Hanasaku Iroha

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  • TV-14
  • 2011
  • 1 Season
  • 7.7  (666)

Ohana Matsumae, a girl from Tokyo, is forced to leave her hometown to live at an inn with her grandmother whom she's never met. When she arrives, she finds out she'll have to work at the Inn to stay. What awaits is her journey of friendship, love, self-discover and dreams.

Hanasaku Iroha
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E 26
26. E 26
September 25, 2011
Ohana expresses herself, Enishi makes a final decision, and the Madam Manger surprises everyone. Everybody is festing it up.
E 25
25. E 25
September 18, 2011
All of the shrines and lakes in the Yunosagi area were being prepared for the Bonbori Festival. When Ohana returns to the Kissuiso, she finds all of the staff running about and trying to handle all of the customers. Ohana feels like there's something odd about the picture as she watches everyone except for Denroku and Sui bond and work towards livening up the inn.
E 24
24. E 24
September 11, 2011
Changes are coming to the Kissuiso, and everyone is making plans. The Madam Manager takes Ohana away to her Grandfather?s grave, while Tohru and Minko learn of a disturbing secret.
E 23
23. E 23
September 4, 2011
Takako takes a trip to Tokyo to find the producer who ripped off the Inn. At the same time Madam Manager insist Ohana goes to speak with mother to decide her future after the Kissuiso closing.
E 22
22. E 22
August 28, 2011
Ohana, Nako, and Yuina begin handcrafting a wedding dress. Tohru, who was put in charge of party dishes for the first time by Renji, works toward creating the menu. Jiromaru begins to prepare for his original skit. Just like that, everyone works to prepare for Enishi and Takako's wedding. Ohana, now despised by Minko after a certain event, tries hard to make amends but to no avail. Being out of ideas, Ohana wonders what to do... she eventually makes a decision after hearing what her Mother had to say over the phone.
E 21
21. E 21
August 21, 2011
The staff at the Kissuiso hear of the sudden news about Enishi and Takako's marriage. Despite the fact that he lacks money to even hold a wedding ceremony, Enishi is determined to liven up the inn once more with his fiancee; however, Sui insists that they have a ceremony in order to uphold his reputation as the successor of the inn. Enishi stresses over the wedding costs, and Ohana and the rest of the crew seem to be out of ideas... but just then, a short phrase out of Beanman brings about the idea to have the ceremony at Kissuiso, with everyone helping out! Ohana is excited to make it a success, but Tohru, who was put in charge of the meals, is also enthusiastic.
E 20
20. E 20
August 14, 2011
Minko, after getting into a fight with her classmates about the menu for the classroom cafe, leaves the Kissuiso early in the morning in order to buy ingredients and prepare. Ohana, worried for her, decides to visit the classroom earlier than the scheduled time to help, but Minko angrily declines. On the other hand, Nako is preparing for her class's booth with Mizuno...
E 19
19. E 19
August 7, 2011
The 20th Koruin Festival is approaching and Ohanas? class is doing a Princess Caf?. Yuina has been voted leader of the service team while Minko is the leader for the cooking team.
E 18
18. E 18
July 31, 2011
Nako is aggressive and controlling at home, yet shy and quiet at work. Which one is the real Nako, can she be both?
E 17
17. E 17
July 24, 2011
The movie shoot is over and it there wasn't a happy ending. The reputation of the Inn is damaged and rumors begin to spread.
E 16
16. E 16
July 17, 2011
A movie is going to be filmed at the Kissuiso and everybody gets to audition. With this new found project, Enishi must step up as the young master of the Inn and make sure everything goes right.
E 15
15. E 15
July 10, 2011
Ohana uses her free day during the school trip to help out the Yunosagi Inn staff. While Yuina learns what it is like to work for the first time.
E 14
14. E 14
July 3, 2011
The Kourin High School Field Trip group is staying at Fukuyo Inn, where the head clerk is Yuina?s fianc?. Love confessions, kappa sightings, and a staff walkout. What else can go wrong?
E 13
13. E 13
June 26, 2011
