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Fantasia Barrino, an American Idol winner has her own reality show. The cast is made up of mainly her family members and close friends. Fantasia first became a popular household name when she competed in the very well-known and very talented reality show, American Idol. She was a nineteen year old who saw a chance at her dream of becoming a singer. What she didn't know was that she already possessed the talent. The judges on American Idol, as well as many Americans were truly blown away by the sound of her voice. With millions watching as she auditioned for the first time on American Idol, her talent was clearly seen by all. With her very powerful and soulful voice, her singing was loved by many. We witnessed her strength and determination amid a very troubling time in her personal life, which evolved while she was performing on American Idol. Amid her own personal troubles and trials, she resigned herself to compete and became the first American Idol, that was a single mother, to win the American Idol reality show.

Fantasia went from auditioning in a singing competition in Atlanta, GA to becoming a Broadway star in the critically acclaimed Broadway play, The Color Purple. She not only showed the world that she could sing, but that she was a great actor as well. She achieved instant fame with her soulful voice and is heard over the airways throughout the world. She is a singer, an actor, and a very proud mother who has now been cast in her own reality show. The show follows the day-to-day life of Fantasia. It gives the viewers an inside look at Fantasia without the glitter and glamour we see on stage or in movies. It follows the ins and outs of what a day in Fantasia's life is like.

Monday 10:00PM et/pt on VH1
2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
January 11, 2010
Cast: Fantasia
Fantasia For Real

Fantasia For Real Full Episode Guide

  • Fantasia decides to get into shape before she moves to Los Angeles. She breaks the news to her family that she is moving and invites them for a special performance in Atlanta.

  • Fantasia performs with Snoop Dogg in Las Vegas, and Teeny comes up with a novel way to promote his single and shoots a music video.

  • Fantasia denies claims that her suicide attempt was a publicity stunt. She continues promoting her new album with performances on television.

  • Fantasia's life is turned upside down and she decides to attempt suicide. With the help of her family and friends she is able to find the strength to carry on.

  • Fantasia travels to promote her new album, but is shocked to discover that Antwaun's wife, who he is supposedly separated from, wants to sue Fantasia.

  • Fantasia's desire to get her GED is renewed and she studies for the test; Teeny is still hurting for money and decides to throw a "Boatsquerade;" Fantasia's mom and aunt confront her about Devin and she finally tells them her heart belongs to someone else; Fantasia is thrown into a tail spin when her lawyer hands her a letter.

  • Fantasia returns home to Charlotte and learns that her dog, Diva, has gone missing; Fantasia performs her new single on "American Idol;" Concerned that she is dating a man who is separated from his wife, Manager Brian invites Devin, Fantasia's co-star, to her birthday party.

  • Fantasia shoots a steamy music video for her new single "Bittersweet" and is smitten with her co-star from the Washington Redskins.

  • Fantasia's London concert is a success and hopes her new single will be a hit. She goes to see a therapist to sort out her love life.

  • With everyone finally moved out of her house, Fantasia is moving on and is ready to release her third album. However, Fantasia is forced to face reality when Aunt Bunny confronts her about the nasty tabloid rumors. Low ticket sales threaten to cancel her concert in London.

  • Bonus footage and a look at what Fantasia and her family are doing now.

  • Fantasia finally completes her album and learns to appreciate her family and see them in a different light.

  • Fantasia records her upcoming single and deals with daddy issues.

  • Fantasia prepares to take her GED exam and to sing at the Soul Train Awards.

  • Fantasia tries to balance her music career and being a good mom to Zion.

  • Fantasia and her family try to work through their differences.

  • It's been 3 months since Fantasia and Teeny have spoken. Find out if either one of them will make the first move!

  • Fantasia reluctantly gives her brother a small budget to build a recording studio and finds out later that he spent $40,000.

  • Fantasia begins recording her new track, "Move On Me," which she needs to be a hit since she has six people living off of her shrinking income.