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Embarrassing Boddies, is a British television show that is based out of a mobile clinic. People with what they consider to be embarrassing medical problems seek treatment. This is not limited to just physical medical conditions but, includes dental work as well. A mobile clinic of three doctors, travel around different parts of England, and see people who have embarrassing illnesses and try to help solve their problems. Each patient must send in an application and be reviewed before being accepted to get help from the mobile clinic.

The program is a documentary style show that is graphic in nature. Content is not for all audiences as there are images of medical conditions and diseases. These include but, are not limited to, surgical scars and infections, skin rashes and irritations, and damaged dental cavities. Some of the stories so far have been on teenage bodies, older bodies, foot fungus and facial moles.

Each show is approximately fifty minutes in duration. An average of three cases are viewed in each episode. Patients come into the clinic and explain there situation to the doctor. The doctor than tells the patient what they are suffering from and either provides treatment or course of action to be taken to relieve symptoms or refers the patient to a specialist for the correct medical care. After the appointed treatment is carried out, the patient then returns to the mobile clinic and does a follow up with the doctor to determine if treatment was successful and what if anything else may need to be done to continue good health.

This is an educational style program that touches on what society would consider irregular medical conditions. The program not only focuses on treatments but, try's to reinforce that individuals from all walks of life can have medical difficulties and that they aren't as bad as they may seem.

Fridays on Channel 4
2 Seasons, 15 Episodes
April 8, 2008
Reality, Health & Fitness
Cast: Ashley Jensen, Dawn Harper, Christian Jessen, Pixie McKenna
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Embarrassing Bodies Full Episode Guide

  • This week's episode starts with Rachel Smith who has become increasingly hairy in the past few years, especially in her nether regions. Rachel suffers from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and it is this that is causing her excessive hair growth. Dr Pixie sends her to a specialist to tackle her PCOS and for laser therapy to reduce the excess hair.The EB bus heads out on the road again, and first through the doors are Jenny and her dad David, both suffering from the same suspicious skin condition. Dr Christian diagnoses the white patches on their skin as Vitiligo meanwhile Dr Pixie diagnoses a patient's protruding problem as calcification and Dr Christian sees a diabetic patient who's losing his nerves.Then there's Maria, a nurse from Kent, who had a heart operation 14 years ago that has left her with a large, hard scar between her breasts. Maria suffers from Symmastia, a frequently congenital condition in which both breasts connect at the centre of the chest, though the condition can develop due to surgery as well. After seeing a specialist surgeon to see how to best deal with the problem, Maria is informed that the tricky procedure may leave her with more scarring and opts to wait to make her decision.Up next is Keith, 31, who's developed a seeping sore scalp that has left his hair growing in clumps. Dr Christian reveals that Keith has developed a rare form of Folliculitis, an inflammation of the hair follicles caused by a bacterial or fungal infection. Keith is prescribed an ongoing treatment of antibiotics and topical creams to battle the fungus.Sasha is a 24 year old who's been suffering from lack of sleep because of her excessively loud snoring. As snoring is caused by a blockage in the respiratory structures, Dr Priya refers Sasha to a specialist who does a small surgical procedure to open up Sasha's passageways. Dr James makes Sasha a dental guard as well, to push her jaw forward and create even more breathing space during sleep.Next through the clinic door is Hilda, who has been suffering so much from her skin condition that she's gone to great lengths to cure it - including soaking the problem area in buckets of urine! Her hands and feet are red, flaking and developing sores. Dr Christian treats her hand and foot Psoriasis by prescribing a course of steroid creams, which dramatically improves their appearance.Then there is Tori, a mum who's suffering from some unwanted leakage Though she hasn't breast-fed in 3 years, she still has an occasional discharge from her nipples. Discharge from one breast can be a sign of something sinister; however Dr Pixie reassures Tori that leakage from both breasts may only be a hormonal issue. Tests reveal no abnormalities and Tori's prescribed tablets to control the lactation.Finally, school caretaker Bob and plumbing merchant Dave accompany fellow snorer Dr Christian to the sleep clinic and get tested for Sleep Apnea a potentially deadly problem...

