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ID Films - 2010 are docudramas about the court cases that have impacted out history. Some of the most famous murder and rape trials are reviewed each week. The host will take you down the path of what makes a mass murderer. This show airs actual footage from the court cases, as well as interview from professionals about their mental stability.

Fridays at 9:00 pm et/pt on Investigation Discovery
5 Seasons, 7 Episodes
August 13, 2010
Documentary & Biography
ID Films

ID Films Full Episode Guide

  • Was Albert DeSalvo really the Boston Strangler? Five decades after the killing spree that paralyzed Boston, new DNA evidence sheds light on his guilt. Yet despite breakthroughs in forensics, at the heart of the story a sinister psycho-sexual enigma remains.

  • Survivors relive the 1993 shooting on the Long Island Railroad train that left 25 people injured and 6 people dead. Witnesses and survivors of the tragedy recall how they had to face the gunman himself, Colin Ferguson, as he represents himself in court.

  • Held captive for 10 years as a sex slave just two miles from her Pittsburgh home, 24 year old Tanya Kach emerges. But what really happened in her captor's home? People question the authenticity of her story, while she vehemently defends her tortuous tale of horror.