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  • TV-MA
  • 2022
  • 1 Season
  • 7.3  (7,620)

Gaslit is a thrilling and suspenseful drama series from Starz, set to premiere in 2022. The star-studded cast includes Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, and Dan Stevens, who deliver exceptional performances as they deliver a gripping portrayal of real events that led to the infamous Watergate scandal. With the showrunners Sam Esmail and Robbie Pickering, the series unfolds as a character-driven drama with an added layer of political intrigue as it brings to life the scandal that rocked the United States in the 1970s.

The series follows the story of Martha Mitchell, played by Julia Roberts, the outspoken wife of former Attorney General John Mitchell (Sean Penn). Martha becomes suspicious of her husband's activities in the White House and becomes an unwavering voice of truth, but society mislabels her as a nuisance and a gossip, before turning her into a punchline. Meanwhile, a young journalist named Carl Bernstein, played by Dan Stevens, is starting his career at the Washington Post chronicling the stories of the Watergate break-in that eventually led to President Nixon's resignation. The series centers on the triptych of these three characters, and how their paths intersect with the Watergate scandal.

Roberts brings her trademark style to the character of Martha, a woman who is seen as a misfit in Washington's high society. She is brash, vulnerable, and hilarious, a character that contrasts starkly with the steely, cautious persona of Sean Penn's John Mitchell, who is the archetype of the Nixon-era politico. Dan Stevens is convincing as Bernstein, who is slowly piecing together a puzzle that would ultimately force Nixon to resign from office. Stevens provides the perfect foil for Penn and Roberts, balancing the seriousness of the scandal with a dose of journalistic zeal that leads him to dig deeper and uncover the truth.

The show's production quality is top-notch, with an eye for detail and meticulous research evident in the sets, costumes, and music of the era. The series also highlights the political and social climate of the period, including the feminist movement and the anti-Vietnam War protests, given context to why the scandal sparked public outrage. As the story develops, the characters' journeys intertwine, and the show unravels the many layers of power and corruption, culminating in one of the most infamous political scandals in American history.

Without revealing spoilers, Gaslit is a spectacular drama series that is sure to leave viewers on the edge of their seats. With its star-studded cast, a compelling storyline, and an excellent production quality, the show is a must-watch for fans of true-crime dramas, political thrillers, and period pieces. Furthermore, the show's commentary on the role of the media, the corruption of government officials, the impact of sexism and racism, and the power of whistle-blowers and investigative journalists are incredibly relevant even today.

Gaslit is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (8 episodes). The series first aired on April 24, 2022.

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Final Days
8. Final Days
June 12, 2022
In the final days of the Nixon administration, Martha struggles to keep her family together in the midst of her decline. Dean and Mo ready for their own future as G. Gordon Liddy gives Dean a parting gift.
Year of the Rat
7. Year of the Rat
June 5, 2022
All hell breaks loose between Martha and John surrounding her decision to testify; John Dean is surprised by a new legal development
6. Tuffy
May 29, 2022
After losing his job at the Watergate hotel over the break-in, security guard Frank Wills faces the challenge of dealing with his newfound fame.
5. Honeymoon
May 22, 2022
Martha finally speaks out, putting a strain on her marriage; the FBI comes closer to an answer on the real story behind Watergate and John Dean is forced to come clean to Mo on their Camp David honeymoon.
Malum in Se
4. Malum in Se
May 15, 2022
Martha and John try to enjoy their new life away from politics, but Martha has trouble moving on from what happened to her in California. John Dean has a hard time moving on from his breakup.
King George
3. King George
May 8, 2022
As John Mitchell and his subordinates struggle to manage the Watergate coverup, Martha finds herself in a dangerous situation. John Dean puts his relationship on the back-burner.
2. California
May 1, 2022
Martha and John rekindle their love and their power-couple working relationship at a campaign event in California, overshadowed by G. Gordon Liddy and his team bungling the break-in at the Watergate.
1. Will
April 24, 2022
Martha Mitchell struggles to balance the demands of a re-election campaign with that of her marriage. John Dean's ambition is tested as he finds himself drawn unknowingly into a conspiracy inside Nixon's campaign.
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  • Premiere Date
    April 24, 2022
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (7,620)