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  • TV-14
  • 2003
  • 1 Season
  • 7.4  (778)

Scrapped Princess is an anime series that aired in 2003 on WOWOW. The show follows the story of a young girl named Pacifica Casull, who is believed to bring about the end of the world. The series is set in a world where science and magic coexist, and the ruling kingdom believes in a prophecy that foretells the end of the world on the 16th birthday of the Scrapped Princess, Pacifica.

Pacifica is a kind and caring person who has been sheltered by her adoptive family, who loves her dearly. However, they are all on the run, hiding from the kingdom soldiers who are tasked with finding and killing Pacifica. She has two siblings, Raquel and Shannon, who are tasked with protecting her from harm. Raquel is a mage, while Shannon is an expert swordsman. Together, they travel through the world, trying to keep Pacifica safe from harm.

The show explores themes of family, loyalty, love, and the struggle against fate. Pacifica's adoptive family loves her dearly and goes to great lengths to protect her from harm. Meanwhile, the kingdom soldiers are presented as being ruthless, willing to stop at nothing to fulfill their mission, despite the fact that they do not know whether the prophecy is true or not. The show's world is filled with complex characters, all of whom have their own motivations and desires.

The show features a talented voice cast, including Kaori Mizuhashi as Pacifica, Ruri Asano as Raquel, Megumi Toyoguchi as Shannon, Masahiko Tanaka as Leo, Risa Hayamizu as Winia, Masafumi Kimura as Furet, Emi Shinohara as Chris, Omi Minami as Zefiris, Fumiko Orikasa as Elfitine, Crispin Freeman as Senessey, Kari Wahlgren as Steyr, Katsuyuki Konishi as Jilbait, Ayako Kawasumi as Celia, Hideki Tasaka as Ralph, Takahiro Mizushima as Sting, Shinichiro Miki as Drake, Michiko Neya as Natalie, Hironori Miyata as Berkens, Hiroki Touchi as Galil, Natsuko Kuwatani as Mizerotte, Steve Staley as Chris Eimers, Narita Ken as Barusak, and Yuri Lowenthal as Noei.

The animation for Scrapped Princess is impressive, with detailed character designs and beautiful landscapes. The show's music is also noteworthy, with a gorgeous orchestral score that adds depth and emotion to the story. The series features a mix of action, drama, and comedy, with a focus on character-driven storytelling.

In conclusion, Scrapped Princess is a captivating anime series that explores themes of family, loyalty, and fate. It features a talented voice cast, impressive animation, and a beautiful soundtrack. The show's world is filled with complex characters, all of whom have their own motivations and desires. If you're a fan of action, drama, and character-driven storytelling, then Scrapped Princess is a must-watch anime series.

Scrapped Princess is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on April 11, 2003.

