60 Minutes on ID

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This show takes you on in-depth investigations and interviews of real cases. Follow along for the entire hour as you learn about current events from an investigative standpoint. You will learn what extent people are willing to go in order to cover up the crime. Real life detectives will unravel the case before your eyes. You will meet each family tied to these devastating tales filled with horror and scandal. You can follow the case and see if you can find out who is guilty and who is innocent as you see it play out from the beginning. Learn what swayed jurors in major cases during personal interviews.

Monday 8:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery on Investigation Discovery
1 Season, 4 Episodes
July 12, 2010
60 Minutes on ID

60 Minutes on ID Full Episode Guide

  • A profile of John Martorano, the infamous triggerman for Boston's Winter Hill Gang. Then the story of Kathleen Rice and her pursuit of stiff penalties for drunk drivers whose actions result in fatalities.

  • Although innocent, Alton Logan was accused of killing a man outside of a McDonald's parking lot in Chicago.

  • In the first story, Jack Garcia, a former FBI undercover agent, tells how he infiltrated the Gambino Crime family and brought down a vicious mob kingpin. In the second story, they were decorated, former New York detectives, but were they also Mafia cops?

  • A report on prison gangs in California that continue to orchestrate criminal business like murder, robbery and drug dealing, as gang members housed in solitary confinement have found ways to communicate with each other and gang members on the outside.