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Doing the Downsize is no quick-fix easy feat with a tailor-made strict portion-controlled eating plan and an uber-dose of exercise - it's make or break time for each participant and guarantees a super-sized serving of sweat, tears, trials and of course tribulations for those willing to put in the hard yards all in the hope of reaching their "Downsize Me" goals!

Follow diet expert, Damian Kristof, as he dishes out exceptional nutritional advice including fantastic tips on how to lose weight fast and healthily and cook up tasty nutritious meals in no time at all. Whilst straight-talking trainer, Lee-Anne Wann, pushes these couch potatos to their limits to achieve optimum results and teach them exactly how much exercise it takes to work off every calorie they've put in their mouth.

It's a huge reality check for each of our dieters as they discover all the damage they've done from their atrocious diets, followed by an eye-opening wake up call as Damian pours out the stomach-churning contents of his ‘shock me' bucket to visually show the extent of their appalling diets.

As always, the series is packed with surprises and this season introduces the ultimate cooking challenge as Damian turns up unexpectedly with a slimming and sensational recipe that each Downsizer has to cook up in a timed challenge to put their nutritional knowledge to the test.

And of course there's no forgetting the ‘Crash Diet Dummies' who are back to test the effects an atrocious diet can have on a healthy body in just 10 days, this time with not-to-be missed tests revealing specific physical changes a poor diet can have in only 10 days. The results are always astonishing!

Don't miss this jam-packed new "DOWNSIZE ME"! series as some well-known faces take on the downsizing challenge. It is sure to revolutionize the way us kiwis think about food and fitness and reveals the truth behind how our 21st century diets affect our body and even mind. It's a sure-fire recipe for success! (Source:

Tuesday 7:30 PM et/pt on Content Media Corporation
1 Season, 10 Episodes
September 12, 2006
Comedy, Kids & Family, Health & Fitness, Reality
Downsize Me

Downsize Me Full Episode Guide

  • Newlyweds Steve and Jo adore their snack foods -biscuits, beer, chippies and chocolate -eating for them is one big party. But with bellies about to burst, will our Downsize Me duo be able to wrench them from the couch?

  • 19 year old David eats, drinks and smokes up a storm. Now he's in deep diet trouble and it's going to take the makeover magic of nutritian magician Damian and exercise expertise of Lee Ann to break this terrible teenagers dangerous lifestyle.

  • Overweight and over it - 26 year old Michelle is addicted to a diet of junk food and sugary drinks and only the diet dexterity of Damian and the fitness finesse of Lee Ann can save her from her fastrack to diabetes and heart disease.

  • Weighing a whopping 140 kilos, corned beef eating Christian Tapili is twice his ideal size. So for the next two months nutrition technician Damian will rid him of his lard-laden diet whilst he huffs and puffs his way to better health.

  • Scoffing down alcohol, coffee and chocolate every day, Robin and Ange are on a rollercoaster ride of energy highs and lows but have our Downsize Me duo met their match attempting to whip this winging pair into shape in only two months.

  • With a fast paced office job and a broken down flabby body, 30 year old Adam Isa is a heart attack waiting to happen, and in just 8 weeks he swaps his processed packaged meals with lean green cuisine and sends his Crash Diet Dummy crazy.

  • 37 year old stay-at-home Mum Kristine Raymond has an enormous sweet tooth and an even bigger belly -that is until nutrition magician Damian and fitness fanatic Lee-Anne extract both in only 8 weeks.

  • Wayne and Judy are a mother and son team that share two enormous problems - first their addiction to dairy, and second - their super-sized physique. But in 8 weeks they undergo a gigantic health overhaul and a major downsize.

  • 39 year old company director David Eades and his big belly are doing the Downsize this week as nutrition guru Damian and tough trainer Lee-Anne swap his diet of death with an 8 week dose of healthy eating and exercise.

  • 32 year old Brenda is a high kilo casualty but in only 8 weeks diet expert Damian Kristof and fitness trainer Lee-Anne Wann will whip her flabby body back into shape and put her on the path to lifelong good health.