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  • TV-14
  • 1999
  • 1 Season
  • 6.0  (89)

Angel Links is a 26 episode Japanese anime TV series from WOWOW which aired in 1999. The show was produced by Sunrise studio and directed by Yuji Yamaguchi. Angel Links is set in the far-flung future where humanity has spread out throughout the galaxy, and where space pirates and rogue organizations are a constant threat. To combat these threats, the powerful Links Group keeps peace and order in the galaxy.

The main protagonist of the show is Meifon Li, who is the head of the Links Group's security division. She is a courageous and intelligent young woman who takes her role very seriously. Meifon has a tragic past, which motivates her to fight for justice and uphold peace in the galaxy.

The rest of the cast includes a diverse group of skilled pilots, mechanics, and engineers who all work together to keep the Links Group functioning. There is the stoic, no-nonsense commander "Hyle" Bruckner, who keeps everyone in line.

The group's skilled pilots include the cocky Duuz, the quiet and reserved Kosei, and the fiery and passionate Valeria. The Links Group's engineers, meanwhile, are led by the kindly and wise Professor Wong.

Throughout the series, the Links Group is constantly battling space pirates and rogue organizations, as well as dealing with Meifon's tragic past. However, they also find themselves uncovering some sinister secrets about the group they work for.

Based on the anime series Outlaw Star, Angel Links follows the same sci-fi western space opera theme. The characters are well-developed, especially Meifon, and their motivations and backstories are explored throughout the series.

The action sequences in Angel Links are incredibly well done, with a perfect balance between grand space battles and intense one-on-one fights. The animation is also top-notch for its time, and the high-quality sound design makes the action scenes all the more exhilarating.

One of the highlights of Angel Links is its world-building. The series is set in a vast, complex universe with its own unique culture and history, which is explored in-depth throughout the show. The various planets, space stations, and spaceships are all beautifully designed and realized.

Another standout element of the show is its score. The music, composed by Toshihiko Sahashi, perfectly captures the show's epic, swashbuckling tone, and the sweeping orchestral score adds to the drama and excitement of the action sequences.

Overall, Angel Links is an enthralling space opera anime series with lovable characters, intricate world-building, and intense action sequences. The show successfully blends elements of sci-fi and westerns, and the result is a thrilling and entertaining series that will keep viewers hooked from start to finish.

Angel Links is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on April 7, 1999.

Angel Links
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Fragment of An Angel
13. Fragment of An Angel
June 30, 1999
Final confrontation between Goryu/Leon and Meifon, and there is even a small piece of the Meifon puzzle left to be revealed.
All My Soul
12. All My Soul
June 23, 1999
Final confrontation between Goryu/Leon and Meifon, and there is even a small piece of the Meifon puzzle left to be revealed.
At the Binary Interval
11. At the Binary Interval
June 16, 1999
A deal primarily with Meifon's breakdown, but more information is given regarding the relationship between Chenho (Meifon's grandfather) and Goryu/Leon, and their connection to Meifon.
The Ones Who Were Left
10. The Ones Who Were Left
June 9, 1999
Meifon meets an old friend of her grandfather's, and the truth about Grandpa, Leon Lau, and Meifon finally comes out.
A Pheasant Chooses Its Tree
9. A Pheasant Chooses Its Tree
June 2, 1999
Valeria's turn for a bit of attention, revealing some of her past when an ex-boyfriend in the Einhorn military shows up to try and win her back, while collecting information on Angel Links in the meantime.
My Ship
8. My Ship
May 26, 1999
Meifon drags Kosei into a den of beggar-pirates who've stolen a shipment right out from under her nose, and although she seems to be a bit of a fluff head sometimes.
The Angel and the Fallen Angel
7. The Angel and the Fallen Angel
May 19, 1999
Back to the present, following Meifon on a date with Leon Lau, the mysterious (and handsome) philanthropist who's taken an interest in her.
6. Crossroads
May 12, 1999
Head back in time a bit to see how the Angel Links got started, including the death of Meifon's grandfather and his decree that she should take over the company and start up a free security agency, as well as how all the crew came together.
The Rain upon the Stars
5. The Rain upon the Stars
May 5, 1999
Kosei is a major playboy (he keeps running into former girlfriends, including one who looks a lot like Iris, the waitress from Outlaw Star) and that he's quite a hottie when he's not being Meifon's lapdog and personal tea-server.
Lief-Living Ether Flier
4. Lief-Living Ether Flier
April 28, 1999
Back at the party, the crew receives a ransom message from the hijackers stating their demands. They are holding Leon Lahn and a young girl. (Leon was supposed to be at the party.)
The Proud Dragon
3. The Proud Dragon
April 21, 1999
While Mei-Fon tries to bury her anger at Gordon Hoi's annoying words, the viewpoint changes to that of a ship that is being hijacked.
A Wasted Fairy Tale
2. A Wasted Fairy Tale
April 14, 1999
As many wealthy people court the favor of Mei-Fon and her crew, we get to meet the first obvious villain of the series, Gordon Hoi.
Guardian Angel
1. Guardian Angel
April 7, 1999
The episode starts out with the Angel Links rescuing a cargo ship from a bunch of petty pirates using small grappler ships. After causing the pirates to flee, Mei-Fon uses the Links Cannon to turn them into space dust. Back on their base planet, Orashion IV, the officers of the Angel Links are welcomed at a party.
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Angel Links is available for streaming on the WOWOW website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Angel Links on demand at Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    April 7, 1999
  • IMDB Rating
    6.0  (89)