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Meteorologist Dylan Dreyer travels to the wildest points on the globe, ranging from Africa to Indochina and the Middle East, as well as untamed islands, coming face-to-face with native animals and uncovering the connection between the environment, wildlife and human beings of exotic locales.

2 Seasons, 54 Episodes
January 8, 2019
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Dylan Dreyer
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Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dreyer Full Episode Guide

  • Dylan Dreyer journeys to Cambodia to find the elusive clouded leopard and the giant Asian elephant, discover the connection between humans and tarantulas, and take a reptile ride with turtles and crocodiles.

  • Dylan Dreyer explores the incredible wildlife of Japan and jumps in the water to explore what creatures live down deep -- and what they eat; plus, she discovers what makes the swan migration over Japan so special.

  • Dylan Dreyer journeys to China to explore the unbelievable wildlife that roams the land; she climbs with red pandas and tries to stay clear of the path of Asian elephants; plus, she explores caves that hold the secret wildlife of the Chinese regions.

  • Dylan Dreyer takes us to the Ganges; here, we'll discover the creatures that live in this amazing landscape; from fierce Bengal tigers to wild-looking mudskippers, you never know what you'll find while exploring the Ganges.

  • Dylan Dryer embarks on an adventure to the lost worlds of India, exploring ancient cultures that are still there today and magnificent animals who share the land with humans.

  • Dylan Dreyer travels to the Amazon to explore the wildlife and the cultures that live there, imagining what it was like to be some of the first European explorers to make landfall and coming nose-to-nose with pink river dolphins.

  • Dylan Dreyer goes on an adventure to the Andes Mountains, a region full of a wide array of animals. From Andean bears to pumas, this land is rich with Earth's most fascinating creatures.

  • Dylan Dreyer travels to Vancouver to explore the beautiful landscape and discover the diversity of animals native to the area, including humpback and killer whales, as well as the relationship that salmon and black bears have with the land itself.

  • Dylan Dreyer journeys to the Himalayas to follow the unbelievable migratory path of geese and cranes and discover how black bears, clouded leopards and people all have a connection through the deep-rooted cultures of the Himalayas.

  • Dylan Dreyer explores the rivers of the Pantanal, from the hunting techniques of hungry otters to the agility of Pantanal jaguars, and takes a fishing trip with locals to discover what they catch during the day versus the giants they catch at night.

  • Today on Earth Odyssey, host Dylan Dreyer takes us back to Venezuela to continue exploring its diverse and exotic wildlife. We'll swim with crocodiles and avoid waterfalls as we discover what thrives in Venezuela's rich ecosystem.

  • Today on Earth Odyssey, host Dylan Dreyer takes us back to the Thar Desert, where we'll explore what and who lives in the harsh ecosystem. From monkeys to lions, you never know what you'll find in the heat of one of the largest deserts on Earth.

  • Today on Earth Odyssey, host Dylan Dreyer leads us on a journey back to the Amazon River, where we'll explore what lives in the water and on the islands. We'll take a fishing trip with some of the locals who rely on the Amazon River for both food and shelter. Plus, a run-in with two of the Amazon River's biggest mammals

  • Today on Earth Odyssey, host Dylan Dreyer will take us back to the incredible country that is Thailand. Giants roam the forests and swim through the reefs of this diverse and vast ecosystem. We'll fish with the locals and be on the lookout for Asian elephants, because you never know what you'll find when you explore Thailand's incredible ecosystem.

  • Dylan Dreyer returns to some of Earth's most extreme islands, from the Amazon River islands to the Philippines, getting up close with fascinating creatures -- from squirrel monkeys leaping around in the Amazon to fireflies illuminating the night sky.

  • Dylan Dreyer explores some of the most unbelievable -- and unbelievably cold -- places on Earth, from the ice fields of Patagonia to the snowy mountains of the Himalayas, discovering what thrives and survives in the world's most frigid ecosystems.

  • Dylan Dreyer returns to the tropical archipelago of Zanzibar to discover the animals in its incredible ecosystem, from monkeys swinging through the forest to Aldabra tortoises ruling the beaches.

  • Dylan Dreyer returns to explore the wildlife that lives in Malaysia; its diverse landscape is home to an incredible number of different species, from shifty cave swiftlets to feisty fiddler crabs.

  • Host Dylan Dreyer takes us on a journey to Vancouver Island. We'll go on one of the most epic journeys in the animal kingdom with the Pacific salmon that live in the streams and rivers. We'll witness hungry black bears, slick sea lions, and other obstacles that the Pacific salmon face on their way.

