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  • 2012
  • 2 Seasons
  • 9.0  (32,892)

Narrated by the renowned naturalist David Attenborough, Frozen Planet is a celebrated documentary series from BBC One that explores the fascinating polar regions of the planet Earth. This show is a blend of stunning camera work, touching storytelling, and scientific exploration, offering audiences a thrilling and thoroughly engaging journey into some of the most inhospitable, yet beautiful, places on our planet.

Frozen Planet comprises of seven episodes, with each episode exploring a different aspect of life in the polar regions. The breathtaking landscape of the Arctic and the Antarctic make for a stunning backdrop to the series, which delves into the unique challenges that polar animals and their environments face. From jaw-dropping footage of blue whales and orcas hunting in the frozen waters, to awe-inspiring aerial views of vast glaciers and ice forms, this show has something to offer for every nature lover.

One of the series' most admirable aspects is that it is not just a documentary about the animals of the Arctic and the Antarctic. Instead, by interweaving the stories of several species struggling to survive, the show explores the interconnectedness of life in polar regions, highlighting the complex relationship between the creatures and their harsh environment. This approach allows the show to present the bigger picture of how these seemingly disparate animals affect each other's lives while providing audiences with a bird's eye view of these magnificent creatures and their struggle to survive.

Whether it is polar bears hunting for seals, penguins waddling to their nesting sites, or the migrating patterns of humpback whales, this series captures their journeys and experiences in vivid detail, making for an immersive viewing experience for both animal lovers and those who are new to nature documentaries.

However, the series' narrative isn't limited to animal life alone. Throughout the entire journey, Frozen Planet also explores the impact of climate change on the polar regions as a whole. By detailing the gradual shift in climate patterns and showing how it affects the animals living there, the show demonstrates how global warming is affecting our planet in an alarming way.

As you learn about the lives of different animals, the show educates the audience about the effect of climate change and the impact of human actions on the environment. Suppose you're a global warming skeptic, this series could be a platform to change your outlook on the human impact on the earth.

Another remarkable feature of Frozen Planet is the sheer scale of the technology and engineering that was required to bring this show to life. The series features cutting-edge cinematography that captures the polar regions in a way that has never been seen before. The crew used drones, helicopters, and underwater cameras to capture stunning footage of the natural world, making Frozen Planet a visual treat that is both inspirational and educational.

At the heart of Frozen Planet is David Attenborough, whose distinctive and authoritative voice resonates through every episode. Attenborough's narration adds depth to the show, elevating it from a simple nature documentary to a thought-provoking expedition into a world that is unfamiliar to most people. He has a unique knack for making every animal's story captivating, making you curious to learn more about what else populates the polar regions.

In conclusion, the Frozen Planet is a must-watch documentary series for anyone who loves nature, wildlife, or simply breathtaking cinematography. The show's unique blend of storytelling and scientific exploration makes it far more than a mere nature documentary. It is a journey into the lesser-known parts of our planet, full of surprises and wonder, that will both entertain and educate. With David Attenborough leading the way and stunning visuals that capture the polar regions' magnificence, Frozen Planet is an unforgettable experience that will stay with you long after the series ends.

Frozen Planet is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (25 episodes). The series first aired on March 18, 2012.

Frozen Planet
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Making Of
7. Making Of
March 4, 2023
This fascinating behind-the-scenes special reveals the most memorable moments in the making of this captivating series. Discover the challenges filmmakers faced and the ground-breaking technology they used to capture incredible footage of the north and south poles, from snow-draped forests to remote mountain ranges.
Our Frozen Planet
6. Our Frozen Planet
March 4, 2023
Our frozen planet is changing. In this final episode, we meet the scientists and people dedicating their lives to understanding what these changes mean, not just for the animals and people who live there, but for the world as a whole. Our journey begins in the Arctic, where every summer huge quantities of ice calve from the edges of Greenland
Frozen Lands
5. Frozen Lands
February 25, 2023
In the far north of our planet lies the largest land habitat on earth, home to snow-covered forests and the icy open tundra. These are lands of extremes that push animals to their limits: in winter they are so cold that much of the ground has remained frozen since the last ice age. To stand any chance of survival, animals must adapt in extreme ways: here a super pack of wolves, 25 strong, has come together to take on the only large prey available to them in winter, American bison. On the featureless tundra, an Arctic fox must strike a living alone. She is a wanderer and will roam many hundreds of miles searching for tiny lemmings, hidden deep underground. As spring arrives, the forests begin to thaw and life returns.
Frozen South
4. Frozen South
February 18, 2023
Frozen South takes us to the most hostile ice world of all - Antarctica, an entire continent covered in snow and ice full of surprises. Here hardy animals cling around its coastal fringes as tempratures regularly dip below freezing.
Frozen Peaks
3. Frozen Peaks
February 11, 2023
Found on every continent, mountains create unique frozen worlds, home to extraordinary animals that must overcome the crushing conditions of the cold.
Frozen Ocean
2. Frozen Ocean
February 4, 2023
At the top of the planet lies the Arctic Ocean; after four months of winter darkness, the sun returns to reveal a frozen ocean covered in ice; mother polar bears emerge from their hillside dens and lead their cubs down to the sea ice to hunt.
Frozen Worlds
1. Frozen Worlds
January 28, 2023
After being raised on the ice in winter, emperor penguin chicks find themselves abandoned by their parents in spring; to survive, they must find their own way across the treacherous sea ice to the rich waters of the Southern Ocean.
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    March 18, 2012
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    9.0  (32,892)