Scrapped Princess
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Symphony of Those Who Protect
24. Symphony of Those Who Protect
October 9, 2003
The fight reaches its peak as Pacifica’s end draws near. In another dimension, Lord Mauser offers a choice that could change the world forever.
Oratorio of the Limited Ones
23. Oratorio of the Limited Ones
October 6, 2003
The day of prophesy is a sunrise away. Pacifica and her friends spend their time in anticipation when Berkens appears with a message. Prince Forsyth wants to meet Pacifica just once before her birthday.
Rondo That Transcended Time
22. Rondo That Transcended Time
September 18, 2003
The Cassuls and their allies make camp and enjoy a short time of peace, when a mysterious woman appears before Pacifica with a cryptic tale. The rest of the world braces for the Scrapped Princess’s birthday, now just three days away.
Passionate Song of the Lonely Diety
21. Passionate Song of the Lonely Diety
September 12, 2003
While Shannon and the Gigases wage battle with the Peacemakers, Chris’s unit takes matters into its own hands. The city suffers great damage, and after friends are reunited, one grim question remains for Pacifica.
Overture of the Holy Downfall
20. Overture of the Holy Downfall
September 6, 2003
Orders have been given to kill the Scrapped Princess, but Shannon won’t stand for it. When Steyr unveils her sinister plan, all of humanity is threatened. Does Shannon have the power to fight the Peacemakers?
A Mother's Dreary Aria
19. A Mother's Dreary Aria
August 31, 2003
Captured by the Royal Forces, Pacifica is thrown into the dungeon where she meets a fellow prisoner. Meanwhile, the General tries to recruit Shannon to assist in his endeavors of conquering Giat.
Elegy of the Backalley
18. Elegy of the Backalley
August 22, 2003
Pacifica, Fulle, Leo and Winia disguise themselves and escape the city. Leo and his rival for Pacifica's love, Fulle, go back for horses. Fulle is killed making sure that Leo can escape. Shannon and Cz grow closer together.
Chansom of the Short Moment
17. Chansom of the Short Moment
August 7, 2003
The search for the Scrapped Princess has intensified, and while Chris’s unit is ordered to join in the search, Cz causes trouble for Shannon. As enemies close in, Pacifica’s friends come to warn her-but they may just be too late.
Duel at the Riverbank
16. Duel at the Riverbank
July 31, 2003
The blast from the battle gives Pacifica amnesia and she meets and moves in with Fulle. Leo, Winia, Racquel and others find her in the city, but let her stay at Fulle's. Cz decides to tail Shannon as he looks for his sisters.
Opera of Strength and Strategy
15. Opera of Strength and Strategy
July 24, 2003
The Royal Forces prepare to cast a sinister spell on Scarlet while Peacemakers loom overhead and destroy their fortress’s defense system. When it comes down to a matter of fight or flight, can Shannon rely on Zefiris and face a familiar foe?
Lost Quintet
14. Lost Quintet
July 20, 2003
Natalie brainwashes Shannon in order to stop the group from going to Leinwan, but Pacifica reverses it and they continue on. Meanwhile, the Leinwan King is readying his most powerful weapons to stop them.
Distant Ricordanza
13. Distant Ricordanza
July 13, 2003
Eirote explains that humans are trapped in their world because of a battle with aliens. The group wants to go to Leinwan because the Peacemakers are threatening civilians, but the dragoons stop their transportation, a mobile fortress.
Fight Song of the Two Princesses
12. Fight Song of the Two Princesses
July 4, 2003
Natalie explain that Pacifica is the "Providence Breaker" and that Guardians, people with magic powers, have been created to protect her. She is the only human capable of resisting the Peacemakers. Shannon and Zeferis combine and drive off Steyr.
Rhapsody of the Beast Princess
11. Rhapsody of the Beast Princess
July 2, 2003
Chris tells Pacifica's mother about Pacifica. Leo and Winia set off to look for Pacifica. The group arrives at Giat and is immediately captured by Seness Giat, the "Beast Princess." At first she appears to be an enemy, but she isn't.
Serenade of the Fake Princess
10. Serenade of the Fake Princess
June 21, 2003
Lady Elfitine and her people begin a strange ritual with a sinister plot in mind. But something isn’t right with the spell. Can the Cassul siblings get to the bottom of the magical mayhem before disaster befalls them all?
Requiem for the Heretics
9. Requiem for the Heretics
June 18, 2003
The group meets a Mauser priest at a restaurant and travels with him. They discover a hidden village of Browning heretics who imprison Bergens. The leaders of the village, Lenard and Elfetine, ask them to watch as they correct the world in a ceremony.
Nocturne of Bonds and Prayers
8. Nocturne of Bonds and Prayers
June 7, 2003
Zeferis explains that Sim is really Cz, a Peacemaker, and an enemy of the group. Pacifica refuses to kill her, and Sim runs off. Pacifica goes after her, and finds her with Steyr. Steyr changes Sim into Cz, but Shannon and Zeferis force them to retreat.
The Waltz of the Abandoned Dog-Girl
7. The Waltz of the Abandoned Dog-Girl
May 31, 2003
After their cart takes damage, the siblings find shelter at a nearby town. A peculiar little girl follows Shannon home and is invited to stay, despite Pacifica’s jealousy. Just when things start to look up, Zefiris appears before Pacifica with a warning.
Knight's Off-road Song
6. Knight's Off-road Song
May 28, 2003
Sir Barrett and Leo come to grips with Pacifica’s true identity, but when a formidable foe kidnaps her siblings, help comes from unexpected allies. When all seems lost, Shannon must prove his worth to an ancient power.
Lullaby of the Minstrel
5. Lullaby of the Minstrel
May 20, 2003
Chris questions the Mauser high priest about the validity of the 5111th prophecy. Shannon befriends Sim, a little girl, and brings her home with him. At the end, Zeferis gives Pacifica a dagger and asks her to kill Sim.
The Concerto of Encounter & Departure
4. The Concerto of Encounter & Departure
May 9, 2003
Shannon goes to save Winia, but upon their return, the innkeeper wants the Cassuls to leave. They don’t get very far before a massive creature attacks the town and turns everyone against Pacifica, even her own siblings.
The Unforgivable One's Noisy Song
3. The Unforgivable One's Noisy Song
April 28, 2003
Fresh out of money, the gang finds work in a small town while they stay at an inn. There, Pacifica befriends the inn-girl, Winia. But the fun is cut short when a familiar foe tries to lure out the Cassuls with a hostage.
The Halfling Knight's March
2. The Halfling Knight's March
April 17, 2003
After his failed attempt to help the Cassul siblings, a wannabe-knight named Leo tags along for the journey. He seeks Sir Barrett, a former knight with a dark past. On the way, they encounter a mysterious girl and a dragon determined to guard a lake.
The Castaway Cat-Princess Prelude
1. The Castaway Cat-Princess Prelude
April 11, 2003
Pacifica Cassul flees through the countryside with her siblings. Prophesized to destroy the world, she finds persecutors everywhere, even among old friends. But for all their struggle, should such a poison to the world be allowed to live?
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Scrapped Princess is available for streaming on the WOWOW website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Scrapped Princess on demand at Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Crunchyroll.
  • Premiere Date
    April 11, 2003
  • IMDB Rating
    7.4  (778)