Big Law: Deputy Butterbean

Big Law: Deputy Butterbean follows the new deputy in town, Deputy Butterbean, a former boxer and mixed martial artist. Eric Esch spent the earlier part of his life as Butterbean, and is now known as Deputy Butterbean, working in Walker County, Alabama to uphold the law.

Cameras follow the deputy around as he takes calls, works cases and pulls drunk drivers and drug users off the road. This deputy sheriff is always ready for whatever is about to happen in each situation and the residents of Walker County know that he means business whenever he turns up.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery
1 Season, 10 Episodes
August 9, 2011
Reality, Drama, Crime, Action & Adventure
Cast: Eric Butterbean Esch, Adam Hadder, Steve Smith, Chuck Tidwell
Big Law: Deputy Butterbean

Big Law: Deputy Butterbean Full Episode Guide

  • Butterbean and Hadder chase an alleged drunk driver across county lines and although it finally ends, the night is just getting started. Searching for one suspect, they discover several more who unexpectedly help deputies score the ultimate drug bust.

  • Deputies Butterbean and Hadder capture a methamphetamine manufacturer. Later the two capture and interrogate a strange pair of suspected cocaine traffickers.

  • Butterbean and Hadder are searching for mysterious man who is believed to be a big time drug dealer and one of their most challenging cases yet.

  • Deputies Butterbean and Hadder are desperate to catch a drug dealer. The deputies practice securing and entering a house during a raid, but both of them are tested when they search for a marijuana grow house and come face to face with two armed men.

  • In the series premiere, deputies Butterbean and Hadder miss capturing a house full of meth makers. Later Bean gets taser certified, before deputies catch a female suspect buying pseudo ephedrine illegally.

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