  • Host Dylan Dreyer takes us to one of the longest and largest rivers in the world: The Orinoco River. On this epic journey, we will explore the most exotic creatures living in the river, as well as the animals who depend on the river for food and shelter. This includes a puma who uses the river for water, as well as a hunting ground for its prey. We then meet the wild-looking four-eyed fish, as well the fiddler crabs who need to hide from a high-flying predator above. We then try to imagine what it would have been like to be the first explorers to make landfall, andToday on Earth Odyssey, host Dylan Dreyer takes us to northern India, where we will explore the "Lost Worlds" that remain. Here, we will discover what lives in the least human-inhabited regions. From elephants to spectacle monkeys to pythons, you never know what you will find in this fascinating area of the world. the sights and sounds they would have heard. Plus, we climb the trees to hang out with some red howler monkeys and get a firsthand experience of how they got their name.

  • On today's episode of Earth Odyssey, host Dylan Dreyer takes us back to the Patagonia region of South America. This diverse landscape is full of animals that find ways to thrive in the coldest, steepest and most dangerous places on Earth. From sea lions to armadillos, we'll explore all the amazing animals that call Patagonia home.

  • Today on Earth Odyssey, we head to Asia and visit the highest peaks in the world - the Himalayas. We'll see everything from the migration of cranes to the daily life of snow leopards. The climate and landscape of these mountains are anything but convenient, so we'll explore what it takes to call the Himalayas home.

  • Today on Earth Odyssey, we venture back to some of our favorite islands from around the world. We start in South America, home to the Amazon River Islands that are full of wildlife. From red howlers to squirrel monkeys, the trees on these islands are full of furry creatures. We'll then head to Southeast Asia, where the Philippines are full of unbelievable insects. We'll even get a firsthand look at a tree nymph becoming a butterfly, but its new life gets off to a sticky start.

  • Today on Earth Odyssey, we head back to South America to visit some of our favorite animals. We'll start in Venezuela, where the Orinoco River provides a home for people and animals

  • Today on Earth Odyssey, host Dylan Dreyer takes us back to the Philippines where we will find some of the most fascinating wildlife in the animal kingdom. We'll head to the mangrove forests, where people still call home and use the rivers and streams as a means of transportation, food and fun. We will also head to the trees where macaques play and where tree nymphs turn into beautiful butterflies.

  • Today on Earth Odyssey, host Dylan Dreyer takes us to the peak of South America to the Andes Mountains. The tumultuous weather and treacherous heights have caused many unusual animals to form specialized behaviors in order to survive. We'll explore what life is like for the descendants of the Incas, as well as the animals that call the Andes Mountains home.

  • Today on Earth Odyssey, host Dylan Dreyer leads us to the heart of South America to explore the Amazon River Islands. Life on these islands benefit from the Amazon and Orinoco Rivers, as well as the rich rainforest that dominates the northeast region of South America. From high-flying squirrel monkeys to slow-moving sloths, we will explore what makes the Amazon River Islands such a fascinating region of the world.

  • Today on Earth Odyssey, host Dylan Dreyer takes us to the coast of East Africa to the Zanzibar Archipelago. We'll explore the lush beaches and beautiful reefs that are full of exotic mammals, crustaceans and fish. From the small fiddler crabs on Chumbe Island to the massive whale sharks just off the coast, we'll discover what makes the wildlife in Zanzibar so fascinating.

  • We head to the Pantanal region of South America. The Pantanal is the biggest wetland on earth, but we begin with the animal that has more species than any other creature in the region: birds. Parakeets and parrots make their nests in the cliffs and trees, away from predators. But that doesn't mean that they are totally safe. Predators hunt for prey all over the Pantanal, and predators even hunt for each other. We'll see an epic showdown of power between a jaguar and a crocodile. We will then explore the circle of life that happens between the animals and locals in the beautiful South American region. From crocodiles to parrots, many different animals benefit from the relationship between the ranchers and their cattle. We then head back to the wetlands where crocs lay out in the sun next to storks, parakeets and a variety of different birds.

  • Dylan Dreyer explores the Amazon rain forest in South America. Included: red howler monkeys; army ants; wasps and tadpoles; and flies and stick ticks. Also: a harpy eagle on the prowl for its next meal.

  • Swimmer Brad Snyder. who lost his vision while serving in the military oversees; young golfers Bella Leonhart and Ryder Carlson, who will go out of their way to play golf, no matter the circumstances; and golfer Mackenzie McRee, who's overcome injury and bullying. Also: auto racer Joey Logano's foundation.

  • Exploring Thailand and its bizarre creatures, including gibbons and macaques; a local hog deer; and creatures on the Kra Isthmus.

  • Dylan Dreyer visits Malaysia, where proboscis monkeys gather food while escaping predators; crocodiles hunt for their next meal; pitcher plants and other wildlife grow on the highest peak of Malaysian mountains; Malaysian orangutans make their homes.