  • This week's episode starts with a visit to the clinic for Natalie, a 31-year-old woman who has had to endure taunts from children about the boils and cysts that she has suffered since childhood. Dr Pixie suspects she is suffering from painful cystic acne, and sends her to a specialist for treatment with antibiotics and lazer resurfacing. On returning to the clinic, Natalie has been prescribed the contraceptive pill and some small skin grafts that drastically improve the appearance of her condition.The EB bus heads to Merseyside, where Dr Christian sees a case of a pierced problem nipple, whilst Dr Pixie sees a case of dermatitis that has it's sufferer scratching himself in a very sensitive area. Meanwhile Christian puts a hydrocele sufferers mind at ease.Dr James meets Thomas, whose mouthful of manky molars has left him with a smile that would worry a 70-year-old, but he's only 20! Dr James recommends implants, but Thomas's smoking substantially reduces the success rate, so dentures are going to have to be tried first.Read Dr James' guide to How to Look After Your Teeth >The docs hit the streets of Liverpool to talk about feet, helped out by local podiatric surgeon Emma Supple, with some cases of calloused corns and nail psoriasis on display. The docs also hit the streets of Merseyside to see if they can persuade the ladies of Liverpool to give high heals the heave ho...Next in the clinic is Anna, who has come in with a swollen arm and leg that Dr Christian diagnoses as Lymphodema. After visiting a specialist clinic, Anna starts a course of treatment involving manually massaging the excess fluid out of the swollen limbs.Dr Pixie sees a young woman called Emma who is suffering from a hernia and excess skin after two pregnancies. Dr Pixie sends her off to a surgeon for repair to her umbilical hernia, and removal of the excess skin.Next up, Dr Priya sees an unusual case of an abscess just above a man's bottom, called a Pilonidal Sinus. The amount of hair in the area seems to be to blame, with hair filling up a pit in the skin and causing an infection to develop. The first treatment used is a lazer to remove the problem causing hair, followed by a surgical procedure to remove the infected follicles, which is full of matted hair.And finally, this week's body check sees our guinea pig group checking their urine for signs of ill health. Dr Christian talks to them about the reasons behind the differing colours and what the warning signs are to look out for. You can take the urine test yourself here >>

  • First through the door this week is 18-year-old Cherie who's suffering from back pain caused by extremely large breasts. The best option to ease the discomfort caused by her gigantic 30JJ bust is breast reduction and Dr Pixie refers Cherie to a specialist surgeon to get the procedure done. Visiting the dental clinic is Richard, 27, who has painful, aching teeth. Dr James' examination reveals that Richard's teeth are worn down as a result of Bruxism, an involuntary grinding of the teeth. Richard is sent to a specialist to clear the decay in his gums and teeth before Dr James can restore his smile with veneers and crowns.Read Dr James' guide to How to Look After Your Teeth >Next in is Vicky, 28, who's been dealing with boils in her groin area. Dr Christian believes the boils are caused by a condition in the sweat glands called Hidradenitis Suppurativa. As Vicky's case is fairly mild, Dr Christian recommends treatment with antibiotics, the contraceptive pill, or acne treatments as opposed to more invasive surgery.The EB Bus heads out on the road, and first in is Amanda who feels that she has very large labia - but Dr Pixie's examination reveals she's perfectly normal. Meanwhile, Sharon shows her severe skin condition to Dr Christian who sends her to a dermatologist for a more accurate diagnosis. The specialist seeing Sharon prescribes topical creams to treat her scaly skin that's been badly sun damaged.Julie visits the clinic because her ear is flaking skin and secreting gunky liquid. Dr Priya believes July has chronic otitis externa, an infection and inflammation of the ear, and sends in some sample swabs to be analyzed. An Ear Nose and Throat specialist injects an ointment into Julie's ears and clears up her infection.Next in the clinic to see Dr Christian is Sarah who's been suffering from lumps around her eyes for years. The condition is known as xanthelasma and it causes fatty growths around the eyes. Dr Christian recommends that she try make-up to start with as other methods carry the risk of scarring around the eyes.Allison, 23, is suffering from a funnel chest, a common hereditary condition where the chest is sunken. Because funnel chest can affect cardio and respiratory functions, Allison is sent to see a specialist for a check-up. After positive results from her test, the specialist attempts to re-contour Allison's chest with a cosmetic filler.The EB doctors head out to rural Staffordshire to meet with the locals and discuss their health. Dr Christian speaks with some young farmers about the perils of STIs whilst Dr Pixie gets people talking about their bowels.And finally, this week's body check sees our guinea pig group checking their poo for signs of ill health. Dr Christian talks to them about the reasons behind the differing colours and what different shapes and consistencies can indicate.

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