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Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan is a reality television show that follows dog trainer Cesar Millan as he works with difficult pets. Dog Whisperer debuted in 2004 on the National Geographic channel and has been aired for seven seasons. Millan is a self-taught dog trainer with a large high profile clientele. Episodes begin with Millan's introduction to a difficult dog and their owners. The owner gives an overview of his or her relationship with the pet and the issues that have arisen. Millan assesses the situation and begins his instruction on behavior modification. He occasionally brings one of his own dogs to these sessions to assist with training.

Dog Whisperer episodes have shown Millan helping owners successfully overcome a variety behavior problems with their dogs, including excessive barking, biting, aggression, separation anxiety, and obsessions. Celebrities have also made appearances on Dog Whisperer with their problem pets. Daisy Fuentes, Patti LaBelle, and Ed McMahon have all found success by following Millan's methods.

Dog Whisperer has been the National Geographic channel's top rated series for the past six years. It has won numerous television awards, such as the People's Choice Award for Favorite Animal Show and Best TV Variety or Reality Show by the Imagen Foundation. The Humane Society of the United States has also presented Millan with Special Commendation for his work.

2012 will be the final season for Dog Whisperer, according to a statement Millan published on his website. The program has reached a worldwide audience, broadcasting in over eighty countries.

Saturday 8:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic
9 Seasons, 178 Episodes
September 13, 2004
Cast: Cesar Millan
Dog Whisperer
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Dog Whisperer Full Episode Guide

  • A couple are concerned their Lab, who becomes aggressive around food, could harm their 18-month-old son. Cesar helps a homeless woman's protective pit bull adapt to a women's shelter.

  • Cesar helps a cocker spaniel and a labradoodle overcome their fears.

  • The host helps comedians Skyler Stone, Ralphie May, Lahna Turner and Paul Rodriguez set boundaries with their dogs.

  • Three Playboy Playmates seek help this week.

  • Cesar helps owners manage an angry dog.

  • Cesar helps tame an overly energetic mastiff mix and two misbehaving miniature dachshunds.

  • Before Cesar leaves the U.K., he helps a collie mix that's paranoid about walking outside, an overly energetic Labrador and a klee kai that gets anxious around other dogs.

  • Cesar tries to help two dogs that have spent the majority of their lives in Africa and are having trouble adjusting to their new surroundings in London. He also works with a Jack Russell terrier that acts up around guests, and a dog walker who struggles to control her own Patterdale-terrier mix.

  • The ninth season premiere begins with Cesar Millan heading to the U.K. to help troubled dog owners. Included: a 17-year-old gets help handling his two out-of-control Jack Russell terriers; a rescue dog's territorial behavior is addressed.

  • Pet adoption is a special cause to Cesar, he helps to rescue dog owners being bullied by their pets.

  • Two young fans observe Cesar as he works with an anxious pit-bull mix and an Australian-shepherd-Chihuahua mix that get anxious around strangers.

  • Cesar Millan helps an Australian shepherd that is fearful of the vacuum cleaner, and a pointer-mix with a pine-cone obsession.

  • When a newlywed couple goes in for a kiss, their dogs put up a fight.

  • Cesar helps cynophobics (people with a severe and often irrational fear of dogs) try to overcome their fears.

  • Cesar straps on the rollerblades and gets pulled by a rather muscular pit bull in order to drain his energy before a walk.

  • Cesar heads to Fort Hood in Texas to help members of the U.S. Army train their undisciplined dogs.

  • A cafĂ© owner seeks help in controlling her hyperactive bulldog; Cesar tries to curb a German shepherd's incessant barking.

  • Rival terriers are at each others' throats and Cesar is out to make peace in the household.

  • Cesar and his team have spent 47 days with a troublesome bulldog named Hugo. Will his owner finally be able to live with his dog in peace?