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The ID show called "I Married a Mobster" tells the stories of various women who were courted by mobsters. The women see the material riches the mobsters can offer them, and that's why many of the women decide to marry their mobster husbands. Some of the riches include: expensive date nights, nice houses, expensive furniture, great vacations and much more. The women had everything they ever wanted in life, and some of them were not use to that because they came from poor backgrounds. Many of them were too busy enjoying the good life to see what was really going on.

Many of the mobster husbands do no tell their wives about their illegal activities because they want to protect their wives from knowing about it if the feds coming looking for them. Toward the end of their relationship, many of the women suspect their husbands may be cheating but they cannot prove it. Even if they do not suspect their husbands of cheating, many of the women begin to suspect something is wrong based on the way their husband is acting. It was at this point the women often fell out of love. If it wasn't then, it would often be because the women have to sit through their husband's trial.

When the police come looking for the husband and anyone responsible for the crimes committed, the wife is often shell shocked. Then the wife who once had it all, goes on to tell her story how she had to figure how to survive without her husband's income. This often means the women will have to figure out how to become a single mother because the couple often has children together. All of the stories on the show are different as no one tells the same story. This is basically a review of what happens on the show most of the same as many of the women tell similar stories.

Wednesday 10:30 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery
1 Season, 22 Episodes
July 13, 2011
Cast: Margaret Rose Champagne, Richard Stratton, Lorraine Bracco, Gerard Adimando
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I Married a Mobster Full Episode Guide

  • Dawn meets Anthony, a rising star in the Gambino family, who loves to buy her gifts. But, when Dawn discovers Anthony is running an escort service, the obedient girl unleashes her fury.

  • A husband's secret ties to the Mafia threatens the safety of his family.

  • A woman sacrifices everything for a relationship with a man whom she later learns is involved with the mob.

  • Maryann falls hard for Frank, the mechanic. But she soon finds herself living a nightmare, afraid of what Frank might do to her friends and family.

  • A young woman falls for a man who is 35 years her senior and has ties to the Philadelphia mob.

  • Lynda is a Jewish Juliet to Louie Milito's Italian Romeo. But when Louie clashes with the mob's Prince of Darkness, Sammy Gravano, Lynda gives him an ultimatum - the result is tragic.

  • Nancy Esposito is living the ideal life when she marries restaurant owner Mike Delucia. But when the FBI shows up to search her house, she gives Mike an ultimatum: it's her or the mob.

  • A woman has three separate relationships with men who are linked to the Mafia.

  • Toni Marie Fappiano grew up in an Italian family surrounded by macho Neapolitan men, including her loving father. When her husband exposes fellow mobster John Gotti, Jr., Fappiano is faced with a difficult decision - take the stand against Gotti or her husband.

  • Lindsey Cyr fell in love with Boston's most infamous criminal, Whitey Bulger. For the first time, she reveals what life was like with Bulger, the man she claims was a fabulous father and love of her life.

  • Dion has never dated wise guys, but working in a club will introduce her to a world she never could have imagined. Angelo is a suave Genovese associate who woos her with his Sicilian charm. Dion's life becomes a complicated mess when Angelo's wife finds them in bed together.

  • Love Majewski met Chris Paciello through Staten Island mob daughters like herself. Chris is a member of the Bonanno crime family and when Chris grows abusive, Love asks for Ray's protection, becoming at once his personal property and accomplice to theft.

  • Some parents' dream about their children joining the family business. Others prefer their kids choose different career paths. Acting Colombo crime boss, Victor Orena would have it both ways.

  • Angela Calvacante grew up surrounded by crime in Howard Beach, NY. Despite moving to nearby Maspeth to escape her mob ties, she soon falls for Sal, the son of Nick "The Baron" Bonina of the Luchese crime family.

  • Denyce, a recovering alcoholic, meets John while working at a rehab facility. Son of gangster Sonny Franzese, Denyce falls head over heels for him until he transforms to a manic nightmare. Suddenly John disappears in one of the mafia's greatest betrayals.

  • Joe Fama wishes to move up from dice-roller to high-stakes player in organized crime. Hitting hot streaks with wife Barbara leads Joe to open up a gambling parlor. When Joe can't can't cover a win from a client he starts dealing drugs.

  • Linda Schiro is caught in a love triangle with two men. Gregory Scarpa, a Colombo enforcer comes out and wins Linda. She goes along for the lifelong ride by his side surviving a gangland war, the loss of a child, and being left alone as his world unravels.

  • Most mafia wives turn a blind eye while enjoying the spoils of their husbands' illicit activities. However, one Staten Island wife, Andrea Giovino, couldn't stand by.

  • Cheryl & Philly leave their lovers & start a life together. Cheryl's world is a fairy tale until Philly leaves to clear up a case of mistaken identity. He is convicted of racketeering & drug dealing leaving Cheryl & their children broke and alone.

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