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  • 2017
  • 2 Seasons

Hack My Life: Inside Hacks is a popular television show that airs on truTV. The show revolves around discovering and demonstrating simple tricks and hacks that can be used to make everyday life simpler and more efficient. Each episode of the show features hosts Kevin Pereira and Brooke Van Poppelen experimenting with various hacks and revealing the results to viewers.

The show's format is light-hearted and entertaining, with each episode being infused with humor and energy. The hosts take on a wide range of tasks, from cooking eggs in unconventional ways to fixing household items with random materials. The show's trademark is the "Hack or Wack" segment, where Kevin and Brooke try out a specific hack and then rate it as a success or failure. This segment provides an element of suspense and excitement to the show, as viewers wait to see how a particular hack will turn out.

Apart from the "Hack or Wack" segment, the show also features interviews with various experts who demonstrate their expertise in specific areas. For example, a professional organizer may be brought on to teach viewers how to declutter their rooms or a chef may demonstrate how to make meals using only a microwave. These interviews provide viewers with valuable insights into a range of topics and add an element of educational value to the show.

The show also features several recurring segments, such as "Hack Mail," where the hosts read viewers' letters and offer advice on different hacks, and "Quick Fixes," where they demonstrate quick and easy hacks to fix common problems. These segments help to establish a clear structure for the show and provide viewers with a sense of familiarity and routine.

One of the strengths of Hack My Life is its focus on accessibility. The hosts recognize that not everyone has access to high-tech gadgets or advanced tools, so they strive to create hacks using common, everyday materials. This makes the show relatable to a wide range of viewers, as everyone can participate in the hacks and experiment with them at home.

Another key aspect of the show is its emphasis on experimentation. The hosts frequently try out different variations of hacks, testing to see which method works best. This trial-and-error approach helps viewers to understand that it's okay to make mistakes and that experimentation is an essential part of the learning process.

The show also promotes a sense of community, encouraging viewers to participate in the hacks and share their own experiences. Viewers can send in their own "Hacks of the Week" and suggest new hacks for the hosts to try out. This fosters a sense of collaboration and engagement, as viewers feel that they are contributing to the show's content.

Overall, Hack My Life: Inside Hacks is an entertaining and informative show that provides viewers with valuable insights into the world of hacking. The hosts are engaging and relatable, and the show's format is well-structured and easy to follow. Whether you're looking to save time, money, or just have a little fun, Hack My Life has something for everyone.

Hack My Life: Inside Hacks is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on April 25, 2017.

Hack My Life: Inside Hacks
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Hack-A-Bye Baby
20. Hack-A-Bye Baby
March 6, 2018
Which cop show had a major influence on Hack 911? What were early ice skates made out of? Which old wives' tale is actually true? And which hack did Kevin and Brooke think was a prank? We've got all that and more on Inside Hack
The Hacks of Life
19. The Hacks of Life
February 27, 2018
Which country gives huge fines for chewing gum? How long can you survive without water in a zombie apocalypse? And which one of our hacks was the most expensive to make? We've got all that and more on Inside Hacks.
The Hack Super Villain
16. The Hack Super Villain
February 6, 2018
Which scientist inspires Kevin the most? How many egg hacks has Brooke tested on the show? Which hack was Kevin most excited to try? And just how much did Americans spend on beer in 2017? All that and more on Inside Hacks.
Cookin' up Some Hacks
15. Cookin' up Some Hacks
January 30, 2018
Cookin' up Some Hacks : Which one of our hosts recently got rid of some bad ink? Who is Kevin a big fan of? (Hint: His dog shares the same name.) Which pop star once babysat Brooke? Get all of that and more on Inside Hacks.
Hacking the Home and Beyond
4. Hacking the Home and Beyond
January 23, 2018
Hacking the Home and Beyond : Which outdoor chore helped Brooke keep the rage at bay? What were the first tennis balls made out of? And which host was a high school track star? We're packing all that and much more into this edition of Inside Hacks.
Hack to the Future
3. Hack to the Future
January 16, 2018
Hack to the Future : What's one of Brooke's favorite pastimes when she's not hacking? Which lifesaving hack has Kevin used while swimming? Get the behind-the-scenes scoop on your favorite hacks on Inside Hacks!
Hacking the Brain
2. Hacking the Brain
January 9, 2018
Hacking the Brain : What instrument does Kevin play when he's not hacking away at life? And which one of our hosts was nearly injured on set. by an orange? We're packing all of that, and much more, into this edition of Inside Hacks.
Slacker vs. Hacker
1. Slacker vs. Hacker
January 2, 2018
What's the best way to get likes on a dating app? And how much fun did Brooke and Kevin really have while using duct tape to wax? Find out on Inside Hacks.
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Hack My Life: Inside Hacks is available for streaming on the truTV website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Hack My Life: Inside Hacks on demand at Max and truTV.
  • Premiere Date
    April 25, 2017