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Romance and music meet and mix in an exciting and dramatic way in the Japanese anime, or animation, series Gravitation. Gravitation focuses on the story of the main character, Shuichi Shindou. Shuichi is a singer, and he knows that he has the talent and drive to become famous. One of Shuichi's best friends, Hiroshi, plays guitar. The two decide to form a band. They call the band Bad Luck. Their hope is that they can make music so fantastic that they will be known as one of the best bands in Japan.

Shuichi struggles to write songs that will capture the hearts of his fans. He often agonizes over whether his lyrics are just right. One day a paper containing some new lyrics blows away. Luckily, a blonde stranger stops to pick it up. At first, Shuichi is simply grateful to have had his lyrics saved. Things change, however, when the stranger tells Shuichi that his lyrics are no good.

Shuichi is crushed and extremely angry. He can't believe that a complete stranger would have the nerve to criticize his work. However, although he is hurt, Shuichi can't seem to get the stranger off of his mind. He digs for a bit more information and finds out that the stranger is Eiri Yuki, a romance novelist renowned for his stunning writing.

Shuichi is determined to work harder than ever at his craft. Slowly but surely, Shuichi's band gains more fans and becomes more popular. As he struggles to become a famous musician, Shuichi also struggles to once again catch the eye of Yuki, who has haunted him since their chance encounter. Although Yuki often throws Shuichi off his stride, it seems that Shuichi may actually be falling in love with him.

Gravitation is a Anime Drama series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (15 episodes). The series first aired on October 4, 2000. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.6.

Gravitation is available for streaming on the WOWOW website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Gravitation on demand at Amazon, Google Play, iTunes online.

2 Seasons, 15 Episodes
October 4, 2000
Anime Drama
Cast: Dan Bello
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Gravitation Full Episode Guide

  • Bad Luck's lead singer and lyricist, Shuichi Shindo, is a total wreck. With deadlines for the band's next album looming, the normally energetic Shuichi has become listless and fallen into a writing slump. It's all because Yuki - the great love of his life - has suddenly become cold and distant. If the rest of the band doesn't manage to break him out of his slump soon, it could mean the end of the band for good! Part 2 of 2.

  • Shuichi suddenly disappears and the band is in an uproar. If he doesn't return soon, they won't make their deadline.

  • Shuichi's got alot of problems, He lost his voice, probably due to worry, Yuki's gone off somewhere, and Ryu-Chan seems to be annoyed with him for some reason.Hiro eventually persuades him to go to find Yuki, will he find Yuki there? and what will happen?

  • Yuki is sick because of many measures in hospital....and for the most account, Shuichi is to blame. They tell him to separate from Shuichi for a while, and when Shuichi here's this. He's traumatized.Shuichi goes to see Yuki in hospital at night and speaks to him why he is sleeping, little does he know that Yuki is actually listening, and eventually finds out.

  • When Bad Luck's new album is too be released, Mr K decides to ask Yuki Eiri a favor. It definetely seems Mr K is eager to get a million sales, and so is Shuichi.Meanwhile, the press have finally found out that Yuki and Shuichi are living together, and they wait outside there apartment, how is Yuki going to react when he finds out, and what will he say about there relationship?

  • During one of Bad Luck's interviews, a member of ASK comes up to Shuichi and warns him that Tachi is up to no good, but Tohma has other plans for Tachi and his business.When ASK is out of the way, by a massive surprise to Shuichi, Nittle Grasper is back, and better than ever. Now a problem arises with Shuichi as whether he can accept Nittle Grasper as rivals, when they have been his Idols throughout his musical career.Meanwhile Yuki is having troubles, the barrier he's built around his cold heart is crumbling, and Shuichi needs to help him soon, but can he tackle this and his own problems?

  • Shuichi doesnt want to do anything to hurt Yuki, and he would do anything to protect Yuki, he would even quit bad luck.Yuki resolves the Tachi situation, and he arealises something in Yuki's eye. Yuki needs to get away from Shuichi and his stress, and he knows that if he tells Shuichi to go alone, he will come back again.He decides to go away, what will Shuichi do when he hears the news?....that hes getting married.

  • When Yuki's sister tells Shuichi that she doesn't know anything about her brother, Shuichi starts asking questions and because of it, Yuki becomes very cold and distant.On top of everything else, with Shuichi's rising fame and Yuki popularity already, rumors are spreading very fast about Shuichi and Yuki. Yuki, deciding to get away from his stress, decides to dump Shuichi.In the meantime, Tachi of ASK is up to no good again, what is he going to do? and will Yuki and Shuichi get together again?

  • Shuichi is very annoyed when told that there will be a new member added to Bad Luck, and once more, hes changing the song!Hiro tells Yuki to go convince Shuichi that this will be a good thing. Can Yuki convince him?

  • When Shindou is taken out of his band practice, Yuki's sister asks a favour from him, if he can get Yuki to spend more time with his family, they will give his band more commercial access.Yuki finds out and asks Shindou why he did it, but Shindou demands that he didn't do it for the commercial access, he wanted to know more about Yuki, will Yuki accept it or will he suspect?

  • When Shindou finds Yuki Eiri in the local park for the first time, Yuki tells him that his lyrics have "Zero Talent". As Shuichi thinks more about what this guy had said out of the blue, he needs to find him, and eventually does, but "why" is he looking for him?

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