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In Flip or Flop Atlanta, Ken and Anita Corsini run a family business, flipping over 100 houses a year in the Atlanta metro area. Their goal is to rehab old southern homes and revitalize the neighborhoods. But when some of the houses are abandoned for years and trashed by squatters, it takes a lot more than elbow grease to make these homes inhabitable again. Watch as this enterprising couple races against the clock to buy, renovate and flip homes in just a matter of weeks.

Flip or Flop Atlanta is a Reality series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (28 episodes). The series first aired on May 22, 2016. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.5.

Flip or Flop Atlanta is available for streaming on the HGTV website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Flip or Flop Atlanta on demand at Philo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, HGTV, FuboTV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on HGTV
2 Seasons, 28 Episodes
May 22, 2016
Cast: Anita Corsini, Ken Corsini
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Flip or Flop Atlanta Full Episode Guide

  • Ken and Anita buy a two-bedroom, one-bathroom house that's been abandoned for 14 years. The location is prime, but they need to find a way to squeeze in a master suite if they're going to sell the home for top dollar.

  • Ken and Anita buy a '70s rancher in the neighborhood of Milton, with a plan to turn it into a modern-day farmhouse; when the weather throws a wrench into their game plans, they are forced to make tough decisions that may affect their bottom line.

  • Ken and Anita Corsini buy a brick ranch in the Gresham Park area with a terrible smell; they face competition with other flips in the area, and after discovering a leak under the house, they realize they face a massive undertaking.

  • Ken and Anita purchase a 1,700-square-foot brick ranch in College Park that also happens to be a historic landmark; staying in compliance with the historical registry is a must but might prevent them from making the right upgrades to earn top dollar.

  • Ken and Anita take on a home seized by the city of Atlanta in the popular Mozley Park area. It isn't until they are left cleaning up a previous owner's mid-renovation mess that they understand the magnitude of this challenge.

  • Ken and Anita plan to modernize a neglected three bedroom, one-bath home in Decatur, Georgia. They'll focus on curb appeal to make the home stand out from the other brick houses in the area but putting so much of their budget on the facade leaves little room for surprises. When the inevitable challenge presents itself, the duo is left to decide whether their master plan for a modern home will be compromised.

  • Ken and Anita buy a house, sight unseen, in the real estate hotspot of Alpharetta, Georgia. But they soon realize they got much more than what they bargained for, and must decide whether to rise to the occasion or deem it a lost cause.

  • Ken and Anita buy a spooky, nine-bedroom boarding house in Oakland City, Georgia, with plans of turning it into an edgy, contemporary home. But with stiff competition in the neighborhood and a huge undertaking on their hands, it will be a fight to the finish to flip this nightmare into a dream home while staying on budget.

  • Ken and Anita buy a dingy mint green cabin in the quiet artist community of Pine Lake. But with only 350 houses in the community, it will be tough to comp and they are challenged to create a cozy lake cabin on a tight budget.

  • Ken and Anita purchase a house in the trendy area of East Lake Atlanta with plans to make it a cozy and contemporary home for young buyers. But with less than 1,000 square feet to work with and no master bedroom or bath, they are forced to make some costly decisions that may compromise their selling timeline.

  • Ken and Anita get creative with the layout of a crooked tiny home.

  • Ken and Anita snag a deal on a seven-bedroom mansion in Conyers, GA. It appears to be a cosmetic-heavy job but with very few comps in the area and over 7,000 square feet to update, they're feeling a little out of their element. Will they be able to turn a quick profit or will the size of the project and its location be their downfall?

  • Ken and Anita purchase a 100-year-old duplex in the heart of Westside Atlanta with plans to transform it into a single-family home. Having renovated the home next door, they have big shoes to fill and converting a duplex to a single is no easy feat. The duo hopes to create a home that attracts families while maintaining the existing Victorian charm and staying on budget.

  • Ken and Anita buy a run-down Craftsman in the heart of Woodstock, GA. They show up to find the house is extremely compartmentalized and decide to start from scratch. With a lot of pressure to do right by their neighborhood, the duo must tear down and transform the home into a Craftsman dream home.

  • Ken and Anita purchase a 1,000-square-foot home in an up-and-coming Atlanta neighborhood with a hideous all-tile exterior and serious problems with the foundation.

  • Ken and Anita get a lead on a 1950s brick ranch house in Ken's hometown of Marietta, Ga. with tight margins, so they need to balance inexpensive cosmetic fixes with big renovations in the kitchen and master suite.

  • Ken and Anita buy a house in East Atlanta, GA. However, as construction begins, problems with the foundation unravel and hefty overages start piling up.

  • Ken and Anita are in Tucker, Georgia, a newly incorporated suburb in Atlanta, to flip a home that's been tied up in estate dealings for years. The house needs a lot of remodeling to update the floor plan, but unpleasant surprises pile up and the flip gets shut down in the middle of renovations.

  • Ken and Anita get funky with a small home in East Atlanta, GA.

  • Ken and Anita buy a house sight unseen through an online auction and discover they got much more than they bargained for. As the renovation begins, the project turns into a complete rebuild and the couple must overcome setbacks to keep this renovation from turning into a total flop.

  • Ken and Anita land an estate sale bargain house in a suburb of Atlanta, GA, for only $50,000, but it needs at least that much in repairs. Their renovation is plagued by issues that put them behind schedule to the point of pulling an all-nighter to get ready for their open house. After putting in extra time and money, will the house be a flop despite all of their efforts?

  • Ken and Anita buy a small, filthy farmhouse and quickly find out it may be their most challenging flip yet.

  • Ken and Anita receive a tip from an investor about a big house on an acre lot in Stone Mountain, GA, but when they arrive, they are shocked by what they find. However, the couple knows that with some heavy lifting and imagination, they can turn this trashed out house into a buyer's dream.

  • Ken and Anita buy an outdated midcentury house in the Beltline area of Atlanta. With its convenient location near recreation, shopping and the downtown area, the deal is a no-brainer, but it comes with a hefty price tag and rehab budget to match. Can Ken and Anita stay on budget while keeping the home's unique architecture and upscale buyers in mind?

  • Ken and Anita get a bargain on an ugly 1970s split-level house in the sophisticated neighborhood of Buckhead that's more expensive than their typical flips, but the potential for profit is too good to pass up.

  • Ken and Anita find a diamond in the rough in Marietta, Georgia, but after sitting vacant for four years it has more problems than they bargained for. Can they restore this old Southern home to its former glory?