48 Hours on ID

Various cities across the United States are home to some of the most violent criminals that the world has ever seen. This television program follows certain crimes with each episode, focusing on law enforcement as they try to come up with answers to some of the most heinous acts. Each episode centers on a particular crime that has led to a pool of blood, and more often than not, murder. The police give themselves a 48-hour window to determine the cause, motive, and eventually try to pinpoint the location of the wanted man.

Sundays, Wednesdays 8:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery
5 Seasons, 143 Episodes
March 28, 2010
Crime, Drama, History, Mystery
Cast: Maureen Maher
48 Hours on ID

48 Hours on ID Full Episode Guide

  • For nearly 25-years, California sisters Tippy Dhaliwal and Jeanette Marine have been on a mission to keep their step-father Dennis Ott in prison and deny him parole for the murder of their mother Phonthip Ott. Tracy Smith reports.

  • Texas oilman Cullen Davis stands trial for a 1976 ambush that claimed the lives of his stepdaughter and his estranged wife's boyfriend.

  • Before her sudden death, true-crime writer Michelle McNamara, wife of comic Patton Oswalt, was obsessed with trying to find the Golden State Killer, who terrorized Californians between 1979-1986.

  • In 2015, David Temple's conviction for his wife's 1999 murder is overturned because the state withheld evidence from the defense.

  • Twenty years after Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace's murder, it is still a mystery whether he knew his killer, Andrew Cunanan, who was responsible for four other murders and committed suicide before he could be captured.

  • Two friends convicted of rape more than 20 years ago take a DNA test in an attempt to prove what they've long claimed: they didn't do it.

  • Curtis Lovelace, a former Illinois prosecutor, speaks out about twice being tried for allegedly killing his wife, Cory, on Valentine's Day 2006.

  • A serial rapist spreads his net wide, choosing his victims from all over the Denver area; now, he is about to be outsmarted by a pair of female detectives from different police departments.

  • The murder of 81-year old Marjorie Nugent by her younger companion, Bernie Tiede, captures the imagination of filmmaker Richard Linklater, who turns it into the movie, "Bernie;'' later, Linklater will learn he too has become part of the plot.

  • Some anonymous messaging applications have proved dangerous to teenagers because they can be used by sexual predators; two teenage girls fall into the trap posed by these applications and their online relationships become a matter of life and death.

  • After Dr. Gilberto Nunez is accused of killing Thomas Kolman, investigators must determine why the dentist would poison a man he says was his best friend.

  • UnwatchedIn 2001, Missouri newspaper editor Kent Heitholt is found bludgeoned and strangled to death on Halloween night; then, two years later, 19-year-old Charles Erickson has a dream that he and his friend, Ryan Ferguson, participated in the crime.

  • Los Angeles prosecutor John Lewin interviews Robert Durst about the murder of Susan Berman; this conversation may play a role in the case against Durst, who is accused of killing Berman.

  • David Temple was incarcerated for life for his wife's death when an appeal in 2015 gave him a chance to hope.

  • When George Tiaffay discovers his estranged wife, Shauna, killed in her home, he has an ironclad alibi, and it will take a tip from a surprising source to solve the case; Peter Van Sant reports.

  • In North Carolina, Kelli Bordeaux is reported missing after failing to report for duty at Fort Bragg, then a private investigator develops an unusual relationship with a suspect in the combat medic's disappearance leading to the recovery of her body.

  • After University of Virginia student Hannah Graham disappears, detectives take suspect Jesse Matthew into custody and make a shocking discovery about his DNA.

  • After University of Virginia pupil Hannah Graham vanishes from a Charlottesville mall, surveillance footage displays her with an unknown guy whom investigators pinpoint as Jesse Matthew.

  • In November 2016, Kala Brown is discovered alive chained up inside a storage container on the land of Todd Kohlhepp, then seven bodies are found leading officials to believe they might have a serial killer on their hands.

