Epix Presents: Road to the NHL Winter Classic

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  • 2014
  • 4 Seasons

Epix Presents: Road to the NHL Winter Classic is a sports documentary series that takes viewers behind the scenes of the National Hockey League as two teams prepare for the annual Winter Classic game, an outdoor game held on New Year's Day. The series follows the journey of two teams as they prepare for the Winter Classic. The show documents the training, practices, and struggles of the teams in the days leading up to the big game. Viewers get to see the ins and outs of the sport, including the physical and mental preparation that goes into each game. From the locker room to the ice, the cameras capture every moment leading up to the Winter Classic.

Epix Presents: Road to the NHL Winter Classic provides an intimate look at the players, coaches, and team staff. Throughout the series, viewers gain insight into the personalities and unique skills of each player, as well as their individual passions off the ice. The show highlights the human side of these athletes, allowing fans to get to know them better and build a deeper connection with their favorite teams.

The series is not just a highlight reel of the teams' successes. The cameras also capture the struggles and setbacks that the teams face along the way. From injuries to losing streaks, the show doesn't shy away from showing the reality of the sport. Through these challenges, viewers see the resilience and determination of the teams as they work to overcome obstacles.

The Winter Classic itself is a major part of the series. The outdoor game is a unique experience that allows players to showcase their skills in a new and exciting way. The cameras capture the excitement and energy of the game, as well as the intensity of the competition. Viewers get to see the game from multiple angles, including player interviews, highlight reels, and behind-the-scenes footage.

Beyond the Winter Classic, Epix Presents: Road to the NHL Winter Classic also explores the history and culture of the sport. The show examines the rich traditions of hockey and the impact it has on communities across North America. Viewers get a glimpse into the legacy of the sport, as well as the challenges it faces in the modern world.

Throughout the series, the show is guided by the voices of the players, coaches, and team staff. Interviews and commentary give viewers an inside look at the thoughts and emotions of those involved in the sport. The series also features narration from renowned hockey analyst Jeremy Roenick, providing expert insights into the game.

Epix Presents: Road to the NHL Winter Classic is a thrilling and informative sports documentary series that provides a unique look at the National Hockey League. It is a must-watch for hockey fans and sports enthusiasts alike, offering a rare behind-the-scenes look at the preparation, challenges, and triumphs of two teams in the run-up to the highly anticipated Winter Classic game.

Epix Presents: Road to the NHL Winter Classic
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