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Hack My Life: Inside Hacks takes classic episodes of Hack My Life and adds pop-up facts throughout to give viewers an inside look at Brooke and Kevin's best hacks and funniest moments.

Tuesday 10:30 PM et/pt on truTV
2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
April 25, 2017
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Hack My Life: Inside Hacks Full Episode Guide

  • Which cop show had a major influence on Hack 911? What were early ice skates made out of? Which old wives' tale is actually true? And which hack did Kevin and Brooke think was a prank? We've got all that and more on Inside Hack

  • Which country gives huge fines for chewing gum? How long can you survive without water in a zombie apocalypse? And which one of our hacks was the most expensive to make? We've got all that and more on Inside Hacks.

  • Which scientist inspires Kevin the most? How many egg hacks has Brooke tested on the show? Which hack was Kevin most excited to try? And just how much did Americans spend on beer in 2017? All that and more on Inside Hacks.

  • Cookin' up Some Hacks : Which one of our hosts recently got rid of some bad ink? Who is Kevin a big fan of? (Hint: His dog shares the same name.) Which pop star once babysat Brooke? Get all of that and more on Inside Hacks.

  • Hacking the Home and Beyond : Which outdoor chore helped Brooke keep the rage at bay? What were the first tennis balls made out of? And which host was a high school track star? We're packing all that and much more into this edition of Inside Hacks.

  • What's the best way to get likes on a dating app? And how much fun did Brooke and Kevin really have while using duct tape to wax? Find out on Inside Hacks.

  • What gives garlic its pungent odor? Which hack made Kevin gloat all day? Which hack nearly gave Brooke frostbite? And just how much laundry does Disney World have to wash every day? We've got all that and more on Inside Hacks.

  • Why are so many people born on October 5th? What 1950's actress inspired Brooke's Lazy Cook getup? Why are fish sticks banned from offices in Aspen? And when was the first roller coaster made? Get the whole lowdown on Inside Hacks!

  • In the series premiere, a behind-the-scenes look reveals how much energy an aluminum can saves, which hack made Kevin the most nervous, and Brooke's real-life friend.

  • What BeyoncĂ© and Brooke have in common; the first sports bra.

  • The hack that made Kevin completely awestruck; the shaving cream hack that was so good, Brook had to tell the world.

  • The number of times Kevin has tried (and failed) to hack a swimming pool; the city that has a love affair with bagels.

  • The type of car engine that works best for cooking salmon; the celebrity that taunts her co-stars with bad breath.

  • The host that loves fire; Brooke's high school athleticism; the difficulty in glowing up a car; the worst recommendation for a hack.

  • The hack that completely grossed out the crew; the reason why toilets are u-shaped; the hack that repulsed Brooke.

  • The secret behind the beloved breakfast burrito; Brooke's comedy idol.

  • A fruit/vegetable hybrid that Brooke is allergic to, when blow-dryers stopped electrocuting people, and Kevin's launch to stardom are revealed.

  • The energy that an aluminum can saves; the hack that made Kevin the most nervous; Brooke's real life friend.

Hack My Life: Inside Hacks Video Clips & Extras

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