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In this anime series, the Earth has been taken over by a strange sentient life form that forces all humans to flee into space. The plot centers around a boy who joins a renegade group intent on solving the mysteries surrounding the invasive life forms. The 50-episode anime series originally aired on Japanese television in 2005 and 2006.

Adult Swim
2 Seasons, 52 Episodes
August 26, 2009
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Eureka Seven Full Episode Guide

  • Dewey is able to create a hole in the Scub Coral that Anemone can slip through. Will Dominic be able to stop her from carrying out her suicide mission?

  • A death in the battle between the Swan and the Gekko has major psychological consequences for members of both crews. Meanwhile, Holland reveals to Renton that he has a past connection to the Beams.

  • Dewey's final trap takes away Eureka and makes her the center of the Control Cluster. Renton and the kids call out to her but she doesn't answer. Renton flies out in the Nirvash one last time to save Eureka and the world.

  • Dewey flies down to the Control Cluster to attack it directly. Holland infiltrates the Ginga to confront and stop Dewey. A duel between brothers ensues. Dewey commits suicide and his death activates Eureka's necklace and takes control of her to reach the Limit of Questions and destroy the world.

  • Using the Oratorio #8 satellite laser, Dewey blasts a hole in the ground to where the Control Cluster is and Anemone flies down in The End. Dominic follows her down the hole to stop her. The End plants a transmitter beacon which allows Dewey blast a bigger hole to complete his plans.

  • Renton, Eureka and the kids enter the Control Cluster. Inside, Renton finds his sister, Diane, and she explains to him what the Scub Coral are and what is about to happen. Renton and Eureka decide to stop Dewey and protect the Control Cluster in order to stop the Scub Corals from reach the Limit of Questions which will destroy the world.

  • Renton falls ill from his self-inflicted wound. While tending to Renton's wound in the middle of a storm, Eureka's arm turns green and she sprouts wings. The next morning, the storm and Renton's ailment blows over. They discover a path to the Scub Coral Control Cluster. Meanwhile, the Gekkostate and the Izumo make preparations to take on Dewey and the entire Federation fleet.

  • After witnessing the horrors of the Warsaw research lab and reading the truth in Ray-Out, Dominic and Captain Jurgens realize they are fighting on the wrong side and join forces with the Gekkostate. Meanwhile, fearing the change that her body is going through, Eureka flees into the jungle. Renton chases after her and consoles by bashing his own arm with a rock.

  • Dominic is sent to Warsaw to select a replacement pilot for Anemone but at the research facility, he discovers that Anemone and the other candidates are just ordinary girls suffering from desperation disease who have been altered to become human Coralians. Meanwhile, with the Nirvash unable to move and stranded on a tropical island, things become desperate for Renton and the others.

  • After going through the Zone, Renton, Eureka and the kids find themselves floating above an unknown planet. Discovering an atlas left for them by Holland, they realize that this planet hidden beneath their own world is in fact the Earth, which mankind left thousands of years ago in search of a new world to colonize.

  • After Lady Sakura and Master Norb open the entrance, Renton and Eureka, in the Nirvash, fly towards the Zone. But first, the Gekkostate must clear the way of anti-body Coralians and Holland must fight off Anemone in The End.

  • In the core of the Vodarac shrine, Eureka enters inside a giant lotus bud to see Lady Sakuya. Forty years ago, Norb was the Vodarac saint, Sakuya's caretaker and fell in love with her. Norb and Sakuya attempted to go beyond the Great Wall but failed. Sakuya encased herself within a giant lotus bud and Norb was embedded with a compact drive in his chest.

  • The Gekko crew infiltrates the Vodarac capital in order for Master Norb to introduce Eureka and Renton to Lady Sakuya. The Nirvash and other LFOs are disguised as giant Vodarac festival floats and enter the city. When their ruse is discovered, Norb, Renton and Eureka speed off into the inner sanctum of the Vodarac shrine while the other hold off the Vodarac soldiers.

  • Before the Gekko can go to the Vodarac capital and beyond the Great Wall, Master Norb orders the crew to play a game of soccer.

  • Master Norb and the scientists of Tresoir Research Facility debate the religious and scientific aspects of the coralians. Meanwhile, Dewey Novak holds a press conference to disclose information that the anti-body coralians have been attacking cities and then rallies support to wipe all the coralians.

  • Dewey is convinced he knows the Gekko's next move, and makes plans to deal with the situation. Holland must now deal with their new guest who is more of a pain than they anticipated. And Eureka gets it into her head that she should wear make-up and look pretty so that Renton will like her but it doesn't go quite so well. Most importantly, though, Holland tells Renton about how he met Diane, Renton's sister, and their relationship.

