48 Hours on ID

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Various cities across the United States are home to some of the most violent criminals that the world has ever seen. This television program follows certain crimes with each episode, focusing on law enforcement as they try to come up with answers to some of the most heinous acts. Each episode centers on a particular crime that has led to a pool of blood, and more often than not, murder. The police give themselves a 48-hour window to determine the cause, motive, and eventually try to pinpoint the location of the wanted man.

Sundays, Wednesdays 8:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery
16 Seasons, 183 Episodes
March 28, 2010
Crime, Drama, History, Mystery
Cast: Maureen Maher
48 Hours on ID

48 Hours on ID Full Episode Guide

  • Dr. Teresa Sievers is bludgeoned to death in her Bonita Springs, Fla., home in 2015; there are no immediate suspects, and her husband, Mark Sievers, has an airtight alibi.

  • Ezra McCandless, a young Wisconsin woman, tells the police a harrowing story of how her ex-boyfriend carved the word boy into her arm and then attacked her.

  • In 2016, Robert Poynter is shot in his wife's Jeep on an empty county road and his wife, Chacey, tells police she doesn't know who fired the fatal shot.

  • A series of non-fiction investigations that explore such themes as jealousy, murder and deceit.

  • In 1976, 26 school children and their bus driver were abducted by masked gunmen and buried alive in a truck trailer underground; some of the survivors share tales of their harrowing escape.

  • Jim Axelrod reports on the murder investigation of Ohio mother Heather Bogle.

  • Kelly Dwyer vanishes after a night out on a date in Milwaukee in October 2013; the subsequent investigation raises questions about the risks of online dating, dangerous sex and the hidden double lives of loved ones.

  • Two mothers help police crack open a more than two-decade-old cold case of a college student murdered on Thanksgiving weekend in 1989.

  • Kadie Major and her 10-month-old daughter, River Lynn, are found dead along railroad tracks in South Carolina in 2008; mysterious circumstances lead police to reopen the deaths and investigate whether they resulted from a murder-suicide or murder.

  • In California, Kevin Cooper is sentenced to death for the murders of four people in the Chino Hills massacre of 1983, but as investigators look at the DNA evidence, questions arise about Cooper's possible innocence.

  • In California, Kevin Cooper is sentenced to death for the murders of four people in the Chino Hills massacre of 1983, but as investigators look at the DNA evidence, questions arise about Cooper's possible innocence.

  • Ivy League student Blaze Bernstein is murdered allegedly because he is gay and Jewish; a former classmate and member of a Neo-Nazi hate group is charged with his murder.

  • An investigation into the case against Drs. Leon Jacob and Valerie McDaniel, who are caught red-handed in an elaborate sting operation to foil a murder-for-hire plot to kill their exes.

  • Thirteen-year-old Jayme Closs is abducted from her home after her parents are murdered, then, 88 days later, the missing teenager emerges from the woods in Gordon, Wis., thin and frightened but alive.

  • More than two decades after an Iowa TV anchor disappeared, "48 Hours reveals new information into the investigation.

  • A woman turns to a private eye for help tracking down a Russian whom she believes robbed and killed her mother.

  • It's a story of wealth, privilege and an early morning after-party that goes terribly wrong; Erin Moriarty explores the last night of Joey Comunale's life and the cases against two privileged young men for taking part in a murder.

  • In Mount Pleasant, N.Y., college student DJ Henry is shot and killed while at the wheel of his car by a police officer who claims he acted in self-defense.

  • A woman's intuition that something is wrong with her daughter leads police to a house of horrors; inside, they find Iana Kasian murdered in a shockingly gruesome fashion.

  • Richard Schlesinger investigates the strange case of a missing Florida duck hunter who may have been eaten by alligators.

  • Former professional boxer Ramon Sosa has a beautiful wife, a healthy family and a booming business; then, Sosa's happy world is destroyed when he finds out that someone wants him dead.

  • Young teacher Rachael DelTondo is shot outside of her Pennsylvania home; no arrests have been made, and her murder remains unsolved.