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In the anime series Fate/stay night, a young man is trained in the ways of magical combat after losing his parents in a great fire. Having become a warrior, he is drawn into the Holy Grail War, where he nearly dies in battle. A mysterious armor-clad young woman comes to his rescue, and she guides him deeper into the magical war.

Friday at 01:30 AM et/pt on Teletama
1 Season, 24 Episodes
January 6, 2006
Action & Adventure, Animation & Cartoon, Fantasy
Cast: Noriaki Sugiyama, Kana Ueda, Ayako Kawasumi, Junichi Suwabe, Noriko Shitaya
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Fate/stay night Full Episode Guide

  • Shirou has found himself trapped in the same place Kirei Kotomine trapped Shirou's father. Surrounded by death Shirou must escape this place through will power alone, if he want's to end this Holy Grail War once and for all. Saber is also having trouble defeating the somewhat unbeatable Gilgamesh yet there is hope, with the power of "Avalon" The Ever-Distant Utopia.What will truly come about from destroying the Holy Grail? Will things be able to go back to normal?

  • Saber's fight with Assassin and Shirou's fight with Souichirou reaches its climax. Souichirou shatters Shirou's blades again, sending him flying down to where Rin and Sakura are and it is upto Saber to defeat Assassin and make it down in time to save everyone. With Saber still affected by Caster's Noble Phantasm Rule Breaker, she isn't able to defeat Caster when all of a sudden their fight is interrupted by an unknown Servant. It seems that Saber is familiar with this Servant, but it turns out he's the eighth Servant in this Holy Grail War.In light of the appearance of the eighth Servant, Saber finally reveals to Shirou the shocking events of the previous Holy Grail War.

  • The battle is at the turning point, where Rin is about to be squashed by Beserker and Saber is unable to save her. As a last resort Saber decides to use her Noble Phantasm to defeat Beserker, no matter how it would affect her. Realizing that Saber could disappear from this, Shirou forces her to stop and decides to take matters into his own hands.The advancement of Shirou's character as we find what he is really able to do.

  • Archer has been defeated by the unbeatable Beserker and now Shirou, Saber and Rin are trying their best to escape the same fate. They are able to find shelter to bide some time, because Shirou has to find a way to replenish Saber's mana while Ilya looks for them. With Archer's sacrifice, Rin is that much more determined to get out of this alive and comes up with an elaborate plan. The beginning of a fight between Saber and Berserker commences.

  • After a mornings training session with Saber, Shirou is then straightaway dragged off by Rin for some more training of her own. While this is going on Shirou receives a phone call from Shinji, asking Shirou to meet him at the school. Because it seemed urgent Shirou heads of to school and is greatly shocked by what he sees. Shinji shows his true colors and says how he wanted to show Rin how he was superior to Shirou and that he would defeat him here. What will happen to Shirou and does he have the will to fight off a Master and his Servant, alone?

  • Rin suspects Kuzuki might be the Master of Caster. With the help of a hesitant Shirou, she implements a dangerous plan in a remote location to test out her theory.

  • Shirou continues his training with Saber. She is glad that his abilities have improved, but there is something different about his technique. Meanwhile, Rin suspects there is a fourth Master at school.

  • Rin giving Shirou the option of betraying Saber and stepping down as a master or she will break his arm and make it impossible to ever be used. Before Rin can do anything they hear a scream and Shirou goes to investigate it, followed by Rin. The two of them find girl lying unconscious on the floor. Rin starts to tend to her and Rin can't concentrate with the door to the outside open so Shirou goes to close it. Just then Shirou sees a spike being hurled towards them, at Rin's head. He blocks it with his arm and gets impaled through the arm by a spike that then disappears.A Servant reveals herself, she uses chains and spikes at the end of them as a weapon and starts attacking Shirou. Servant is about to kill him, Rin shoots the chain and frees Shirou, causing the Servant to retreat. Rin asks who the master was and Shirou says he doesn't know.Shirou heads home with Archer as his escort until he gets safely to Saber. Archer talks to Shirou about his method and plan for playing this Holy Grail War. Archer mentions how he heard about the fight with the Servant, who he calls Rider. Archer says that the longer you embrace an ideal, the more friction, contradiction you have with reality. He takes off without saying more.Shirou reflects upon what Archer said.

  • Shirou introduces Saber to Sakura and the one teacher saying she is a distant relative. The teacher tests Saber's skills to be able to defend Shirou rather pathetically, she allows her to stay at the house with him.Rin and Archer are talking he asks her why she doesn't go after Shirou, an easy target to kill. She says if he were to show up in front of her without being aware of it, she would kill him.At school some girls are missing from school for the second day in a row. After school, Shirou has stayed to investigate these disappearance when he runs into Rin. Rin confronts Shirou calling him an idiot for idly walking around without his Servant and she attacks him. Shirou runs from her and locks himself in a classroom. Shirou does the only magic he knows and fortifies a desk to protect against an attack from Rin. The whole school is being lit by this happenings, all this being watched by a mysterious character in the trees and the episode ends.

  • Shirou is still lost and incredibly confused, after seeing an elegant warrior with the name Saber appear before him and choosing him as her Master. Shirou isn't even given a chance to get to grips of the situation before Saber continues her fight with Lancer, but before things get too serious Lancer walks off. Saber then chooses to pick a fight with Rin and her servant, but Saber reluctantly accepts Shirou's order to stop. Shirou then learns of the Holy Grail War, which he has gotten himself into.

  • Rin seems to have problem with the servant she has and the fact that she wasn't powerful enough to call forth a more powerful servant. Back at school, Shirou has been asked by Ayako to keep an eye on Sakura's brother Shinji Matou, who's been fooling about in archery club. In the end Shinji takes advantage of Shirou's helpful nature and makes him take care of the archery club's dojo. However while Shirou's cleaning head goes out to inspect a noise, only to witness a fight between two servants.

  • Ten years ago in Fuyuki City, a young boy was caught in a massive inferno that incinerated his parents and consumed a large portion of the city; as he was dying, a man saves him. Now this boy, Shirou Emiya, is an amateur mechanic who attends school at Homurabara Gakuen. Shirou also seems to be quite a bit of a magician but his abilities are no where near the level of his late father's. Meanwhile, the city is beginning to be plagued by gas spills and homicides and with Shirou's sense of justice starts to kick in, what could someone like him possibly do?

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