FBI's 10 Most Wanted

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FBI's 10 Most Wanted is a television series that basically profiles what the title states, the FBI's 10 most wanted. Each criminal has a distinct past and serious crime that they have committed which is why they made the list. The show is made to help provide the background and image on them so that people will know what to look for. It is meant to increase awareness among the general public who may not have previously known or had any idea of who is wanted. Imagine your gardener being on the list and never knowing how potentially dangerous he is?

Discovery Channel
1 Season, 1 Episode
November 15, 2009
Crime Documentary & Biography
Cast: Joseph Mazurk, Brian Plazas
FBI's 10 Most Wanted

FBI's 10 Most Wanted Full Episode Guide

  • Join FBI investigators on the hunt for today's 10 Most Wanted: serial killers, mobsters, terrorists and career criminals who are at large and poised to strike again. Find out how you can help the feds get their man, and claim millions in rewards.