of Nick's father, Dutch, his affair with Letitia, as well as his relationship with his son and Tripp. Meanwhile, Karen and Simon get closer; Brian is arrested for trying to bribe an arbitrator into giving him custody of Brian, Jr.; and Jeremy has Lisa help him keep up his charade with Sofa.

  • Nick and Lisa plan for a Darling-less Thanksgiving holiday, but their plans are put on hold when Tripp has Nick set up a meeting with Simon Elder at the Darling country house. During the meeting, Letitia helps Karen hatch a plan to get the man she really wants -- Nick. Meanwhile, Nick battles to keep Brian's son away from his mother, Andrea; Ellen insists on meeting Carmelita; and Jeremy tries to keep up his act as a valet on his first date with Sofa.

  • Karen gets cold feet as her wedding day arrives. Drama ensues as she begins to have doubts about marrying Freddy, especially when Lisa thinks Nick is the reason why. Brian Jr.'s mother returns to New York to take back her son, but Brian Sr. has finally bonded with him. Patrick's campaign revs up, but his wife finds out about his affair through an unlikely source. Natalie Kimpton tries to fix things between her and Juliet by releasing a song about forgiveness, but Jeremy is suspicious of Natalie's motives.

  • Nick meets with Simon Elder, Tripp's arch-nemesis, but finds that he has more in common with Elder than he had assumed. With Juliet and Jeremy, the Darling twins, fighting over Natalie Kimpton, they opt to have separate birthday parties and are each given a $1 million budget. Each tries to outdo the other -- Jeremy throws his on the Brookly Bridge, while Juliet goes with a French Revolution theme, complete with chocolate aristocrats. Meanwhile, Brian Jr. tells Brian's wife the truth about who his father is, while Karen tries to get Freddy a membership to a fancy club.

  • Nick flies into damage control mode when a blackmailer demands money in exchange for a sex tape. Patrick becomes depressed when he has to break his affair off with Carmelita. Meanwhile, Brian's wife learns that the "Swedish orphan" speaks English; Jeremy stuggles to keep his affair with Natalie a secret, but Natalie and Juliet wind up fighting at a senate campaign fundraiser.

  • Nick continues to search for his father's killer with the help of Norman Exley, a mechanic and Darling aficionado. Juliet holes up in her new luxury hotel and refuses to be a part of an important photo shoot involving lions. Tripp tries to get Patrick to announce his bid for the Senate. Jeremy begins a secret relationship with Juliet's arch-enemy, Natalie Kimpton.

  • Nick George reluctantly accepts an offer to take over his father's job follow the death of his father in a mysterious plane crash. Now, Nick is the chief counsel for an extremely wealthy and powerful Darling family and is thrust into the world of the Darling family's numerous personal and legal issues.

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