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Now there's a mysterious Mask before James Blood, and the man behind it is one that shouldn't exist. What is the mystery surrounding this mask...?

So begins an action-packed crime story set in a beautiful city!

2 Seasons, 24 Episodes
December 3, 2018
Action & Adventure, Animation & Cartoon, Crime
Cast: Greg Chun, Landon McDonald, Cam Clarke, Brad Venable
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Hero Mask Full Episode Guide

  • Coates puts out a warrant on Evans. James, Anna, Tina and Herst try to escape the hospital via helicopter, but Connor is already inside.

  • Waiting for her father, Tina looks at Anna's old pictures of her parents. Wyatt and Eddy work together to find Gary Evans and stumble into an ambush.

  • Anna tells Tina about the research that preceded her birth. William Herst regains consciousness. Coates meets with a mysterious individual.

  • James hands Connor over to Wyatt. In custody, Connor maintains his silence until Anna asks to question him herself.

  • With Eddy's help, James tries to infiltrate the site where Tina is being held. Connor tells Tina about her family's involvement with the masks.

  • While on the run from the SSC, James and Tina are deliberately hit by a truck. Looking for answers, James makes contact with Anna Winehouse.

  • Harry leads a team into assaulting the supposedly secure SSC safe house where Tina and James are holed up. Somehow, SSC must have been compromised.

  • Connor and Creighton break into Herst's house to get to Tina. William fails to hold them off, but James and Wyatt show up to confront the intruders.

  • The SSC's new director has his own ideas about how to operate the organization. Eddy's research turns up a lead: former scientist William Herst.

  • With Martland taken in for questioning, Richard recalls the incident that first put him on LIVE's trail. Sarah is determined to get justice for Monica.

  • James joins Creighton as he confront one of the remaining assassins. Meanwhile, Gallagher and his boss stand by in Fred's surgical bay.

  • The SSC tries to extract Fred from the building, but the quartet intercepts them. After watching on the feed, Creighton and Connor decide to step in.

  • After learning about her boss's past, Sarah figures out a potential connection between him, Monica and LIVE. Then she calls Eddy.

  • With Fred's dog in tow, James heads to Connor's apartment. At the lab, Connor has something to show Creighton. Sarah shares her suspicions with Eddy.

  • After Sarah's identification, James does a little breaking and entering. Creighton meets with the leader of the Mask project.

  • In the hospital, Sarah remembers a key detail about the case. As Eddy struggles with the aftermath of the attack, Steven Martland takes a meeting.

  • James manages to protect Theo's family, but on the other side of the city, Creighton stalks Theo and Eddy as they head for the SSC station.

  • Theo thwarts the attack thanks to the Mask he's carrying. Eddy attempts to follow Theo, and James catches sight of Creighton in the crowd.

  • Investigating Grimm's past, Eddy heads to an abandoned prison and learns of other mysterious deaths. Creighton searches for a missing sample.

  • An escaped criminal makes a bloody appearance at the SSC office despite being presumed dead, and James and Sarah head into the countryside in pursuit.

  • Prosecutor Monica Campbell has the SSC department protect a key witness. When Monica's killed, her colleague Sarah asks the SSC to investigate.

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