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  • TV-PG
  • 1978
  • 6 Seasons
  • 7.8  (519)

Galaxy Express 999 is a Japanese animated television series that aired on Fuji TV from 1978 to 1981. It is based on a manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Leiji Matsumoto. The show is a space opera that follows the adventures of a young boy named Tetsuro Hoshino and a mysterious woman named Maetel as they travel through the galaxy on a train called the Galaxy Express 999.

The show is set in the distant future where humans have colonized other planets and developed technology that can extend human life indefinitely. However, this technology is only available to the wealthy and powerful, leaving the poor and oppressed to suffer and die prematurely. Tetsuro, who comes from a poor family, dreams of one day getting a machine body that will grant him immortality so that he can live long enough to seek revenge on a villainous count who killed his mother.

One day, Tetsuro meets Maetel, a beautiful and enigmatic woman who offers to take him on a journey to the planet Andromeda, where he can get the machine body he desires. Maetel invites Tetsuro to board the Galaxy Express 999, a train that travels through space and time, taking passengers to different planets and galaxies. Tetsuro accepts her offer and the two set off on a dangerous and exciting adventure to the ends of the universe.

The show's animation style is unique and distinctive. It combines traditional hand-drawn animation with a mixture of CGI effects to create a dazzling and immersive sci-fi world. The characters are all beautifully designed and animated, each with their own distinct personalities and backstories. The music is also a standout feature of the show, with a sweeping and epic score that perfectly complements the grandeur and scale of the story.

Galaxy Express 999 is more than just a sci-fi adventure, however. The show also explores complex themes and ideas, such as the meaning of life, the nature of humanity, and the ethics of immortality. Tetsuro grapples with existential questions as he embarks on his journey, questioning the value of immortality and the cost of revenge. Maetel is also a fascinating character, with her own mysterious past and motivations that are slowly revealed over the course of the show.

Overall, Galaxy Express 999 is a classic and beloved anime that has stood the test of time. Its themes and ideas are still relevant and thought-provoking, and its stunning animation and memorable characters continue to captivate audiences around the world. Whether you're a sci-fi fan or just looking for a great adventure story, Galaxy Express 999 is not to be missed.

Galaxy Express 999 is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (193 episodes). The series first aired on September 14, 1978.

Galaxy Express 999
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The Vision of Youth, Farewell, 999 - Part Two
14. The Vision of Youth, Farewell, 999 - Part Two
January 1, 1978
Upon choosing not to get a mechanical body, the Queen tries to send Tetsuro and the 999 into the black hole. And Maetel and her father, Ban, are both imprisoned for being traitors. But she breaks out and rescues the 999 from peril. Maetel is reunited with Tetsuro. They will use the energy from the pendant that Maetel's father was sealed in to defeat Promethium!
The Bat Planet
12. The Bat Planet
January 1, 1978
The Bat Planet is the last stop before the final station, planet Promethium. Because of this, this is where many passengers come and ponder as to whether they should become cyborgs or not. Tetsuro is one of these people. There, they meet an aspiring animator named Masai. He works by drawing portraits of travelers to save money to get a mechanical body in order to overcome his weak physical body and pursue his dream of making cartoons. But then, he steals Tetsuro's pass...
Maetel's Journey - Part Two
11. Maetel's Journey - Part Two
January 1, 1978
The 999 has encountered a 999 from another time inside of the warp. The two Maetels ended up landing on the wandering planet, Phantom, which is populated with strange life-forms. They are let go once they realize they are humans. But, the Conductor is captured by a different create altogether! They want to use the 999 to escape. It turns out that, on this wandering planet, the cyborgs are persecuted by the humans!
The Destruction of Macaroni au Gratin
9. The Destruction of Macaroni au Gratin
January 1, 1978
Main and Sab are passing the time by acting out a war. They are the last two people living on this planet where everything is controlled by Mother Computer Junior But, bored with war, the two plot to use the 999 to escape the planet. Since they need two people to use as scapegoats to trick Mother Computer Junior, they choose Maetel and Tetsuro!
The Bird-Man of Kilimanjaro
8. The Bird-Man of Kilimanjaro
January 1, 1978
The planet, the Knights of Kilimanjaro. Chivalry lives on here and two countries are fighting a proper, open war. There, Tetsuro witnesses a biplane dogfight. He spots one pilot who is slacking off during the dogfight. The name of this pilot is Izaka. He's not of high lineage like the other pilots and wants nothing more than to fly the skies like a bird. But, his dear friend Kikuo is killed from another plane's attack. Izaka explodes in rage while he watches everyone celebrating the ceasefire, ignoring the fact that his friend was sacrifices.
Ghost Station No. 13
7. Ghost Station No. 13
January 1, 1978
"I want to board the 999, too," says brothers, without form, who float off in the distance. Feeling pity for his brother Crosalis's words, Aron stops the 999 in hopes of mechanizing themselves into Ghost Station No. 13. The 999 is forced to make an emergency stop on Station No.13. Though the Conductor agrees to stop there, when asked by the Locomotive, neither him nor Maetel have heard of this planet. Sensing something is amiss, the Locomotive orders them to withdraw.
The Legend of the Young Warriors
6. The Legend of the Young Warriors
January 1, 1978
On planet Legend, Tetsuro notices lots of people straggling by the wayside. Maetel points out that they are cyborgs who have lost the desire to live. Two young people, Meim and Saki wake up Tetsuro in his hotel room. When Tetsuro refuses to fight against the leader of the cyborgs, he is going to be put to death. When Tetsuro is spared by the leader of the cyborgs, we learn that he is trying to make this a planet only for cyborgs.
1001 Nights in Andromeda - Part Two
5. 1001 Nights in Andromeda - Part Two
January 1, 1978
Tetsuro is attacked by a mysterious bird assassin, Roc, while Maetel is attacked by a mysterious woman. And it looks like a fight as begun between this woman and the bandits who captured Maetel. It turns out that this woman is the true Ali Baba. She lost her position as the top bandit in Ali Baba to the woman they met before, the fake Ali Baba. After Tetsuro and Maetel are rescued by the true Ali Baba, she joins with him to defeat the fake one.
The Planet of the Queen's Rebellion
3. The Planet of the Queen's Rebellion
January 1, 1978
On the planet of the Queen's Rebellion, the Hornets, Wasps, and Honeybees all coexist. However, because of the Queen's polarizing personality, the honeybees and the wasps are fighting. A young wasp named Damu is frightened as the sudden fighting breaks out throughout the town and the air. Filming the rebellion with a hand-made camera, he tells of the impending war to Maetel and Tetsuro.
The Monster of Loose Zone
1. The Monster of Loose Zone
January 1, 1978
The Conductor lazily says, "Ehh, the next stop is Loose Zone. We'll be stopped for twelve hours or so. Yes we're arriving at Loose Zone." Feeling just as lazy and loose as him, Tetsuro ends up being ejected from the 999. Maetel and the Conductor search to find him, while he clings on to dear life. Unfortunately, the search is fruitless and he is flung off the train. He ends up in a space tunnel filled with garbage. Running away from the giant garbage monster there, Tetsuro ends up on the path to get to planet Loose Zone.
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Galaxy Express 999 is available for streaming on the Fuji TV website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Galaxy Express 999 on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon and Tubi TV.
  • Premiere Date
    September 14, 1978
  • IMDB Rating
    7.8  (519)