The Kissuiso is dealing with their most difficult guest yet, Ohana's mom. But when her snide remarks make sense, people start to think she might not be the monster they once thought.
E 12
12. E 12
June 19, 2011
Ohana has a new plan, kidnap her mom and force her to visit the Kissuiso. Tohru agrees to this plan on one condition, Ohana has to bring Koichi.
E 11
11. E 11
June 12, 2011
The Kissuiso received a 5 out 10 rating in the Hot Springs guide and Ohana is mad. She is taking the fight right to the reviewer which is her... Mom?
E 10
10. E 10
June 5, 2011
Ohana is sick and confined to bed, and the Inn continues to operate fine without her. She wonders if she should leave the Inn.
E 9
9. E 9
May 29, 2011
Ohana searches for Tohru, Ko searches for Ohana, and the staff at the Kissuiso are learning to survive without the Madam Manager.
E 8
8. E 8
May 22, 2011
The Kissuiso Inn receives a sudden influx of customers thanks to Yunosagi being covered in a magazine; can the staff handle it with the Madam Manager being sick?
E 7
7. E 7
May 15, 2011
While dealing with the pressure of getting married, Tomoe must defend the Inn against Soliders.
E 6
6. E 6
May 8, 2011
As Ohana is cleaning the entrance one morning, a woman riding a car arrives. She is Takako Kawajiri, a management consultant hired by Enishi to rebuild the Kissuiso. What Takako suggested this time was to change all of the uniforms of the waitresses. The staff are at a loss before the flashy uniforms, but they are eventually convinced by Takako and Enishi to put them on and to begin work.
E 5
5. E 5
May 1, 2011
Tohru Miyagishi is a chef at the Kissuiso, as well as being Minko's superior. Ohana and Minko witness him and Yuina riding off together on his motorcycle. Though they were both surprised, Minko becomes even more shocked after hearing from Renji Togashi, the head chef, that Tohru won't be coming to work anymore. Nako, Jiromaru, and Tomoe come up with their own theories about what happened, but Jiromaru obtains information that leads everyone to believe that Fukuya may have hired Tohru away.
E 4
4. E 4
April 24, 2011
Ohana starts a new school life with Minko and Nako. The girls bombard her with questions because she came from Tokyo, and the boys won't stop bothering her because she lives with Minko, who just happens to be one of the most popular girls in school. Yuina Wakura, a fellow classmate and the successor to a famous hot spring inn, "Fukuya," saves Ohana from the hassle. Ohana's new school life starts out quite dramatically, and she later witnesses Minko being asked out by a boy behind the school building.
E 3
3. E 3
April 17, 2011
Taro Jiromaru is an unsuccessful writer who has been living at the Kissuiso for some time. Ohana throws away his draft, thinking that it was a piece of scrap paper, and suddenly disappears the next morning while preparing some staff meals. Her fellow workers worry, thinking that she might have gone back to Tokyo; however, Sui ignores them and orders for a cleaning of the entire inn. Nako heads over to Jiromaru's room in order to clean, but he insists for her to stay out.
E 2
2. E 2
April 10, 2011
Her grandmother, Sui Shijima, tells Ohana strictly that she is to both attend high school and to work as a waitress at her hot spring inn, the Kissuiso; however; Ohana's new life is something far off from what she had imagined. She tries hard to get along with her fellow workers: Minko Tsurugi, a chef-in-training, and Nako Oshimizu, who also works as a waitress. Unfortunately for Ohana, her efforts are not rewarded.
E 1
1. E 1
April 3, 2011
Ohana Matsumae is suddenly told by her mother that they're going to be running away. Her mother leaves her with a piece of paper with the word "Kissuiso," an address, and a phone number. Ohana bids farewell to her hometown, her mother, and her classmate, Tanemura Koichi, and leaves for her grandmother's place. She thinks about the new life awaiting her as she watches the ocean from the train window.

Ohana Matsumae, a girl from Tokyo, is forced to leave her hometown to live at an inn with her grandmother whom she's never met. When she arrives, she finds out she'll have to work at the Inn to stay. What awaits is her journey of friendship, love, self-discover and dreams.

  • Premiere Date
    April 3, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    7.7  (666)