Flex & Shanice

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Flex & Shanice is a reality TV show revolving around the lives of its eponymous subjects, the comedian Flex Alexander and the singer Shanice Wilson. Married since the year 2000, the celebrity couple suffered a devastating bankruptcy when their credit card spending got out of control.

The show takes place after the bankruptcy and follows the couple as they seek to get back on their feet. Their family members also make an appearance, which causes some conflict. The couple is challenged by their two preteens, Elijah and Imani. Additionally, Shanice's mother Crystal, who is also her manager, creates trouble at times even as she helps to pay the rent.

Saturdays 10:00 PM et/pt on OWN
3 Seasons, 23 Episodes
November 1, 2014
Cast: Flex Alexander As Himself Shanice As Herself
Flex & Shanice

Flex & Shanice Full Episode Guide

  • Flex and Shanice finally take a long-waited-for honeymoon to Hawaii, but the getaway turns into a family affair: Imani and Elijah embrace paradise; Ruba takes a spiritual voyage; and Mike and Crystal get lost in the jungle.

  • Shanice gets ready to debut her new music for music industry executives; Flex helps Elijah with a video assignment for school; Ruba moves into Brooklyn's small living space; and Crystal gets a new client.

  • Shanice's duet companion drops out and a surprising replacement shows up; Flex helps Elijah channel his annoyances onto the basketball court; Ruba stumbles onto the path to hell.

  • Elijah reveals to his parents that he's being bullied at school; and Crystal, who desires to manage Imani, gets noisy at an audition.

  • Shanice has to choose if Shanice 2.0 will be performing or if she'll go old school; Flex has a new stand-up skit that Shanice is concerned will embarrass her; Ruba is out of control.

  • Flex and Shanice schedule a show headlining together in Vegas; Flex searches for inspiration for his new comedy act.

  • While Shanice visits a recording studio in Atlanta, Flex attempts to be the best ever Mr. Mom; Crystal and Brooklyn wonder if Flex is fooling around behind Shanice's back and try to trap him in the act.

  • In the Season 3 opening, Shanice faces a tough career choice; Flex attempts to shock Elijah with VIP Harlem Globetrotter tickets; and Crystal reforms her R&B group, Crystal Penny.

  • Flex's graphic novel party doesn't go as planned. Shanice is presented with an offer she can't refuse from Mali. Ruba learns he has a brother. Flex reads Crystal wrong.

  • Before heading to her onesie line launch party, Shanice has a breakthrough studio moment. Flex and Crystal butt heads after Imani lands a babysitting job.

  • When Flex's mom comes to town, his plans for Comic-Con get put on hold. Mali gets Shanice studio time with Ne-Yo.

  • Shanice's producer works on giving her a "new look."

  • Imani tricks Crystal into helping her lie to Flex.

  • An old friend of Shanice's comes for a visit.

  • When his comedy tour falls through, Flex hustles to find a new income stream. Shanice pitches her onesie line idea to an investor and Ruba has a rocky start to his web series. Then, after feeling disrespected by Flex, Crystal storms out of the house.