  • Slighting the warnings of her pals, Linda refuses to believe her husband might be poisoning her.

  • Linda Duffey declares she accidentally shot her husband to death while they were acting out a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

  • Accused of defending the law, FBI Special Agent Arthur Gonzales demands he had no option but to shoot his estranged wife, Julie, when she charged at him with a knife.

  • In Kaufman County, Texas, a prosecutor is shot on his way to court, then the district attorney and his wife are discovered murdered in their house.

  • After losing custody of her daughter in an ugly divorce, Lee Barnett decides she has no other options but to take her baby, sever all ties and go on the run; for the first time, Lee talks about the 20 years she spent living under the radar.

  • Seventeen-year-old Angela Rose survives the ordeal of being abducted at knife point and sexually assaulted, then she helps police catch her attacker.

  • Questions continue about why Cory Lovelace's body was found in an advanced state of rigor mortis even though her kids saw her alive the same morning she was found deceased in her bed.

  • When Jeanne Bishop's pregnant sister, Nancy, and her brother-in-law, Richard, are murdered, Bishop's life changes forever, and she winds up visiting her sister's killer many times in prison.

  • The 2012 killing of Yancy Noll, a Seattle wine steward, is examined. Noll was shot to death in his vehicle while waiting at a stop light.

  • Robert Chambers, otherwise know as the "Preppy Murderer", gets out of prison after serving a decade and a half for strangling Jennifer Levin to death, but he quickly discovers himself returning to the headlines.

  • The 2009 death of Olympian Dave Laut is investigated. Laut was shot by his wife, Jane, who claimed her husband continually abused her.

  • The 2012 murder of Danielle Thomas, a financial analyst for Weight Watchers, in Queens, N.Y., is investigated. An accidental cellphone call recorded the victim's horror.

  • The story of Robin Doan, who at age 10 in 2005 was the only one in her family to survive a home invasion in Pampa, Texas.

  • The apparent accidental death of a respected physician's wife arouses suspicion.

  • The 2002 death of Nancy Sonnenfeld is investigated. Her husband, Kurt, is the chief suspect, but he claims his wife committed suicide.

  • A report on Cal Harris, the New York millionaire who has been prosecuted four times for the murder of his estranged wife Michele, who vanished in 2001.

  • Savanna attempts to transform Hannah into a typical LA girl, meanwhile Natalie breaks down over the stresses of the season.

  • The 1979 murder of Janet Walsh frustrated police for decades. There were many suspects, but no way for authorities to make an arrest. Now, over thirty years later, DNA technology would play a key role in solving this cold case. Peter Van Sant reports.

  • When a triple homicide rocked Pinyon Pines, CA. detectives had little to go on since a fire had destroyed most of the evidence. The case would sit cold for 7 years until a private investigator turned up the heat. Troy Roberts reports.

  • The investigation of the killing of a girl whose body was found in an eating establishment's parking lot.

  • In Los Angeles, a police officer shoots an actor to death at a Halloween party; a woman is caught on tape running over her husband; a U.S. customs agent helps break a global pornography ring.

  • Twins Betty and Peggy are both accused of hiring a hit man to kill Betty's husband; one twin is found guilty following the hit man's shaky testimony, while the other is left off.

  • When Todd Winkler stabbed his wife to death with a pair of scissors, he told police that Rachel had attacked him first. But as authorities began to investigate, they would find clues that might help explain Rachel's death. Richard Schlesinger reports.

  • Bethany Deaton, a young nurse with a bright future, is found dead of an apparent suicide; Police face a fundamentalist religious group and a dream marriage that may have led to Bethany's death.

  • When Bethany Deaton, a youthful nurse with a hopeful future, is discovered dead, the situation looks like suicide; Police come up against a fundamentalist religious organization and a dream wedding that may have influenced Bethany's death.

  • Investigating the killing of John Bender.

  • A behind-the-scenes look at the mysterious circumstances surrounding the murder of Amy Gellert.