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Hostages is a thrilling political conspiracy that revolves around a well-established surgeon, Dr. Ellen Sanders. The family dynamics in the home of Dr. Sanders was anything but perfect: Her husband is overbearing, her daughter that hides more than she reveals, and her son is not the innocent little person that she would like for him to be. One day, her life takes an unforeseen and unpredictable turn for the worst when disgruntled FBI agent, Duncan Carlisle, decides to take her captive along with her entire family.

Carlisle works with his co-conspirators: Sandrine, the only woman on the team; Kramer, his brother in law whose loyalty repeatedly comes into question; and Archer, a former military man with a short temper that threatens to foil their plot repeatedly. As the reasons for Duncan's angst towards the FBI become known, it becomes clear that he is faced with moral decisions that he is ill prepared to handle.

Hostages is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (27 episodes). The series first aired on September 23, 2013.

Where do I stream Hostages online? Hostages is available for streaming on CBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Hostages on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes online.

2 Seasons, 27 Episodes
September 23, 2013
Cast: Toni Collette, Tate Donovan, Rhys Coiro, Sandrine Holt
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Hostages Full Episode Guide

  • While Adam heads to his meeting with Ben, Orna stumbles on a missing piece of the puzzle, and Zohar finally realizes what Region Corp is planning.

  • Adam and team hatch an elaborate plan to sneak the prime minister past the police. Yuval gives Zohar a new lead. Arthur pays a visit to a sheikh.

  • Neta threatens the prime minister, Zohar tips Adam off to Region Corp's shady activities, and Orna begins to suspect Amsalem is hiding something.

  • A heart-stopping phone call pulls Adam away from the compound and throws his plans into turmoil. Zion reaches his limit.

  • An encounter in the tunnel leaves Amsalem facing a dilemma. Zion grows desperate to escape the yeshiva. Ben finds a way to get leverage on Adam.

  • While Adam checks the tunnels for an exit route, a crisis forces Guy to enlist Giora's help. Amsalem decides to see where the tunnels lead.

  • After Guy discovers a nearby tunnel, Adam makes Orna an offer. Zohar pays a price for her investigation.

  • While Stanislav prepares a room for surgery, Guy realizes Giora played a role in his father's death. Zinger gets a surprise visitor.

  • Adam rethinks the transplant plan and demands that the police release a mysterious prisoner. Orna insists that he free a hostage in return.

  • With police and reporters swarming the building, Adam scrambles to buy time. Hostage negotiator Orna establishes a line of communication.

  • As Adam prepares to whisk Neta and the prime minister out of the country, Giora discovers the body swap at the morgue and sets out to find them.

  • Moments before Ellen is to begin surgery on the President, the First Lady confronts her.

  • Upon Duncan's discovery of Sandrine's betrayal, he decides to use her to save Nina and Sawyer.

  • Ellen agrees to help Duncan with getting what he needs, but refuses to kill the President. Meanwhile, Nina discovers Duncan's plan and flees the hospital.

  • When Brian has the chance to expose Duncan and his team, he decides against telling the truth after Burton shows up and shows him evidence of Ellen and Duncan bonding. Meanwhile, Duncan's trip to New York City puts a snag in the plans to take out the President.

  • Duncan locks the Sanders family in a room for the day while he and his team travel to New York City to take care of the sniper team targeting President Kincaid. Meanwhile, Duncan's mother-in-law tells Burton she wants to reveal the truth about the President.

  • After a member of the President's staff is murdered, Ellen encourages Duncan to bow out of the assassination plot, while other members of the President's staff take action. Meanwhile, after scouring Nina's medical records, Ellen finds someone who might be a viable bone marrow donor.

  • As investigators put the pieces together of the conspiracy to kill the President, Duncan is ordered to take care of an insider by someone involved in the plot. Meanwhile, Duncan makes his next move in his master plan and gives Ellen the poison she's to use to kill the President.

  • Ellen faces a major dilemma and later decides to confront Duncan's wife. Meanwhile, Creasy meets with Vanessa and Colonel Blair after the President informs them that he wants to expose the details of a government surveillance program that allowed intelligence agencies to spy on U.S. citizens.

  • Ellen and Brian decide they must take down Duncan to have any chance of escaping, so she sneaks away to seek help from a man who has helped her solve problems before, completely unaware he has ties to Duncan.

  • Ellen's sister, Lauren, unexpectedly shows up at their house in hopes of staying and Duncan forces Ellen to make her leave without causing any suspicion. Ellen is called in for questioning by the secret service and must stay level headed with Duncan there assisting in the questioning.

  • Ellen and Brian plot with their kids to escape from Duncan. Meanwhile, Duncan's wife delivers stunning news.

  • When Ellen disregards Duncan's orders to assassinate the President during surgery, he reveals the consequences. Duncan also informs the family the plans for the next two weeks.

  • In the series premiere, Dr. Ellen Sanders, a prominent Washington D.C. surgeon, who was handpicked to operate on the President of the United States, is taken hostage with her family and is faced with an impossible decision - save her family or the president.

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