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Frozen Planet takes you on the ultimate polar expedition. This landmark series brings to the screen the frozen wildernesses of the Arctic and Antarctic as you have never seen them before, and may never see them again...

Frozen Planet
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On Thin Ice, Pt. 1
13. On Thin Ice, Pt. 1
December 7, 2011
The Poles are warming at up to five times faster than the rest of the Earth. If this continues, it won't just affect the people and wildlife that lives there - it will affect the planet as a whole. From pioneering camera techniques, to satellite imagery and scientific experimentation and prediction, Meltdown looks to the future of not just the landscape of the poles, but also to those that live within them. The polar bear is reliant on the sea ice, and without it, their future is seriously threatened, with some experts predicting that the species will not last to the end of this century. However, no one has to adapt faster to the changing nature of the Arctic, than the indigenous people that live there. The hunters face daily dangers attempting to hunt prey on ice that is too thin, buildings can topple due to melting permafrost and coastal villages could be washed away as the absence of sea ice exposes them to the full fury of the winter storms.
The Last Frontier, Part 2
12. The Last Frontier, Part 2
November 30, 2011
Today science is the only significant human activity allowed in Antarctica: robot submarines are sent deep beneath the ice in search of new life-forms, which may also be found in a labyrinth of ice caves high up on an active volcano. Above, colossal balloons are launched into the purest air on earth to detect cosmic rays.
The Last Frontier, Part 1
11. The Last Frontier, Part 1
November 30, 2011
We reveal the extraordinary riches and wonders that have kept people coming to the Polar Regions for thousands of years. Most Arctic people live in Siberia, either in cities like Norilsk - the coldest city on earth, or out on the tundra where tribes like the Dolgan survive by herding reindeer, using them to drag their homes behind them.
Winter, Part 2
10. Winter, Part 2
November 23, 2011
In Antarctica, we join male emperor penguins in their darkest hour, battling to protect precious eggs from fierce polar storms. Weddell seals escape to a hidden world of jewel-colored corals and alien-looking creatures, but frozen devastation follows as sinister ice stalactites reach down with deadly effect. The sun finally returns, and with it comes the female emperor penguins, sleek and fat, ready to deliver the first meal to their precious chick. Having survived winter, this ultimate ice family now have a head start in raising baby. The adelies flood back and as the ice edge bustles with life, male emperor penguins can finally return to the sea.
Winter, Part 1
9. Winter, Part 1
November 23, 2011
There is no greater test for life than winter as temperatures plummet to 70 below and winds reach 200kph. Darkness and ice extend and only a few remarkable survivors gamble on remaining. We join a female polar bear trekking into the Arctic mountains to give birth as the first blizzards arrive. Out on the frozen ocean, the entire world's population of spectacled eider ducks brave the winter in a giant ice hole kept open by ferocious currents. Arctic forests transform into a wonderland of frost and snow - scene to a desperate and bloody battle between wolf and bison, but also where a remarkable alliance between raven and wolverine is made. Beneath the snow lies a magical world of winter survivors. Here tiny voles dodge the clutches of the great grey owl, but cannot escape the ultimate under-snow predator - the least weasel. Midwinter and a male polar bear wanders alone across the dark, empty icescape. Below the snow, polar bear cubs begin life in an icy den while fantastical auroras light the night skies above.
Autumn, Part 2
8. Autumn, Part 2
November 16, 2011
Down in Antarctica, as the sea ice advances 2.5 miles a day, Adelie penguin chicks huddle together in crèches. When a parent returns from fishing, it leads its twins on a comical steeplechase - sadly there's only enough for one so the winner gets the meal...Two months later and the chicks are fully feathered apart from downy Mohican hairdos - they're ready to take their first swim...reluctantly - it seems penguins are not born with a love of water! And with good reason - a leopard seal explodes from the sea and pulls one from an ice floe - a hunting maneuver that has never been filmed before. As winter approaches, and everyone has left, the giant Emperor penguin arrives and makes an epic trek inland to breed. The mothers soon return to the sea leaving the fathers to hold the eggs and endure the coldest winter on earth.
Autumn, Part 1
7. Autumn, Part 1
April 22, 2012
David finds out that rising temperatures are changing the Poles with far-reaching implications for their animal and human inhabitants, as well as for the rest of the world.
The Last Frontier
6. The Last Frontier
April 15, 2012
On the Siberian coast, people still hunt walrus from open boats. The Danish Armed Forces claim that they have the rights to Greenland's mineral wealth with an epic dog sled patrol, covering 2,000 miles. At the South Pole there is a research base which has been designed to withstand the planet's most harsh winters.
5. Winter
April 1, 2012
Most animals leave the polar regions during winter but a few survivors remain. Lonely male polar bears are isolated on the frozen sea while females create a den in the mountains as the first blizzards arrive. A wolf and bison are involved in a show down in the frozen forests. In Antarctica, the male emperor penguins snuggle up together in the darkness as they battle to protect eggs from the polar storms.
4. Autumn
March 25, 2012
As the transformation of the Arctic reaches completion, it teams with life, migrating from the south. Amongst this influx, white Arctic wolves race to raise their adorable cubs before the cold returns. In Antarctica vast numbers of seabirds arrive on South Georgia joining the giant albatross and king penguins that have been there all winter. Elephant seals fight furious battles over females on a beach that contains the greatest mass of animals on the planet. Finally, the female Adelie penguins arrive, chased from the water by killer whales. Mating and chick rearing lie ahead of them.
3. Summer
March 25, 2012
Summer has arrived and it is a challenging time for the polar bears as the cubs take their first swimming lesson. A herd of musk oxen attempt to save a calf that's caught by a pair of Arctic wolves. Some king penguins attempt to deal with the heat. A minke whale is hunted among the ice floes by a family of killer whales.
2. Spring
March 18, 2012
Spring has arrived in the polar regions and male Adélie penguins arrive in Antarctica to build nests. In the Arctic, a polar bear mother hunts with her cubs. A woolly bear caterpillar emerges having spent the whole of the winter frozen solid.
To The Ends Of The Earth
1. To The Ends Of The Earth
March 18, 2012
The adventure begins in the North Pole including six months of darkness ending with the return of the sun and two polar bears, Greenland's ice cap waterfalls, icebergs, seabirds, humpback whales, the Taiga Forest and wolves.
To the Ends of the Earth
101. To the Ends of the Earth
March 10, 2015
The Arctic and Antarctic are the greatest and least known wildernesses, ice worlds inhabited by the toughest creatures on earth. The sun shines on the North Pole again after six months of darkness. Further south, the tree-line marks the start of the Taiga forest, containing one third of all trees on earth.
The Last Frontier
106. The Last Frontier
April 14, 2015
In the last frontier we reveal the extraordinary riches and wonders of the polar regions that have kept people coming here for thousands of years. Today their survival relies on a combination of ancient wisdom and cutting edge science.

Frozen Planet takes you on the ultimate polar expedition. This landmark series brings to the screen the frozen wildernesses of the Arctic and Antarctic as you have never seen them before, and may never see them again... Frozen Planet is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (15 episodes). The series first aired on March 18, 2012.

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