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The television show Bow Madness, is a hunting series airing on the outdoor channel, hosted by Mark and Terry Drury. These two master hunter only hunt their kill using the popular and well-known PSE bows, killing some of the biggest trophy animals a hunter could only dream of. Viewers will feel as if they are right alongside these two as they go around the world looking for the best place to hunt.

In this television series, viewers will watch Terry and Mark Drury as they travel all across North America, from Argentina to Alabama to hunt some of the most desirable and sought after game. Some of the animals they hunt for include Mule Deer, Bears, Elk, Moose, and much more.

Bow Madness is a series that is currently running and has 13 seasons (168 episodes). The series first aired on July 1, 2008.

Where do I stream Bow Madness online? Bow Madness is available for streaming on Outdoor Channel, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Bow Madness on demand at Amazon Prime online.

Monday 6:00 PM et/pt on Outdoor Channel
13 Seasons, 168 Episodes
July 1, 2008
Action & Adventure, Drama, Reality
Cast: Mark Dodson, Terry Drury, Mark Drury, Matt Drury
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Bow Madness Full Episode Guide

  • John O'Dell invites Brandon Jennings down to Texas for one of Brandon's bucket list hunts; Texas Whitetails. First hunting at GK Paloma Hunts and then SOE Hunts the guys have great success on some Texas giants. Including a 210 monster.

  • For Tom Ware and Scott Manifold, deer hunting is like playing chess. It requires skill and knowledge to have sustained success. This year, they are playing the game with some Iowa giants they've been trading moves with for awhile. Also, Brandon Churchill is able to finally say checkmate on an Illinois monster named Shrek.

  • Brandon Jennings and the rest of the Bow Madness cast take the viewer through each step of planning, building and setting up blinds to maximize success. Also, Bric Steward's daughter, Quincy, finds success on her first buck.

  • John O'Dell and family explore the virtues of hunting as a family bonding experience. Macy, Jacob, and Madison all find success on some great Texas bucks. Also, John introduces his youngest daughter, Ella, to the sport with her first ever deer harvest on a Texas doe.

  • Brandon Jennings and Jared Lurk are both chasing Missouri giants. With Jared using the crossbow, and Brandon with the compound bow, they will highlight the similarities and the differences of the two archery options.

  • Tom Ware and Scott Manifold are intent on harvesting 5 years and older bucks. They show what it takes to find success on the older, more elusive giants. Also Ryan May and David Cates will be joining in on the hunt for the mature monarchs.

  • Dan and Cody Thurston team up with Brycen and Tiffany Thornton to highlight some of the differences between city and country hunting. They also show they can find success no matter where they are, as they have multiple harvests in both Missouri and Kansas.

  • John and Jacob O'Dell find success at a familiar place in the Charco Marano Ranch of South Texas. With John's third time bow hunting there, he finally fills his tag on his widest buck to date after filming Jacob harvest a 157 buck, his largest buck to date.

  • Brandon Jennings and Dave Kramer are on the hunt for the elusive elk. After many close calls for both hunters over the years, they are hoping this is the year they find success on the bugling, towering western elk.

  • Tom Ware and Scott Manifold are two of the most successful whitetail hunters in the country. On the hunt for midwestern giants, they will highlight the small details that make them such successful hunters.

  • John and Jacob O'Dell travel half the circumference of the globe on a pair of trips to South America and Canada. Dave and Wyatt Reisner join the O'Dells to introduce their sons to giant red stag hunting at Algar Safaris in Argentina. John and Jacob make their annual trek to black bear Island Lodge in Northern Saskatchewan for a memorable hunt on Jacob's 18th birthday.

  • Deer hunting in Iowa is one of the most sought after opportunities for Whitetail hunters. It is definitely the Land of the Giants. Brandon Jennings heads to Iowa after a true bruiser, and Eric Bothun is after buck called "Triple Flyer".

  • In Iowa, Tom Ware pays it forward to one of the people who help him on his farms, Ryan May. And Ryan can't believe his luck when he sees his target buck. Also, Scott Manifold hunts with a heavy heart, as he goes after a giant, Iowa buck, "Viking".

  • The Bow Madness cast loves archery hunting, but they might love eating what they harvest even more. In this episode, Taylor Drury gives some of her favorite recipes, as Austin Land and Wade Robinson harvest a variety of game in Texas and Missouri.

  • Justin Lurk and Brandon Jennings head down to Tara Wildlife for some pointers from the master guide, Bobby Culbertson. They are learning how to be a better bowhunter from Bobby, and he also finds the time to put them on two great Mississippi bucks.

  • It's been a frustrating four years trying to draw a non-resident archery tag for Rick Malik in Iowa. But this year, it happened. He's headed to Dave Kramer's farm to hunt with Dave and his son Daltyn. It isn't long before the whitetails start falling.

  • Dan Thurston's son, Cody, has finally found a place to hunt in the area of Kansas City. It looks good as he helps the landowners take down 2 giant bucks. Also, Cody heads back to the Lazy D, as the MRI shows Dan has a chance at a mature buck.

  • Tom Ware's management plan for his Illinois farm is to raise world class whitetails, and everything is going according to plan. He is chasing after two giant deer. One is "Cluster", a non-typical. The other is "Wonder", an unbelievable typical.

  • Being the son of John Morris, John Paul Morris has been around archery hunting, fishing and the outdoors his whole life. Now for the first time, he is getting a chance to bowhunt the great state of Iowa for a dynamite buck, "TNT".

  • With their families burgeoning desires to hunt more and more, Brandon Jennings and John O'Dell are tasked with finding, and maintaining productive hunting ground, to have Enough to go Around. Missouri and Texas will be welcoming the two families.

  • Tom Ware and Scott Manifold follow the MRI to find the most productive sits. They will examine how to put yourself in the best position for success. Following Deercast and Reconyx pictures, they decide to go after a couple of Iowa giants.

  • Jacob O'Dell has grown up hunting on Bow Madness with his father, John'O'Dell. His passion for archery hunting is as great as his dad's. They'll head to New Mexico in search of Antelope, and then it's on to Texas to chase some southern whitetails.