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House of Bryan, a Canadian based home renovation television show, aired on HGTV Canada in 2010. The episodes focus on Bryan Baeumler, as he supervises experts and apprentices who are building various homes. Si Entertainment set a record for audience viewing, with its very first showing.

Bryan assists couples to establish their renovation goals. Homeowners inform Bryan what they want worked on, but it isn't always what he does. Rather, he makes the decision to prioritize. Then those are the projects that are actually completed. For instance, someone wanted a home theater, while what this homeowner actually required was real structural repair. Some of this consisted of roof, plumbing, and window repairs and replacements. Bryan insists this particular issue is a true present and future crisis in aging homes. The serious problems should always be addressed initially prior to undertaking cosmetic changes.

The homeowners actually source the projects out and assist with some labor, but Baeumler is the primary budgetary controller. Bryan is usually working with amounts of anywhere from ten thousand to fifty thousand in these various renovations. Also, although he always makes significant changes to homeowners' plans, so far he hasn't had many complaints or roof shingles or bricks lobbed at him.

Season 1 episodes include the following: Design, Destroy, Re-Build, Up in Frames, Down in the Trenches, Sink or Swim, Gyprock and Roll, Pain in the Deck, Dollars and Fence, Kitchen Showdown, Boys and Toys, Paint in the Butt, In Laws and Out, Garage Surprises, and House of Bryan.

Season 2 takes place during summertime. During this period, Bryan takes his ultimate challenge to build his own customized family vacation home. This is after he and his wife Sarah had already constructed their dream home of approximately 3700 square feet. So, of course, he will find things easier this time around, right? Not so fast!

First, Bryan and crew are a long way from city amenities and conveniences, so he already has a big logistical problem to start with, as construction begins on an island surrounded by a lake. The drama is further complicated with familial differing design visions, and a newborn in residence. So, there are plenty of last minute fixes and decisions needed in order to finish the cottage.

10:30 AM on HGTV
1 Season, 13 Episodes
October 3, 2010
Cast: Sarah Baeumlar, Bryan Baeumler, Rebecca Purdy, Adam Weir
House Of Bryan

House Of Bryan Full Episode Guide

  • After six months, it's all done. Bryan and Sarah walk through the house and reminisce about the good and the bad times. We see room by room the incredible work done by Bryan and his team.

  • One space that Sarah and Bryan didn't agree on was how the laundry room should be laid out. Rebecca has to referee, while Bryan has to figure out how to fit the oversize washer and dryer with the standard size cabinets. The staircase arrives and Adam gets to install glue down wood floors. It's also time up on the rental home and Bryan has to move in with his in-laws.

  • Bryan is done with the downstairs and now he can start work on the final part of the house, the master bedroom and en suite. Once a huge fireplace is installed, Bryan and Adam get work tiling the bedroom wall. Sarah and Rebecca try and sneak a paint color past Bryan. In the bathroom a quick rethink is needed as the tub no longer will fit, and Bryan gets to see Sarah's choice in lighting fixtures.

  • Bryan and Sarah plan their ideal kitchen, but things don't go according to plan when Bryan discovers how much Sarah spent on the appliances. To make amends Sarah helps Bryan install the backsplash. Meanwhile, Adam learns how to install hardwood flooring, and then learns how to pull it all up again as Bryan discovers a serious flaw.

  • Bryan and Sarah have to face up to the financial realities of building a house, creating tension in the Baeumler household. Meanwhile, Bryan has a whole backyard to landscape. Adam gets a lesson in how to build a fence, while Rebecca finds ways to cut Sarah's spending. It all ends with a stunning reveal of the backyard and a lesson learned on budgeting.

  • Now that the drywall is complete, Bryan is looking forward to begin work on the outside of the house. But when Bryan realizes the measurement of a concrete footing is off, his plan to build an elaborate deck doesn't go as smoothly as he had hoped. Bryan's stress level soars when he realizes there has been a delay in ordering interiors and he puts more pressure on his wife Sarah and designer Rebecca to get moving. Things get a lot tenser when Bryan takes matters into his own hands and a tiny bathroom tile causes some huge headaches.

  • Bryan is getting a taste of what it's like to have his wife as a customer. Bryan is used to dealing with a client's indecisiveness, and his wife Sarah is no different. During a routine walk-through of the house, Sarah and his designer Rebecca suggest switching the layout of the house, a change Bryan strongly disagrees with especially since the house is at the drywall stage. Sarah and Rebecca are well into choosing interiors and furnishings and struggle to maintain tight delivery deadlines and above all, stay within budget. The overwhelming pressure mounts, and though the house's walls are up, things are about to hit a wall.

  • After the house is framed, the mechanicals of the home are ready to be roughed in and installed. Even with Bryan's pick of trusty tradesmen by his side, a recent change in plumbing code is throwing a wrench in plans to forge ahead. Any delay drives cost upwards and with time ticking away, the house now more than ever demands Bryan's full attention. But a previous commitment to Habitat for Humanity pulls Bryan away from the site leaving his apprentice Adam to prove to Bryan that he can be trusted to oversee the site while his boss is away. Things don't go according to plan and Bryan returns to a huge dilemma that takes priority over building his house.

  • With the house's foundation set and the wall framing on deck, the construction site is quickly transforming from a two-dimensional design plan, to a three-dimensional dream home. On site, Bryan is battling issues like running out of materials and conflicting opinions with his wife, Sarah, concerning the exterior finishes for the house. Off site, Sarah has also recruited Bryan to help build a stage for her dance studio's end-of-season recital. See how Bryan copes with the overwhelming demands and whether he gives in to the temptation to give up before he's barely begun.

  • Bryan tries to control the building of his dream home from spiraling into a nightmare.

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