  • The Gekko races to the capital to rescue Master Norb since, according to Talho, he is powerful enough to destroy the entire planet. En route, Holland tells Renton how he met Eureka, and gives him some more background on her past, and how Norb foretold that if her partner arrived, everything could be saved. Meanwhile, in the capital, Norb and Dewey are having a mostly civilized discussion. Norb accuses Dewey of wanting to destroy the scub coral without understanding it. The Gekko continues to race towards the capital.

  • Change is in the air on board the Gekkostate. Renton tries to come to terms with his feelings for Eureka, and how to express them, and Talho makes some decisions about her future with Holland. As the entire truth of the Coralians and the military is revealed, some of the members are shocked and surprised. In the end, Holland disbands the Gekkostate, saying that they shouldn't follow him anymore. But they don't listen, and they decide to invade the capital to save Master Norb from being captured by Dewey.

  • One of the members of the Sage Council, Lady Coda, arrives to meet with Colonel Dewey. The crew of the Gekkostate, meanwhile, is still at Tresoir. The rebuilding of the Nirvash is going according to plan, until it starts reacting wildly. Eureka tells the technicians that it doesn't want to be rebuilt the way it was before. They have to completely redo the redesign, and to do that, they need the help of Dr. Greg Egan, who also happens to be Mischa's ex husband. And Dewey tests his new weapon, with imprecise but incredibly devastating results.

  • Ray returns to launch an attack on the Gekko. She is determined to destroy them all as retribution for killing Charles. Before her attack, though, Holland and Renton have a very civilized (by their standards) conversation, and Renton starts to understand about Holland and Eureka's past a little more. Holland manages to stop Ray, but is severely injured as a result. Talho begs Renton, who is the only person with the correct blood type, to save him.

  • Eureka continues to miss Renton, and asks the others about where he might have gone. Eureka believes that Holland will keep his promise to bring Renton back, but the kids are skeptical. Meanwhile, Holland cuts his search for Renton short when he encounters a military fleet. The Gekko is forced to change course. Renton makes it back on board, but Eureka has left to look for him. What she finds instead, is the military fleet, and a very vindictive Ray. Renton stands up to Holland and goes out in the Nirvash to rescue Eureka, and together they force the enemy to retreat.

  • Renton has left Charles and Ray to return to Eureka. Meanwhile, aboard the Gekko, Eureka is pining for him and starting to come to terms with her own feelings. After Renton collapses from exhaustion, he awakes in a small but comfortable cottage and meets William, his rescuer. As Renton recuperates, he tries to tell William that his wife, Martha, has desperation disease, but William disagrees completely. In the end, Renton leaves them to return to the Gekko, inspired by what William has shown him.

  • A distracted Holland makes a very bad landing back on the Gekko and has to have his minor injuries treated. He and the Doctor talk about Eureka, and how she is still missing Renton. She has taken over his job of running the store in his absence. Charles and Ray meanwhile, try and get Renton to accept the idea of calling them Mama and Papa but Renton is a little uncomfortable about it. When he learns that their true mission is to capture Eureka and the Nirvash, Renton refuses to believe it. In the end, Renton chooses to leave them; onboard the Gekko, Eureka sits in the Nirvash's cockpit, pleading with it to go find Renton. Holland promises to bring him back for her.

  • The crew learns that Renton has left the Gekko, and no one really wants to be the one to tell Eureka. Renton, meanwhile, is having a hard time on his own, until he meets a couple named Charles and Ray Beams. They invite him to live aboard their ship; they explain that they are freelancers and do odd jobs for money. In Charles, Renton finds a mentor and a friend who shares many of the same interests. For the first time in ages, Renton is content.

  • The Vodarac Priest they rescued attempts to treat Eureka. Holland of course uses what the priest says to further mistreat Renton and drive him and Eureka farther apart. Renton, meanwhile, is dealing with the realization that he has killed a lot of people while fighting in the Nirvash. In the end, the guilt, his mistreatment by the rest of the Gekko crew, and his separation from Eureka are too much for him and he leaves the ship.

  • The threat of an approaching Federation Forces fleet creates a big problem for the crew of the Gekko. But Eureka is still unwell and it may be because she is in such close proximity to the mines. And then for some reason Eureka takes the Amita Drive from the Nirvash causing it to take off into the depths of the mines with Eureka in it. Renton goes after her never suspecting the tragedy that waits at the end of his search.

  • The Gekko has set down in a mine and for some reason there is no trapar activity for a strangely long time. There the group meets an old man named Breetani who is a digger. He has never given up his dreams as a digger and has been working in the mine for a long time. Renton shows the Nirvash to Breetani but when the old man sees it his reaction is completely unexpected.

