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  • 2010
  • 26 Seasons

This series takes a look at the exotic places all around the world. The viewer gets to see beaches, forest, and other exotic locations. Each show features a new location in many places that the viewer does not see everyday.

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Passion Fruit
52. Passion Fruit
March 29, 2011
With the kids gone for the night, Chef Roger Mooking and his wife are in the mood for a little love, but first he's got to get passionate with his obedient ingredient, Passion Fruit.
Salt Cod
51. Salt Cod
March 22, 2011
When it came to fish in Chef Roger Mooking's childhood home, there was no such thing as frozen fish cakes.
50. Pistachio
March 15, 2011
Before Chef Roger Mooking was a chef, he always thought of pasta as being smothered in tomato sauce. Then one of his bandmates introduced him to pasta with pesto.
49. Tahini
March 8, 2011
Open sesame! Sesame paste that is. Chef Roger Mooking takes an everyday Grilled Salmon with veggies meal as close to the Middle East as a half-hour in your kitchen will get you, by way of his Obedient Ingredient, Tahini.
Jerusalem Artichoke
48. Jerusalem Artichoke
March 1, 2011
The first time Chef Roger Mooking saw a Jerusalem artichoke was when a supplier showed up at the back door of a restaurant he was working in with a box load of them.
47. Persimmon
February 22, 2011
Chef Roger Mooking considers himself a "pork-aholic", not just because of the sweet taste, but because it's a cost effective everyday meal for even the largest of families.
Blood Orange
46. Blood Orange
February 15, 2011
Chef Roger Mooking pays tribute to an old friend who ate fast-food chicken finger combos EVERYDAY!
Fermented Black Bean
45. Fermented Black Bean
February 8, 2011
Chef Roger Mooking dips into his special ingredients cupboard for his latest obedient ingredient and lets us in on one of his family's ancient Chinese secrets, fermented black beans.
Lime Leaf
44. Lime Leaf
February 1, 2011
If you've ever had left-over chicken, then chances are you've had a chicken salad sandwich... but not like this.
Nappa Cabbage
43. Nappa Cabbage
January 25, 2011
The Prairies, where Chef Roger Mooking spent his youth, has a large Ukrainian-Canadian population.
42. Caraway
January 18, 2011
Chef Roger Mooking remembers his dad making the best Chinese Pork Roast this side of Shanghai for dinner. Roger sets out to transform an everyday Pork Roast meal complete with a sauerkraut twist on the side.
41. Daikon
January 11, 2011
Chef Roger Mooking has a warm spot in his heart and belly for soup and crackers, after all he spent his youth living with western Canadian winters!
40. Chipotle
January 4, 2011
The popularity of Mexican snack food has turned Tex-Mex into an everyday meal.
39. Catfish
November 30, 2010
Meat, potatoes, gravy and vegetables are a recipe for warming the tummy on a cold winter's day in any culture.
38. Peanuts
November 23, 2010
Chef Roger Mooking remembers his college days, hanging out in the pub downing beers, wings and a bowl of peanuts with good friends.
37. Avocado
November 16, 2010
Chef Roger Mooking spent much of his childhood in Trinidad eating fresh avocado, or as he knows it, zaboca- straight from the tree.
Buffalo Mozzarella
36. Buffalo Mozzarella
November 27, 2010
It's pizza night, and Chef Roger Mooking's got a hankerin' for a pizza that's hot and gooey and really delivers!
Pork Belly
35. Pork Belly
November 2, 2010
Everyone has a soft spot when it comes to breakfast for dinner, and Chef Roger Mooking is bringing home more than the bacon when he builds a not so everyday dinner around his obedient ingredient, pork belly.
34. Wonton
October 26, 2010
One of Chef Roger Mooking's first kitchen memories was of his father teaching him how to wrap wontons.
33. Rappini
November 13, 2010
Chef Roger Mooking's mom and grandma taught him to make lasagna.
Cajun Spice
32. Cajun Spice
October 30, 2010
On a recent visit to the southern US, Chef Roger Mooking fell in love with the exhilarating and explosive flavr of Creole cooking.
31. Edamame
October 23, 2010
TGIF because Chef Roger Mooking loves fish and chips! And through the magic of his obedient ingredient edamame (soy beans) in its many forms, a traditional fish and chip meal becomes anything but everyday.
Pine Nuts
30. Pine Nuts
October 16, 2010
Chef Roger Mooking jokes that if he learned one thing from his days in culinary school, it was that Spaghetti and Meatballs don't have to come from a can!
29. Duck
September 21, 2010
Chef Roger Mooking reminisces about cold Canadian winter days, street hockey, and a hot soup and meat sandwich dinner waiting for him at home.
28. Prosciutto
September 14, 2010
Chef Roger Mooking is a real man, and isn't afraid to admit that he loves quiche!
27. Camambert
September 7, 2010
Like many parents, Chef Roger Mooking sometimes has to goad his kids into eating their meat.
