Growing a Greener World

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Growing a Greener World is a groundbreaking television series that delivers the latest trends in eco-friendly living mixed with traditional gardening know-how to a modern audience. The series will inspire viewers of all ages with stunning HD video, a fresh and engaging style, and always a compelling story. Each episode will feature the people, organizations, and events that are making a difference in our world today by raising awareness and influencing others to better stewardship of the environment we all share.

7 Seasons, 104 Episodes
May 6, 2010
Cast: Joe Lamp'l, Nathan Lyon, Patti Moreno
Growing a Greener World

Growing a Greener World Full Episode Guide

  • Simple canning methods are taught.

  • A veteran-turned-farmer talks about how the Farmer Veteran Coalition helped him and his family.

  • Using all organic methods to combat garden pests, diseases and weeds.

  • Horticulturists Dan Benarcik and Peggy Montgomery experiment with different plants and care for native selections at their home garden.

  • Stephen Ritz teaches students about growing fresh fruits and vegetables in his classroom farm.

  • The Compost Pedallers in Austin, Texas, pick up compost from homes and businesses and transport it to farms and community gardens where it is used to grow more food.

  • A small vegetable garden evolves into a livable and inviting backyard.

  • Daron Joffe, founder of Farmer D Organics, breaks down the walls of traditional farming.

  • Urban homesteader Theresa Loe.

  • Fetzer Vineyards in California remains committed to being earth-friendly.

  • The Seed Savers Exchange, headquartered at the 890-acre Heritage Farm in Decorah, Iowa, protects and preserves heirloom seeds and plants.

  • The Edible Schoolyard in Berkeley, Calif., co-founded by chef Alice Waters, is an outdoor classroom that attracts teachers from around the world.

  • Experts at Stark Bro's Nurseries & Orchards, the oldest fruit nursery in the U.S., explain how to grow fruit in a backyard orchard.

  • The oldest and largest certified organic community-supported agriculture (CSA) program in New Jersey; small community co-op in New York.

  • Professor Will Hooker, North Carolina State University, practices permaculture in his home garden; a community in Georgia incorporates permaculture in daily farming and gardening practices.

  • More than two-thirds of Dominica Island is made up of protected rain forests

  • Jello Mold Farm, a small farm operation in Skagit Valley, Wash., produces organic and sustainably-grown cut flowers.

  • Edible gardens; celebrity chef and television host Graham Kerr.

  • Community gardens and urban farms help regenerate Detroit.

  • Gary Oppenheimer, founder of

  • The Season 6 finale shows how a new landscape is designed and installed.

  • Common gardening myths are debunked.

  • Hydroponic gardening is examined.

  • A Maine farm that grows vegetables year-round is visited.

  • A commercial facility that makes compost from yard waste and kitchen scraps; and a Seattle training facility that teaches how to compost.

  • Sustainable practices employed by small-scale farmers are featured. Included: applying the techniques to one's own backyard.

  • How gardens impact the diversity of life in one's yard and town; and on the planet.

  • Small-space gardening is explored. Included: small gardens in the San Francisco area.

  • Organic gardening is discussed.

  • Gardeners who teach about sustainable edible gardening while traveling the country in a biodiesel bus are featured.

  • Pruning is discussed. Included: five keys to pruning like a pro; common pruning mistakes; and promoting healthy plants through selective pruning.

  • Maria and Maya Rodale discuss organic gardening.

  • Moss is an eco-friendly plant that thrives in places where grass doesn't.

  • Growing food and raising fish together; aquaponics kits; desktop gardens grow mushrooms.

  • Dr. Lee Reich, horticulture professor and author, offers advice on growing strong landscapes with fewer weeds.

  • A small retail nursery that specializes in plants overlooked by large commercial operations is visited; and heirloom tomatoes are turned into a spicy gazpacho. Also: biodegradable plant labels; recycling programs; and eco-friendly growing techniques.

  • Efforts to save the endangered honeybee are detailed.

  • Two full-production one-acre organic farms on the rooftops of New York buildings.

  • Turning an urban backyard garden into a business is discussed.

  • Simple, low-cost deer barrier; natural and safe ways to repel common garden and landscape pests

  • Popular segments and stories from the past five years

  • Starting seeds both inside and outside.

  • Making landscape wilder; Certified Wildlife Habitat school with outdoor garden classrooms.

  • How to raise chickens in a backyard. Included: a simple structure for a chicken coop.

  • How to make compost; and use recycled pallets to build a compost bin.

  • The Season 6 premiere chronicles a year in the life of a new beekeeper: host Joe Lamp'l. Included: selecting the best equipment; taking possession of live bees and installing them in a proper hive; and harvesting honey.