  • Renton doesn't know what to do to make things go back to normal between him and Eureka. And the Gekko won't be able to fly until it gets the repairs it needs. In order to do this, the members of the Gekkostate go to order some reflection film from a film craftsman. But when they get there, they find themselves forced to help catch the skyfish needed to make the film.

  • Renton visits a town where he spent a large part of his childhood called Controlad. He goes with Eureka to the house where he used to live. Renton visits with people who knew his family while they lived there but all the while he hides the fact that he is now part of a group of wanted rebels, the Gekkostate. However, his happy remembrances are shattered by the arrival of Federation Forces.

  • Heavily damaged after a battle with the military, the Gekko is forced to fly at a low altitude. Eureka is gradually recovering after emerging from the Coralian, but the mystery surrounding her is more baffling than ever. Stoner presents his own explanation for the Coralian phenomenon. At the same time, Second Lieutenant Dominic is pondering the unanswered questions concerning Eureka and Nirvash, as well as those around them.

  • After returning from the Coralian Zone, Renton comes face to face with the girl he met in his dreams, Anemone. And she and Eureka are both experiencing extremely intense headaches, as if they are both being affected by the same thing. Dominic arrives to take care of Anemone, and he and Renton end up going to a nearby town to try and find medicine for the girls.

  • The Nirvash has been attacked by the Type TheEnd. An unconscious Renton falls into a landscape of dreams. He comes face to face with Eureka and Anemone during his nightmare. Is this Renton's dream alone or could it be more? At the same time, outside the Coralian, the Gekko is in the midst of a fierce battle with the warship Izumo.

  • A tectonic shift occurs on the other side of the planet resulting in an eruption of a huge amount of trapar. The members of the Gekkostate decide to do a trajectory flight in order to get there and enjoy some good lifting. But as it turns out they end up at the remains of a Federation military base called Monarchy. To Talho and Holland it is an unforgettable place where their lives were changed forever. It's a reminder of a past Holland can't put behind him and struggles against even now.

  • The Gekko arrives at the holy land of the Vodarac, Ciudades Del Cielo. It is a land called the beautiful City of the Sky even though the city itself is in ruins. While the ship is docked there Renton is having fun lifting, until Holland punches him for seemingly no good reason, after which Renton flies away crying into the ruined city. But then a siren rings out signaling the beginning of a military bombing.

  • Renton goes into the city on a shopping trip with Eureka and the children. While they are in the city they meet a woman named Tiptory. She invites Renton, Eureka and the kids to join her for cup of tea. But their pleasant afternoon is interrupted when Holland forces his way into Tiptory's apartment. Apparently, she is a key figure in an anti-government organization, and the Gekkostate is going to capture her!

  • A squad of Federation KLFs is attacked by an unknown enemy. Upon receiving a report of the attack the Sage Council summons an infamous man from their past. Around this time, Renton has left the Gekko on an important mission. He is to secretly meet with someone and give them a dangerous package. Renton dives into his task with enthusiasm. But unknown to Renton, his every move is being watched.

  • Aboard the Gekko are three children who call Eureka Mama. For some reason the kids have decided Renton is their enemy and they are constantly playing mean-spirited tricks on him. But eventually, one of those tricks ends up putting the whole ship in danger. In an effort to help, Renton takes the kids aboard the Nirvash and heads out. But they find themselves surrounded by a Federation KLF unit.

  • A new life aboard the Gekko. Renton tries his best to find a place for himself on the ship but everything he does goes wrong. And he can't manage to get closer to Eureka. In the middle of all this, Renton is dragged out on a shopping trip with Talho, during which he gets a glimpse of the things that are troubling her. Renton finds himself at the mercy of wavering adult emotions.

  • Renton's dream of becoming part of the Gekkostate has come true. However, he finds himself confronted with the gap between dreams and reality. Days pass and the members of the Gekkostate don't even lift. In fact, the group is faced with a serious shortage of monetary funds. They're flat broke. As a result, Renton finds himself part of a smuggling job, heading toward the drop-off point in the Nirvash with Eureka. But in order to get there they have to pass over a large military training base.

  • The Bell forest airport is forced to shut down under pressure from the United Federation Forces. The Gekkostate's ship, the Gekko, is trapped with no way to escape. Holland rushes to the airport to help the Gekko. And Eureka asks Renton to come with her to rescue the Gekko and then go with them as part of the Gekkostate. It's a decision that will change his life forever.

  • The United Federation Forces have appeared in pursuit of the Nirvash. Holland's group, the Gekkostate, also gets involved and an intense battle unfolds in the skies above. To protect Eureka, Renton jumps on his ref-board and takes flight. He installs the Amita Drive, a device given to him by his grandfather Thurston, in the Nirvash. At that moment, the Nirvash is enveloped by light.

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