I Want to Work for Diddy

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I Want To Work for Diddy is a reality competition show that pits a lot of contestants against each other as they compete for a prestigious job working for Sean Combs, a.k.a. Diddy. Diddy is an incredibly successful rapper, producer, and entrepreneur who is famous for leading a lavish lifestyle. Each episode of the show focuses on the contestants trying to complete a special project or challenge. The contestant that does the worst on the project is eliminated. The contestants are all tested on various skills that they will need to work as Diddy's personal assistant. One episode is devoted to seeing how good the contestants are at multi-tasking. Another challenge is for them to create a print ad. They even have to cast and hire a model for the print ad before they can even begin to shoot it.

The contestants aren't just limited to helping Diddy. They must also learn to be on-call for when his family needs help. The contestants also have to organize showcases for talent booked by Diddy. The contestants are eliminated when they fail to distinguish themselves in the challenges, but sometimes Diddy fires them for other reasons. One contestant, Kim, is fired for mouthing off at Diddy. The other contestants learn that an amiable personality is paramount to succeeding in Diddy's world.

The contestants are forced to work in teams for many of the challenges but they often spar and attack each other. When a team fails, the contestants usually try and point the fingers at each other. Elimination is decided by a panel of judges who all work for Diddy in some capacity so they know precisely what he is looking for. The judges include Kevin Liles, a well-known record producer who has worked for Diddy's Bad Boy label for many years. Even though there is only one winner of the competition, Diddy is willing to hire any contestant that performs flawlessly. There is always room in Diddy's empire for superb talent.

2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
August 4, 2008
Cast: Poprah, Norma Augenblick, Capricorn Clark, Kevin Liles
I Want to Work for Diddy

I Want to Work for Diddy Full Episode Guide

  • It's down to the final two applicants, and for the deciding test, they must report to the top floor of Bad Boy to work for the man himself!

  • The final three applicants are overwhelmed as they put on a fashion event. The stress increases when some four-legged fashionistas arrive. Capricorn shows up hours before the event to find that the group is way behind. With no time to spare, and no room for failure, the applicants are about to get a rough lesson in how the pros do things.

  • It's their hardest challenge yet: the applicants must plan and execute a fashion preview of Sean John's holiday line for an audience of buyers. They are given a venue, budget, access to models, a room full of mannequins and the clothing for the event. But when Sean John executives get a preview of the preview, they're shocked at how much still needs to be done. Diddy calls an emergency judging session. Someone isn't pulling his or her weight, and that person has to go.

  • The final four applicants must plan a dinner party for Diddy and his family.

  • Diddy decides to give the applicants an honesty test--with the help of one horrendous tie-dyed outfit.

  • It's time for the applicants to enter Diddy's recording studio in his home. The aspiring assistants take over for the support staff through the night.

  • The applicants get a rude awakening at 3AM. The applicants have to shape their bodies and get their loft in top shape. The next morning, the teams get their assignment: collecting donations for the inner city kids of the Fresh Air Fund. And in keeping with the physical fitness theme, the teams must gather their donations sweating for a worthy cause.

  • Sean John clothing has changed its logo and the Uptown and Downtown teams must each design a new print campaign to celebrate the brand's reinvention.

  • Eleven applicants from across the country arrive in Manhattan for their first assignment: to help Diddy promote his new album.

  • The finalists train with headhunter Marcus Buckingham, and Diddy conducts an interview before a winner is chosen.

  • A Manhattan music showcase by Janelle Monae must be arrange in every detail by the remaining contestants.

  • The contestants are grouped into three pairs and must raise $500 in eight hours by any means necessary. Strategies employed by the groups include street performances, peddling items, and even sidewalk massages.

  • Both teams must prepare and throw a party that meets the Diddy standards. Decor, cocktails, and a theme are just a few of the things they will have to figure out.

  • The contestants find themselves testing their selling skills as they must peddle Diddy's cologne in a cosmetics store. Other challenges include create an in-store campaign, as well as designing gift-with-purchase shirts.

  • Diddy is receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, so the contestants assist Diddy's family with interview preparations, wardrobe, and any other requests.

  • The teams are to create outrageous viral videos for Diddy's website and will ultimately be judged by online fans.

  • As two members are sent to Paris to retrieve a model for Sean John magazine, the other remaining team members must create a campaign for testing eyewear.

  • After being awoken in the middle of the night, the contestants are flown to Fort Dix Army base in New Jersey. From there they must use hidden markers with clues to find their way back to Diddy's HQ in New York City.

  • The contestants are first interviews, then divided into two teams where they are to complete various tasks for Diddy in 24 hours. The losing team will have one of their members eliminated.