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Galaxy Express 999 focuses on a young boy named Tetsuro, along with his mother heading to a place called Megalopolis. Both Tetsuro and his mother believe that they will be able to get a fresh sart and get jobs for themselves at Megalopolis so they can afford a pass for the Galaxy Express 999.

During their journey, they encounter a man named Count Mecha, along with his gang of human hunters. They kill Tetsuro's mother. However, before she passes away, she tells Tetsuro to continue their journey and find a machine body so he can live on forever.

While Tetsuro takes on this quest, he encounters a lovely woman named Maetel, who looks just like his dead mother. Maetel offers to give Tetsuro an unlimited pass to the Galaxy Express 999.

Both Tetsuro and Maetel finally arrive at Planet Prometheum, which is the last stop for the Galaxy Express 999. Maetel's true intention is to lure young humans to this place so they can become machines.Tetsuro plans on elimating Queen Prometheum's plans on world domination.

Galaxy Express 999 is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (191 episodes). The series first aired on September 14, 1978.

Where do I stream Galaxy Express 999 online? Galaxy Express 999 is available for streaming on Fuji TV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Galaxy Express 999 on demand at Amazon, Tubi TV online.

Fuji TV
6 Seasons, 191 Episodes
September 14, 1978
Cast: Masako Nozawa
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Galaxy Express 999 Full Episode Guide

  • Main and Sab are passing the time by acting out a war. They are the last two people living on this planet where everything is controlled by Mother Computer Junior But, bored with war, the two plot to use the 999 to escape the planet. Since they need two people to use as scapegoats to trick Mother Computer Junior, they choose Maetel and Tetsuro!

  • "I want to board the 999, too," says brothers, without form, who float off in the distance. Feeling pity for his brother Crosalis's words, Aron stops the 999 in hopes of mechanizing themselves into Ghost Station No. 13. The 999 is forced to make an emergency stop on Station No.13. Though the Conductor agrees to stop there, when asked by the Locomotive, neither him nor Maetel have heard of this planet. Sensing something is amiss, the Locomotive orders them to withdraw.

  • Tetsuro is attacked by a mysterious bird assassin, Roc, while Maetel is attacked by a mysterious woman. And it looks like a fight as begun between this woman and the bandits who captured Maetel. It turns out that this woman is the true Ali Baba. She lost her position as the top bandit in Ali Baba to the woman they met before, the fake Ali Baba. After Tetsuro and Maetel are rescued by the true Ali Baba, she joins with him to defeat the fake one.

  • On the planet of the Queen's Rebellion, the Hornets, Wasps, and Honeybees all coexist. However, because of the Queen's polarizing personality, the honeybees and the wasps are fighting. A young wasp named Damu is frightened as the sudden fighting breaks out throughout the town and the air. Filming the rebellion with a hand-made camera, he tells of the impending war to Maetel and Tetsuro.

  • The Conductor lazily says, "Ehh, the next stop is Loose Zone. We'll be stopped for twelve hours or so. Yes we're arriving at Loose Zone." Feeling just as lazy and loose as him, Tetsuro ends up being ejected from the 999. Maetel and the Conductor search to find him, while he clings on to dear life. Unfortunately, the search is fruitless and he is flung off the train. He ends up in a space tunnel filled with garbage. Running away from the giant garbage monster there, Tetsuro ends up on the path to get to planet Loose Zone.

  • The next stop is the Planet of the Forgotten Ones. This is a planet that was destined for destruction. There is a planet left that has been worn down by the relentlessly burning sun. The people here have to submit an application to a government official to see if they qualify to escape the planet. But, one author, Mori, decides to stay behind and finish writing the history of the planet. Tetsuro meets with him and tries fervently to convince him to escape, but...

  • Tetsuro and Maetel met a girl named Neko while chasing Catroids. She is hiding Meow, the leader of the Catroids, from the police. She then tells Tetsuro, in tears, about the atrocities being committed by the police on the planet. The police wanted to force everyone to become cyborgs. They set up a trap in a sushi restaurant, captured people there, and converted each one to having a mechanical body. Both Neko and Meow fell victim to this plot so they are using the skills of the Flying Kuros to sniff out humans.

