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A reality television show from the Outdoor Channel in which hunter Mark Drury and his team chronicle the thirteen phases of white tail deer hunting season. Together they stalk their prey and dispense tips and tactics to the viewing audience while dealing with everything nature has to through at them, from inclement weather to drought.

Drury's Thirteen is a Action & Adventure, Nature, Reality series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (78 episodes). The series first aired on July 1, 2014.

Drury's Thirteen is available for streaming on the Outdoor Channel website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Drury's Thirteen on demand at Amazon Prime online.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Outdoor Channel
6 Seasons, 78 Episodes
July 1, 2014
Action & Adventure, Nature, Reality
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Drury's Thirteen Full Episode Guide

  • Mark Drury welcomes Catch-a-Dream recipient, Luke England, to his Iowa camp where Luke experiences Feedback with a 5-year-old Ten pointer. But the big bucks don't stop there, as Gary Levox gets it done in Missouri.

  • Waiting on a Front begins in Texas where Mark Drury ends the story he started last week. Then it's back to Iowa, where Tom Gallagher and Gary LeVox experience a front that has the bucks on their feet. Also, Terry Drury is on doe patrol in Missouri.

  • It's Green Revisited and Terry Drury continues his management efforts on his Missouri property while Taylor Land, Mark Drury, and Marc Freese are back in Texas. The Winchesters are ready to perform, and those Lone Star bucks are in trouble.

  • Terry Drury finds himself desperately seeking Curly, a buck he's been after for years. But to his surprise, a different mature buck makes his debut. Then, a great Deercast leads Mark's cameraman, Wade, to harvest his largest Iowa buck with a PSE.

  • It's Missouri's gun season and the Drurys are spending Lock Down as a family. Matt Drury and nephew Nolan head to Terry's where Matt reunites with a buck he calls Kevin. Then Mark and Terry's mom joins in the action.

  • The Buck Parade is on as Terry Drury rattles in a mature Illinois buck. Also, Taylor Land is in Utah stalking down a giant Mule deer named Ghost.

  • Texas is the place to be for High Anticipation as Taylor Land, Wade Robinson, and Marc Freese from Ani-Logics soon find out. Also, Terry Drury's hopes are high as he heads to Illinois. Two mature bucks will hit the ground before it's all over.

  • Pre-Lock tops the charts as two gross Boones fall victim to the Rage and PSE combination. Matt Drury continues his hunt for a buck nicknamed Gnarly, and Mark Drury stalks down his new obsession, a true Iowa giant called The One.

  • The October Lull becomes a cat-and-mouse game between Mark Drury and a buck called Dozer. Matt Drury encounters a new number one target buck called Gnarly, and Taylor Land makes a play on the biggest archery buck of her life.

  • Whitetail season kicks off in Missouri. Preseason scouting leads Terry Drury to hunt down a buck he calls Tuning Fork. All the while, a rain event leads Mark Drury to have one incredible night with two tremendous bucks.

  • It's the Grand Finale, and Mark Drury's entertaining guests at his Iowa camp. Including country music superstar Dustin Lynch, and Chris Paradise from Mossy Oak. Plus, Terry Drury closes out the season in style on his Missouri Property.

  • It's a Feedback party in Iowa, as Mark, Taylor, and Terry Drury are in hot pursuit of giant whitetail bucks with their Traditions Muzzleloaders. Three bucks hit the ground this week.

  • Mark and Taylor Drury meet up with Marc Freese from Ani-Logics down in Texas to put their Winchester Guns to work. And Terry gets lucky with the PSE Fang Crossbow on his Missouri farm.

  • Matt and Terry Drury tackle a brand-new piece of property in Illinois, and they are surprised the results. All the while, Wade's tracked down a 7.5 year old buck named 'Simply Safe'. The Biologic food plot may be the demise for 'Simply Safe'.

  • The Drury family isn't ready for the party to be over. Matt finally gets it done on his first whitetail of the season with his PSE, and Mark gets close to a buck called Big Frame. Plus, Mark's first ever slow-motion doe kill.

  • Matt Drury continues hunting a Missouri monster whitetail he calls PH, and one unlucky day ensues. Then Mark Drury's two new Missouri properties are put to the test by his cameraman Wade and his wife Kyle.

  • Matt Drury gets the keys to Terry's Missouri farm, while Mark and Taylor Drury entertain some special guests. Bruce Pettet from Leupold optics heads after his first Missouri buck and Mark's mother, Lucille is on the hunt for her very first buck.

  • The buck parade is here, and the Drury family is ready. Terry rattles in a Missouri monster named 'Long and Short', and Matt gets a Reconyx lead on a buck he calls PH. All the while Mark and Wade get it done in Texas.

  • Mark Drury is on a roll as he harvests a Mature buck in Missouri, and Terry Drury, after a multitude of good encounters with bucks, finally has an intense standoff with his first shooter of the year, 'Curly'.

  • The Drury family expects good things after the Lull, Matt continues to hunt his Missouri lease, Terry's farm finally starts to turn, and Gary Levox joins up with Mark and Taylor in Iowa. Two Mature bucks will hit the ground this week.

  • While Terry Drury holds down the fort in the Midwest, Mark and Taylor Drury escape the dreaded October Lull where they harvest two gigantic Texas bucks.

  • Taylor' Drury's heading into greener pastures after a 7.5-year-old Missouri buck called 'Forky the Pig', Mark Drury's new obsession is an Iowa giant whitetail named Norman, and Matt Drury has a hunt of a lifetime at Wild Country Outfitters in Utah.

  • Heat and drought may subdue big buck movement in the Midwest, but the Drury's won't let that hold them back. Terry continues management practices, plus Catch a Dream guest Kaylee Wilson joins Mark in Iowa for one special hunt. kwhunting