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  • 2012
  • 2 Seasons

House Hunters International: Best of Italy is a fascinating reality TV show from HGTV that follows the journey of international house buyers in Italy. The buyer's search for the perfect Italian home is chronicled, from budget to property inspection, and eventual purchase.

The show is set in Italy, and offers a glimpse into the nation's varied property scene through the exploration of its most beautiful cities and regions. It reflects the cultural, historical and aesthetic values of Italy in a manner that is informative, enlightening and enjoyable to viewers.

House Hunters International: Best of Italy is hosted by homeowners, expats or property experts in each region of Italy. These hosts take buyers on a journey of discovery and exploration of the cities and the properties, from the stunning villas in Tuscany to the cozy apartments in Rome.

The show highlights Italian characteristics of cost-efficient, energy-efficient, or lavish, architectural solutions for home renovation or building construction. It reveals the fascinating and diverse property market in Italy, including affordable real estate, design and furniture, and foods and wine. The series also shines the spotlight on little-known gems in Italy, check out new properties that come on the market and see prior renovation approvals and permits.

The producers of the show are able to carefully curate an enthralling list of unique and notable Italian real estate; viewers are introduced to exclusive properties such as a 5-star yacht that transforms into an oceanfront condominium in Naples, a mountain cabin will lake views, and secluded villas in the countryside.

The show is popular because it provides a basis of the property buying process in Italy for viewers outside of Italy. The hosts give information locals would know, but those planning on investing in real estate in Italy likely wouldn't. Another unique aspect of the show is that it looks at the market from a cultural lense. Because these are international buyers, they are bringing different styles and preferences and the show awakes the same impression on homeowners.

What makes House Hunters International: Best of Italy even more impressive is the range of cover topics that keep the viewers informed and entertained in every episode. From the interior design approach (such as the modern, minimalistic and industrial design or the classic, traditional, and elegant-designed homes), discussion of local laws and safety, and a rundown of the surrounding sites and attractions (like museums, shopping and hiking trails).

It is clear that the show creators go to great lengths to find accurate and engaging content. Their attention to detail is reflected in the captivating features they cover, such as renovating a historic villa, ranking the best wine cellars in the country, investigating the best option to improve structurally, and more.

Overall House Hunters International: Best of Italy is an enjoyable and informative TV series that is well-suited to a wide variety of audiences. It would be beneficial for those who are actively considering purchasing property in Italy or who simply love the land of beauty, art and culture. Additionally, anyone with an interest in the property market or real estate in Italy should tune in to learn all they can about this wonderful country.

House Hunters International: Best of Italy is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (15 episodes). The series first aired on December 10, 2012.

House Hunters International: Best of Italy
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House Hunters International: Best of Italy is available for streaming on the HGTV website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch House Hunters International: Best of Italy on demand at Amazon.
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    December 10, 2012