26. Cardamom
April 9, 2009
Like many parents, Chef Roger Mooking sometimes has to goad his kids into eating their meat.
25. Celeriac
April 2, 2009
A Roast Chicken dinner is an everyday staple in homes right across the world but in Chef Roger Mooking's kitchen it is infused with some off the charts flavor.
24. Mangoes
March 26, 2009
Chef Roger Mooking has the perfect mid-week meal menu. It is fast, fresh and delicious!
23. Paprika
March 22, 2009
Chef Roger Mooking's global food sharing philosophy is displayed in picturesque form with this true "build your own adventure" meal. O37
Oyster Sauce
22. Oyster Sauce
March 12, 2009
Chef Roger Mooking knows what it is like to be pressed for time with his responsibilities with running restaurants, working in the music industry and trying to squeeze in some time with the family.
Maple Syrup
21. Maple Syrup
March 5, 2009
Restaurant quality pasta can be easily achieved in your kitchen with Chef Roger Mooking's recipe and with his "obedient ingredient" king oyster mushrooms.
King Oyster Mushrooms
20. King Oyster Mushrooms
February 26, 2009
Restaurant quality pasta can be easily achieved in your kitchen with Chef Roger Mooking's recipe and with his "obedient ingredient" king oyster mushrooms.
19. Tamarind
February 12, 2009
Chef Roger Mooking has the perfect solution to your simple kabob mid-week meal, and it all starts with his "obedient ingredient", tamarind. Roger creates a silky tamarind sauce to top some beautifully grilled lamb for wonderfully and exotic tasting skewers.
Water Chestnut
18. Water Chestnut
February 5, 2009
Water chestnuts are Chef Roger Mooking's "obedient ingredient" and he has the perfect recipe for their use, Pork and Shrimp Tacos.
17. Coconut
February 19, 2009
Mid-week meals get the royal treatment by adding a little exotic flair to your everyday shake and bake style chicken.
16. Plantain
January 29, 2009
Chef Roger Mooking gives us a little taste of the Caribbean with his Trinidadian Style Chicken Stew and to help him get that authentic taste he will rely on his "obedient ingredient", plantain.
15. Okra
January 8, 2009
A family meal staple is given an exotic makeover, and your everyday chili night will never be the same.
14. Saffron
November 20, 2008
High-end restaurant presentation can be difficult to achieve but with Chef Roger Mooking's "obedient ingredient", saffron, he will bring out the exotic elegance in your everyday baked fish dinner.
13. Panko
January 22, 2009
Crusting a schnitzel with breadcrumbs is very common, but this is Chef Mooking's kitchen.
12. Ginger
December 4, 2008
Ginger is Chef Roger Mooking's "obedient ingredient" and though we are used to seeing ginger in a supporting role in many of his dishes, Roger is bringing this full-flavored spice to the front of the line for his Ginger Pot Roast.
11. Curry
November 27, 2008
There is nothing more convenient than a mid-week macaroni and cheese dinner and Chef Roger Mooking knows exactly how to up the exotic value of this meal: simply add his "obedient ingredient", curry powder.
Stay Anise
10. Stay Anise
January 15, 2009
hef Roger Mooking needs to go no further than his wall of spice to be inspired to cook with his "obedient ingredient" star anise.
9. Lemongrass
December 18, 2009
A nice burst of citrus and baked fish is an ideal combination, so the ideal "obedient ingredient" for Chef Roger Mooking's Baked Snapper recipe is lemongrass.
8. Miso
September 1, 2009
Roger just stopped off at his local Japanese market to pick up his "obedient ingredient", miso.
Coriander Seed And Fresh Cilantro
7. Coriander Seed And Fresh Cilantro
November 13, 2008
It is time to re-invent a classic... meatloaf! This 1950's staple meal will leave your crew begging for more.
Chinese Five-Spice
6. Chinese Five-Spice
October 9, 2008
t's burger time in the Mooking home! Roger's everyday Chinese five-spice powder can be the exotic addition to your next barbeque.
Thai Basil
5. Thai Basil
October 26, 2008
There just might not be anything more comforting than chicken soup.
3. Nori
October 16, 2008
Nori, more commonly called seaweed, is Chef Roger Mooking's "obedient ingredient".
2. Lychee
October 30, 2008
Roger, fresh from Chinatown, is inspired to take on the lychee as his "obedient ingredient".

This series takes a look at the exotic places all around the world. The viewer gets to see beaches, forest, and other exotic locations. Each show features a new location in many places that the viewer does not see everyday. Everyday Exotic is a series that is currently running and has 26 seasons (53 episodes). The series first aired on May 31, 2010.

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Everyday Exotic is available for streaming on the Cooking Channel website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Everyday Exotic on demand at Amazon Prime and Bounce.

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    May 31, 2010