  • Dylan Dreyer explores the lives of the most powerful and elusive creatures on Earth, including moon bears in Cambodia, snub-nosed monkeys in China, king cobras and tigers in the Ghats, wolves in Turkey, gannets in the Hebrides and Sri Lankan leopards.

  • Dylan Dreyer visits the beautiful, wildlife-diverse Galapagos Islands; Isabela Island houses the flightless cormorant; lava lizards and greater flamingos show off; lava cactus and marine iguanas on Fernandina; frigatebirds thrive on North Seymour.

  • Dylan Dreyer revisits the diverse landscape of Turkey, where spur-thighed tortoises come out of hibernation; fairy chimneys in Cappadocia provide homes for wild pigeons; sheep thrive in the Anatolian Plateau; Nile turtles dominate in the Dalyan Delta.

  • Dylan Dreyer revisits the Caribbean, where Antillean iguanas, Abolo lizards and more show off their genius for adaptation; ancient volcanoes create fumaroles; polyps form coral reefs; four-eyed fish and spectacled caimans thrive in the Caroni Swamp.

  • Dylan Dreyer takes viewers through the motherhood experience from Vietnam to the Caribbean. On the biodiverse Indochinese peninsula, gibbons and langurs are nurturing. Later, in the Caribbean, leatherback sea turtles set their babies up for success. Meanwhile, lion-tailed macaques in the Ghats mountains of India and macaques in China aren't so different. In Sri Lanka, elephants are long associated with nurturing their young, while in the Galapagos, sea lions show theirs how to relax.

  • Dylan Dreyer explores Japan's islands. On Honshu in Jigokudani, also known as "Hell's Valley," the Japanese macaques, or snow monkeys, take advantage of the hot springs, or onsens. Later, the Ainu people appreciate nature and the red crowned crane. Meanwhile, the rare "wolf deer," or Japanese serow, forages for food. In the island center, usho fishing with cormorants in the Nagara River ensues during summer. On the coast, Japanese macaques and sea slaters make use of their surroundings.

  • Dylan Dreyer visits India's self-cleaning Ganges River, which helps populations thrive; Himalayan blue sheep and snow leopards show their climbing skills; the Indian rhino offers a glimpse of its lifestyle.

  • The world's smartest animals are featured. Included: macaques in Cambodia; and China's cormorants and elephants.

  • Dylan Dreyer tours the Falkland Islands, where the king penguin takes care of its eggs; sea lions care for their young pups; rockhopper penguins make their way through ancient paths; and gentoo penguins show off their speed and unique feeding method.

  • Dylan Dreyer tours the Western Ghats mountains of India, where lion-tailed macaques enjoy jackfruit; a Malabar giant squirrel enjoys the forest's bounty; cobras battle it out for domination; and a Draco lizard attracts the attention of a vine snake.

  • At Cambodia's Tonle Sap, the Asian elephant shows how it uses water to survive; macaques conquer the ruins of the Khmer's Angkor; black-shanked doucs swing branch-to-branch.

  • In Sri Lanka, elephants use the Minneriya tank to their advantage; Yala National Park's spotted deer adapt their bodies and behavior to the tempestuous Sri Lankan climate; gray langurs warn of predators like the ferocious Sri Lankan leopard.

  • Rock climbing with Turkey's Anatolian wild goats; Turkey's brown bear copes with its hostile environment; Lake Yay's bright pink greater flamingos fish for shrimp in salty waters; leatherback turtles make their way to Turkey's wild coast.

  • Dylan Dreyer visits hidden parts of the Caribbean Islands where giant sea turtles lay their eggs; Dominica's boiling thermal lakes; Trinidad's deep scarlet birds; and catches up with hummingbirds.

  • Dylan Dreyer explores the hidden oasis of Yunnan in southwest China to visit one of Asia's biggest monkeys; she also treks to the top of the Hengduan Mountains to meet primates that inspired the legend of the Abominable Snowman.

  • Dylan Dreyer travels to the volcanic Galapagos Islands to follow 19th century botanist Charles Darwin's trail when he studied the evolution of the islands' plants and animals; she also meets the only lizard in the world that has learned to fish.

  • Dylan Dreyer travels to the mysterious Hebrides archipelago off the coast of Scotland, known as "Europe's Last Wilderness," to find one of the largest gatherings of grey seals on the planet, red deer and signs of ancient man.

  • Dylan Dreyer travels to the lowlands of tropical Vietnam to find yellow-cheeked gibbons; meets a rare species of primates once thought to be extinct, the Hatinh langur; and visits the Son Tra primary forest, home to the red-shanked douc.

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