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In the tradition of gritty, exciting, jail dramas like Alcatraz and Prison Break, Hunger features Michael Fassbender and a strong, but unknown ensemble cast who bring to life a vivid but dark period in the history of modern UK and Irish relations. Excerpted directly from the Margaret Thatcher era, Hunger chronicles the second of two hunger strikes and a no-wash protest staged by Bobby Sands, the then-Provisional IRA volunteer and MP, who in concert with his IRA comrades determined to regain previously revoked political status for their Republican constituency.

Shot in a predominantly wide angle in shades of bluish gray, and with furious confrontation scenes between prisoners and guards interspersed with long scenes of melancholy, meditation, and one-on-one dialogue, Hunger dramatizes as it reveals the average day in the life of an IRA prisoner housed in Her Majesty's Maze Prison circa 1970, in northern Ireland.

Fassbender plays Bobby Sands, the real-life figure who led the no-wash protest and hunger strike, himself perishing after several months of starvation and deterioration. He was subsequently elected to the United Kingdom Parliament as Fermanagh and South Tyrone MP, though his Republican party was denied political status.

Steve McQueen, the much lauded and very young director of Hunger, spares no details when revealing the guts and blood of life inside HM Maze Prison. Inmates engaged in their no-wash protest are shown collecting old food which they turn into paste for creating urine funnels, and funneling urine into the prison hallways. We see them defecating in their own cells and smearing feces all over their cell walls. We see them visiting with family members with whom they exchange contraband, shoving foreign objects into their orifices.

Fassbender, who fasted for the role, is shown wasting away, his body riddled with sores that ooze puss. Confrontations between prisoners and guards are filmed in a mixture of steady and shifting camera angles, heightening the viewer's tension. At one point an actual recording of Margaret Thatcher is heard in the background, her tone icy and resolute, a fitting undertone to this movie's profound and inspiring but tragic, historically accurate denouement.

eOne Entertainment Distribution
2 Seasons, 44 Episodes
July 20, 1997
Horror & Suspense

Hunger Full Episode Guide

  • Max is having an affair and thinks his wife has no idea. When she leaves town for the weekend, Max is left alone with the carpet cleaner, a stunning blonde, who is too much for him to refuse.

  • When Peter sees Cleo having sex with a faceless Golem, he is inspired to create a masterpiece.

  • Beth begins experiencing terrible nightmares involving a dying woman who wants her body. Is this a dream or a harbinger of things to come?

  • Elizabeth learns that her boyfriend is involved in the occult and leaves him. After he commits suicide, Elizabeth is stalked by the satanic cult he belonged to.

  • While surfing the internet, Kent comes across a spirit trapped inside his computer who can be freed for a price...the blood of the girl he loves.

  • After Luann welcomes a homeless artist into her home, she learns his awful secret - that it's his job to protect humankind from inhuman killers who feed on the sacred fire inside everyone.

  • When a couple is offered a potion that allows them to hear each other's thoughts, things turn from bad to worse.

  • While perusing her late aunt's possessions, Mari finds a bottle which houses a genie that can fulfill all her sexual desires.

  • A serial killer stalks the residents of a high-rise apartment building, leaving its owner to learn the true nature of evil.

  • Henry stumbles upon a dress in a high-end clothing store. He buys it for his wife and discovers the dress has the power to seduce, to thrill and kill.

  • Dr. Stuart Lang discovers the hospital where he works has been breeding a horrid race of shrieking mutated babies.

  • Convinced that his girlfriend is the succubus that killed his father, Grant evokes a spell of his own and makes her disappear. Before she vanishes, he learns the unfortunate truth.

  • After Mike sleeps with his boss's wife Madeline his life is put in danger.

  • Mano looks into someone's eyes and sees their most intimate desires. One day he looks into his psychiatrist's eyes and learns of a murder.

  • A witch, wishes death upon her first love, Daniel. After she casts her spell, Daniel's fiancée Laurissa, must learn the art of witchcraft to save his soul.

  • When Steve meets Vivica, she offers him a solution to his career problems in the form of a strange seed that he must plant in front of his boss's house.

  • To avoid deportation, Daniel agrees to marry Madeleine. But Madeleine isn't like other girls - she can transform into a new women each week.

  • When a royal servant learns he is dying, he must volunteer for one last act of devotion - he must find his replacement by any means necessary.

  • Jane is plagued by disturbing dreams where she is chased by a tall man. Now she believes her new neighbor to be the man from her nightmares.

  • One night, Rosalie, a troubled stripper, is visited by the ghost of a killer who wishes to protect and possess her.

  • Kat seeks action at a local bar where she is mesmerized by Roxanne, a dancer who shows her the ultimate experience in pleasure and pain

  • A young drifter arrives at an abandoned prison bleeding from a shoulder wound and seeking help from the famous artist who resides within.

  • A priest remembers a woman he desired. He has always protested that his fantasies were only dreams, but were they?

  • The wife of a fashion designer tells her husband that should he ever commit adultery; her vengeance would know no limits. But, even after her warning, he can't ignore the advances of his young assistant.

  • A man picks up a female hitchhiker, but after his truck breaks down, they are forced to spend the night together. The driver reveals that he is a traveling sex-aid salesman, but appearances can be deceiving.

  • After three celebrities suffer personal tragedies, a journalist discovers they were all obsessed with the same woman.

  • After having his heart broken, a man takes on the job of a lighthouse keeper. A single red rose brings back memories of his past affair.

  • A prison transport van crashes into a river and one of the convicts finds shelter in an old mansion. There she is cared for by two mysterious women. But is she really free?

  • When a war veteran is admitted to the hospital, she discovers a fellow patient is a vampire and offers to help him.

  • A woman takes a job as a security guard and finds that the warehouse she has to patrol is possessed by an evil spirit.

  • An experienced vampire finds that she must initiate a young male protégé and teach him how to become a seducer and killer.

  • When a woman meets her husband's family for the first time, her mother-in-law has some disturbing and surprising news.

  • A fashion designer creates a fabulous dress from a piece of red fabric, leaving everyone who sees it under its spell. This dress, however, exacts a terrible price.

  • A down-on-his-luck photographer is delighted when an ex-lover re-enters his life. But when he tries to photograph her, she fears that his camera will steal her soul.

  • A couple indulges in fantasies. But as their games become ever more daring, they put each other's lives in danger.

  • When an architect travels to a strange city on business, the drawings he makes to pass the time all feature a young woman. One day, she enters his life for real.

  • When a traveling salesman rents Room 17 of the Limbo Hotel and orders an adult channel on his television, he gets more than he ever imagined.

  • A newly-married couple decides to spend their honeymoon at an isolated guest house that is rumored to be cursed.

  • When William Cobb arrives in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, he falls for a beautiful young woman who brings with her a strange old man as a companion.

  • A nurse arrives at the home of a wheelchair-bound woman and meets a handyman and learns that her employer has sexual desires that must be fulfilled.

  • When James Chandler arrives in London, a visit to a fetish club leads to a relationship with a young woman who can survive being pierced with swords.

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