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1 Season, 15 Episodes
November 20, 2007
Cast: Mike MacRae, Frank Caliendo
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Frank TV Full Episode Guide

  • The series season 1 finale finds Frank lampooning the movie Transformers; plus, Donald Trump in the lead role as Forrest Gump; William Shatner trying to sneak onto a new Star Trek movie set; Jack Nicholson as the adman for a new pillow-fighting kit; and Star Wars characters trying to get by airport security.

  • Parodies include a political show hosted by Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal; a chronologically impaired Harrison Ford and Sean Connery doing their own stunts; Dave Chappelle buys a dog; William Shatner, Morgan Freeman and Rip Torn have a chat while eating dinner; and George Bush write his memoirs.

  • Frank mimics Pat O'Brien as he interviews stars from the 1980's. Also, William Shatner becomes jealous over the other sci-fi characters used, Robert DeNiro's inappropriate verbiage, Al Pacino chats about roles he never played, an a New Jersey tourism ad by James Gandolfini.

  • Jay Leno has a session with his psychologist; John Madden promotes his new video game Grand Theft Madden; Rip Torn, Dave Chappelle and Louie Anderson ruin a celebrity charity auction; what it would look like if Donald Trump was left poor and homeless; and Sean Connery gets roasted.

  • Judge William Shatner makes a case between two neighbors, over a disputed fence, more exciting; President Bush addresses the nation and announces his resignation; Bill Clinton hosts a new game show, where women win money for keeping their pants on, while talking to him; and what would it be like if other people did Andy Rooney's segment from 60 Minutes.

  • Lay Leno welcomes Harrison Ford, Dave Chappelle and Amy Winehouse to be the guests on his final show; James Gondolfini does a commercial for a Russian vodka; Bill Clinton and Bill O'Reilly run into each other at a book expo, then Bill Clinton teaches Bill O'Reilly how to pick up women, namely Ann Coulter; Frank TV does their take off of Lost starring John Madden; Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro argue over how they should rate movies, on their movie review show.

  • Donald Trump shows how to raise children properly; William Shatner opens' Stones for Homes, where he auctions off his kidney stones to build homes for the disadvantaged; what if The Mary Tyler Moore Show was shot like The Office; Paul Schaeffer, Ice-T and Ozzy Osbourne run a fantasy rock camp.

  • President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney host a special election night episode of Frank TV; George Bush gives an orientation video to the newly elected President; what would it be like if politicians had a place to go, where they could say what's really on their mind; what would it be like if celebrities were President; Tom Brokaw clones himself so journalism can be better; and John McCain panders to forgotten minorities.

  • Political show with Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal.

  • Oliver Stone's fresh take on the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky affair.

  • It's Christmas time at Frank TV; Dr. Phil helps the Frank TV staffers at their Christmas Party; Andy Rooney gets an iPhone; Al Gore previews his new film Supernova; Charles Barkley is the host a new game show; and what it would be like if Johnny Carson was the host of NBC Nightly News.

  • Robin Williams tries to take over Frank TV; Charles Barkley fascination with Kim Jong Il hits a new level; and Al Pacino appears on Inside the Actors Studio.

  • Frank Caliendo impersonates President Bush at a press conference, Donald Trump headlining his own one-man stage show and William Shatner as a TV judge.

  • Jack Nicholson berates Frank, after he losses his pants; Donald Trump holds a seminar on how to get rich; President Bush gives a press conference where he holds a candle light dinner for the American public; Al Pacino and Robert De Niro become movie reviewers; and Sean Connery opens a voice club for men.

  • Lampoon sctches of Seinfeld, John Madden and the Clinton Library.

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