  • After hearing Tetsuro's reasons for his journey, Yayaball feels that Tetsuro may indeed be strong. He is also plotting to kill those superior to him. Maetel assumes his mother is alive and didn't die in the accident years ago so she asks Tetsuro to search the mansion. It seems the one pulling Yayaball's strings from the shadows harbors a secret...

  • There are warnings about mysterious murders taking place on the Bug Planet. After arrival, Tetsuro and Maetel come across the murder scene of a business man. It seems that the key to the murders is a girl named Keiko who supports the bugs' cause and has sided with them. She then quickly asks Tetsuro if he'd become a bug-man to help save the planet's insects. Then, some very tiny bug-men appear in front of Tetsuro.

  • Here, on the Planet of the Rainbow Sash, the paranoid governor has forced the people to live in an underwater city due to a nuclear war he started. But, that city is about to be destroyed, too! After a chance meeting in a hotel run by an arrogant manager with a young employee, Tetsuro is allowed to stay in his apartment. He also receives a pass for the emigration capsule. He goes to escape with his coworker, Kumiko, but he is double-crossed...

  • The gateway planet to Andromeda, Snowinca. Maetel tells Tetsuro a legend from this planet where if you so much as glance at the Snow Woman she will kill you. Maetel takes Tetsuro to the universe's best ramen shop, after arriving on the planet. At night, Tetsuro goes back to the ramen shop alone. While chatting with the owner, the fabled Snow Woman enters the shop!

  • On the planet built by God, people are constantly performing military drills. They are also very military in nature and perform their security checks very seriously. The Suraroids, who escaped the construction of the underwater city, are in a fierce fight with the Brittenians. The Brittenian Nazuka was looking forward to the return of his lover, the Suraroidan queen, Elza, but...

  • The next stop is the Wisdom Tooth Planet. There many of the children have ran away from homes so there are many impatient adults who have grown weary from waiting for them to return. The son of the owners of the inn Tetsuro and Maetel stay at also ran away from home. The father, suffering from a case of stress-induced dementia, is convinced that Tetsuro his is long lost son, Tetsuo. But then the real Tetsuo, a fugitive murderer, returns home...

  • They stop for thirty-eight hours and fourteen minutes on the Planet of Illusive Love. There, Tetsuro loses sight of Maetel and encounters a girl selling her poems, Naya. Naya is curious about the aspiring artist who lives in a room that she goes to visit, Lestel. Lestel, though, is in love with a women who poses as his model, Feras. But, Feras appears to be in love with a rich young man from the cafe she works at, Bina.

  • Tetsuro spots a message in a bottle from the 999's window. In it is a letter written by the adventurer Stanley, who is exploring the planet Arcadia. From the looks of the letter, Stanley and his crew are in grave danger in their search for the giant elephant, Flame. Tetsuro persuades the 999 to go the planet. Quickly following the clues, they come across Stanley, his wife Merusa, and their assistant, Narl. Though Merusa and Narl are happy to be rescued, Stanley stubbornly wishes to continue his exploration.

  • Planet number one, Zaba, and plane number four, Maya, are engaged in a war to the death. Though they knew nearby planet number five was about to blow up, the 999 had to make a critical stop on planet number three. Upon exiting the train, Maetel and Tetsuro are attacked by a mysterious ape-man and their passes are stolen. While researching the planet, they meet a boy from planet number one, Seth. He came with his girlfriend from Zaba, which was on the verge of destruction. They plan to stop the mysterious degeneration on planet number three to create a new Zaba.

  • The next station is a plant called "The Butterfly's Dream." There coexists graceful people with butterfly wings and a discriminated lower class without them. The people with wings live short lives that run out when the season of the cold winds comes. Because of this, they try to live their days having as much fun as possible. But, one girl, Kureha, wants to see more of the world during her short life, so she goes into the forbidden woods. There she meets a poor, wingless boy named Leaf.

  • The woman says she is the most beautiful woman in the universe and she drinks people's flames of life in order to maintain that beauty eternally. Her name is Cueflame and she is after Maetel's flame of life. Working underneath her is the old lady from the hotel and a young woman named Arc. Following Cueflame's orders, the two of them go to remove Maetel's flame of life. If she drinks the flame of life from Maetel, she will die. So then, Tetsuro goes to recapture it...

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