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The series Please Twins is an animated show that follows three high school students. They came together by a picture of a house they all used to live in at one point. They are going on a journey to find out if they are related and what the picture of the house really means.

Please Twins is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on July 15, 2003.

Please Twins is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Please Twins on demand atApple TV+, Amazon, Starz, The Roku Channel, Google Play, iTunes online.

1 Season, 26 Episodes
July 15, 2003
Cast: Michiko Neya, Kikuko Inoue, Mai Nakahara, Ken'ichi Suzumura, Ryoko Shintani
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Please Twins Full Episode Guide

  • With Karen popping up everywhere, Maiku can't get any work done. When he takes a camping retreat to get away, everyone shows up and it turns into a fun time for everyone.

  • Miina has moved out and refuses to talk to either Maiku or Karen. Can Karen find a way to repair the damage she's caused and reunite the three of them?

  • Karen knows the truth. She wants to tell the others, but she first has to come to terms with it herself.

  • The arrival of Miina's friend Yuka dredges up sad memories of her past. Can Karen discover what happened so long ago and help her friend?

  • When the ball game festival gets rained out, Maiku, Karen and Miina decide to have a day out shopping.

  • Maiku is bullied into helping with the ball game festival and Miina and Karen worry about what might be happening when he works late with the lovely vice-president.

  • The trio wins a trip to the beach and emotions start to heat up!

  • Miina and Karen decide to form a Love Alliance and support each other until they can decide who is Maiku's real sister.

  • There are rumors around school that Maiku may be gay. Karen and Miina team up to find out the truth.

  • Miina and Karen decide to try to get jobs in order to help pay the bills. When one of the job interviews is at Maiku's school, things get out of hand.

  • Both Karen and Miina are starting to have feelings for Maiku. Will they be able to control their emotions when everyone is living under the same roof?

  • Karen, Miina, and Maiku all somehow have the same picture from their childhood. But who is family and who is the stranger?

  • Maiku Kamishiro has been searching for his family his whole life. When chance leads him back to the town he was born in, he meets two girls who both claim to be his long-lost twin sister.

  • With Karen popping up everywhere, Maiku can't get any work done. When he takes a camping retreat to get away, everyone shows up and it turns into a fun time for everyone.

  • Miina runs away, but returns to the school without a word.

  • After Karen finds out who is the relative from the diary, she goes out on a date with Maiku before telling him that she is his sister.

  • Maiku and Karen learn of Miina's past.

  • On a beautiful day, the three head to the mall, but end up getting lost from each other.

  • Tsubaki and Shimazaki learn to be honest with themselves about their love.

  • After winning the grand prize in a lottery, Maiku, Miina and Karen head to Okinawa and the beach.

  • All three of them feel strange around each other and Miina and Karen create a "Love Alliance" to prevent this feeling.

  • Miina and Karen search for jobs so as to help Maiku pay their bills.

  • Trouble arises when Tsubaki, who likes Maiku, comes to their house on student council business.

  • Maiku ponders if he should let Miina and Karen stay with him.

  • Miina and Karen, two girls with blue eyes, arrive at Maiku's doorstep claiming that they are related to him as they all have the same picture of what they think is them and their twin brother.