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The television series Handguns and Defensive Weapons takes a look at these weapons and why they are good for personal protection. The viewer will learn how the weapon works as well as tips to stay safe. They will also learn about the different types of weapons they can use only for defense.

Handguns and Defensive Weapons is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (87 episodes). The series first aired on June 30, 2014.

Where do I stream Handguns and Defensive Weapons online? Handguns and Defensive Weapons is available for streaming on SPORTSMAN CHANNEL, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Handguns and Defensive Weapons on demand at Amazon Prime, Sling online.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on SPORTSMAN CHANNEL
7 Seasons, 87 Episodes
June 30, 2014
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Handguns and Defensive Weapons Full Episode Guide

  • Rich, Kourtney and Scott examine more guns that have gained a significant place in firearms lore. Kourtney runs the F.A.S.T. drill that will help any shooter hone his or her skills, and Rich goes over the importance of trigger control.

  • Rich and Scott showcase a number of guns that might be worthwhile to have in an emergency situation. Scott runs a swing drill that can help shooters with target acquisition, and Rich shows how to disengage from a threat to gain the advantage.

  • Scott, Kourtney and Rich take a look at the complexities of handgun operation as well as new handguns designed for easy handling—plus techniques and features that can make pistols easier to work. Rich discusses the importance of deliberate practice.

  • Rich and Scott dive deep into the popular red dot sight trend, discussing sight types and their uses. Scott demonstrates the 2-Reload-2 drill with a revolver twist, and Rich explains how best to use cover in a defensive situation.

  • Kourtney, Rich and Scott review various strategies and locations for carrying a handgun. Rich runs the challenging 10 in 8 drill and also discusses the importance of using a timer in your training.

  • Rich and Scott take a look at a number of firearms that have had a lasting impact. Rich runs the comprehensive Dave Spaulding's Pistol Standards drill and also demonstrates tactics for shooting on the move.

  • Rich and Scott tackle one of handgunning's biggest challenges: shooting and hitting threats on the move. Scott demonstrates the handy and effective X Drill, and Rich teaches the finer points of the one-handed draw.

  • Scott, Jim and Rich have a blast with an assortment of revolvers—from concealable snubbies to big boomers. Jim runs the famous El Presidente drill the way it was originally designed, and Rich covers essential reloading techniques.

  • Rich, Jim and Scott illustrate how different sizes of guns work for various jobs and how people can use size to choose the best gun for them. Jim runs the fun and useful New Bill Drill, and Rich discusses the importance of handgun grip.

  • Scott, Jim and Rich delve into techniques designed to help shooters be more accurate and effective with an AR-15. Scott demonstrates how to field-strip a striker-fired gun in Zeroing In, and Rich shows how to turn to engage a threat.

  • Jim and Rich go into great detail on the skills every handgunner needs to master—stance, grip, trigger press, sight alignment and more. Jim reviews a great new pistol from Springfield, and Rich explains one of his favorite carry styles: appendix.

  • Rich, Jim and Scott work together to figure out how to get better at the shots that give them the trouble. Rich goes over the ins and outs of carrying behind the hip, and in Skills Drills Scott runs an exercise that teaches shooting and moving.

  • Jim and Rich dive into everyday carry, from guns and ammunition to knives and flashlights. Rich tackles the Closing the Gap drill—running and shooting from various distances. He also demonstrates the difference between point shooting and aiming. kwshooting

  • Jim, Rich and Scott review guns and accessories that work well for home defense. Scott runs the one-shot-draw drill, and in Zeroing In Jim explains the importance of rotating defensive handgun ammunition.

  • Jessie Harrison of Team Taurus joins Jim and Rich to demonstrate shooting drills that train critical handgun skills with steel and paper targets. Rich explains the ins and outs of appendix concealed carry.

  • Scott, Jim and Rich dive into techniques designed to help shooters be more accurate and effective with an AR-15. Scott demonstrates how to top-off a revolver quickly in Zeroing In, and Rich explains the finer points of shot placement.

  • Jim and Rich explain the concept of practical accuracy and demonstrate the best techniques shooters need for improvement. Jim runs a draw-from-concealment drill, and Rich shows viewers how to shoot if they get knocked to the ground.

  • Rich and Jim dive into team tactics—what a team is, how to communicate and how to work as a team. Jim runs a plate rack drill, and in En Garde Rich demonstrates strike-and-shoot defensive techniques.

  • Jessie Harrison of Team Taurus joins Jim and Scott to introduce viewers to the exciting sport of steel challenge. Scott reviews the elements of a proper draw, and Rich discusses drawing from an open-front garment.

  • Jim, Rich and Scott discuss what they look for in a CCW gun and why. Jim runs a homemade "Skills Drill" that teaches key skills, and Scott demonstrates how to use a mag loader on "Zeroing In." Rich reviews reload techniques in En Garde.

  • Team Smith & Wesson's Julie Golob joins Jim and Rich as they explain the techniques necessary for accurate fire while moving. Julie runs a "Skills Drills" that teaches target transitions, and Rich demonstrates ready positions in "En Garde."

  • Rich and Jim show how "advanced" skills are simply a matter of mastering the basics. In "Skills Drills," Jim runs the traditional, and still effective, El Presidente. Rich teaches the proper way to turn to engage a threat in "En Garde."

  • Jim and Scott shoot a number of awesome .22s and explain how rimfires offer great training and a whole lot of fun. On "Zeroing In," Scott breaks down pistol field strip procedures. Rich's "En Garde" segment focuses on one-hand shooting.

  • Team Smith & Wesson's Julie Golob joins Jim and Rich as they dive into the legendary 1911 platform. Julie runs a demanding version of the El Presidente drill, and Jim goes over light/laser operation methods.

  • Rich, Jim and Scott look at common shooting problems and ways to fix them. Scott runs the Failure to Stop drill, and Rich demonstrates recoil management techniques. And in "Zeroing In," Jim tackles magazine care.