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THE UNLIMITED Hyobu Kyosuke focuses on a fugitive named Kyosuke. He is in charge of leading a well-known criminal organization unit alongside with other groups like P.A.N.D.R.A and ESPers. Later on, a man named Andy Hinomiya discovers that Kyosuke was the one that invited him to join P.A.N.D.A as a last minute request. Andy finds out that the main reason why Kyosuke chose him was because most of the world has sided against ESPers, and Kyousuke plans on using brute force against them.

Even though Kyousuke does care about the ESPers, and has saved many of them from harm's way, he feels differently about the people who are against them. In fact, Kyousuke despises them more than ever due to recent events. Even though some of the methods and risks Kyousuke takes are a bit risky, and there are people who are against him; these same people watch him very carefully.

1 Season, 12 Episodes
January 7, 2013

THE UNLIMITED Hyobu Kyosuke Full Episode Guide

  • Saotome plan is finally coming to fruition and with no one powerful enough to stop it, the world will be saved from Hyobu Kyoskue.

  • New York has a new Mayor that is in support of esper relationships, at the same time Hyobu and Andy work their way into the USEI facility only to discover…

  • Old foes thought long gone, have been exposed as the mastermind behind the plans to sink the Catastrophe is taking Yugiri. This new information re-ignites the fire in Kyosuke as he shakes off death to get his revenge.

  • The American government has made their move with a full on assault against the Catastrophe, but their real intentions are unknown even to their spy; History will repeat itself.

  • Kyosuke has been chosen to represent the E.S.P unit in the Navy war games. The Units future is on his shoulders.

  • After his father's death, Baron Tsubomi took in Kyosuke and raised him with his daughter Fujuko, a sensory user. Together with other sensory users they help form Japans first Special ESP Unit.

  • The crew enjoys some free time shopping. Andy treats Yugiri to a special treat but its cut short when he is visited by B.A.B.E.L with some important information.

  • Hyobu Kyosuke has ordered the Catastrophe back to Japan where they at met with a warm welcome from old friends.

  • P.A.N.D.R.A has kidnapped Princess Sophie a Pro-Esper activist. The plan to do so was formulated by non-other than Yugiri.

  • The Melody of Assassination -Ghost of WW2.

  • Paranormal Jailbreak -Schooler of deadlock.