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Evil Dead's Bruce Campbell does it again with these hilarious action comedy episodes in the vein of Xena and Hercules. Set in the late 1800s on a fictional island in the East Indies, Jack is one of America's first secret agents, sent by Thomas Jefferson to stop all threats to the United States. Accompanied by his beautiful and far more competent partner, Emilia (Angela Dotchin), an English spy, the two thwart the likes of Napoleon Bonaparte (Verne Troyer), Blackbeard, the Marquis de Sade and many other historical figures. Jack also has a secret identity, the Daring Dragoon, chased by all!

Jack of All Trades is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on January 22, 2000.

Where do I stream Jack of All Trades online? Jack of All Trades is available for streaming on Syndicated, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Jack of All Trades on demand at , NBC online.

2 Seasons, 22 Episodes
January 22, 2000
Comedy, Action & Adventure
Cast: Bruce Campbell, Angela Dotchin, Stuart Devenie, Stephen Papps
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Jack of All Trades Full Episode Guide

  • Emilia is kidnapped by a powerful sultan and place into his harem of wives. At first, she just wants get out from under his control, but as she stays there longer, she begins to believe that she must free all of the other wives as well.

  • An accident has left Emilia with a serious case of amnesia. More to the point, she doesn't know where she has put the deed to priceless piece of land. Jack, being Jack, has taken it upon himself to take advantage of the situation and begins telling her that she is free spirit that likes to enjoy herself.

  • A new statue has been commissioned by Napoleon to be given as a gift to the newly formed United States. This goes against his character and sparks the curiosity of Jack and Emilia. They soon realize that there is much more to the state than Napoleon is leading on.

  • Governor Croque is sent to jail for what appears to be conspiracy for a failed assassination attempt on Napoleon. Jack decides to get himself arrested and sent to the same prison to protect Croque from all of the inmates that he helped put there. This may be easier said then done as Croque is responsible for a lot of them.

  • Napoleon, under the guise of plans of good will, is planning to send out wine to all of the leaders of the world. Jack and Emilia indulge in some of this wine and end up waking up next to each other in bed with no recollection of how they got there. Their relationship gets tested as they try to figure everything out, including Napoleon's plan.

  • A priceless artifact of the WallaWalla Bing Bang tribe is coveted by both the American and British governments. Both have ordered their agents, Jack and Emilia, to secure it and send it to them. This starts a rift between the two as they both try to do what they have been ordered.

  • Someone has taken Katherine the Great's prize champion horse. She has vowed to lay waste to the island of Pulau Pulau unless it is returned to her in the next 24 hours. Jack and Emilia must hunt down the stolen steed to save the lives of everyone on this tropical paradise.

  • King George has grown increasingly more unstable. Jack and Emilia must protect him from an assassination attempt that will take place at a local opera house. King George's actions, though, start making it more and more difficult.

  • King George's royal crown has been stolen. Jack and Emilia must embark to the Marquis de Sade's island where they believe it is being kept. The catch is that they must attend an S&M resort of sorts as a couple in order to complete their mission.

  • Lewis and Clark have landed on the tropical island of Pulau Pulau thinking that they have just found Oregon. They aren't quite as astute when it comes to exploring as everyone believes. They also can't fathom that the Revolutionary War has finally ended. Jack and Emilia must help them and put them on the right path so they can keep up their reputations.

  • Croque's wife is unhappy with their relationship and his reactions are causing unsettling reactions in the locals. Jack and Emilia decide to help Croque in calming her demanding libido to return peace to Pulau Pulau.

  • A desecration of a local cemetery is blamed on the Daring Dragoon and Jack and Emilia know it's a ploy. Emilia decides to act as though she has passed away in hopes of clearing the Dragoon and restore his good name with the locals.

  • Napoleon is getting tired of Governor Croque's constant failures and sends and inspector to evaluate him. Jack and Emilia devise a plan to make Croque look better than he really is because they can handle him and don't want someone who could possibly hinder their efforts there.

  • Emily can finally save England from the forthcoming onslaught of the French. The only problem is she has to marry Napoleon. Jack thinks this is a terrible idea and does what ever he can to stop it from happening. Someone close to Napoleon is unhappy with this idea as well.

  • Great Britain's most famed and decorated spy, Sir Rupert Smythe, has been dispatched to Pulau Pulau to lead a mission. He is also Emilia's father. Rupert isn't the man he used to be and Emilia knows it. She does everything she can to make sure the mission is a success.

  • Governor Croque and his forces have seized a shipment of American gold. Emilia and Jack, as the Daring Dragoon, must get it back and send it on its way to America where it belongs.

  • One of the founding fathers has been kidnapped. While on a mission to build a great and powerful weapon, Benjamin Franklin has gone missing. Jack and Emilia are ordered to hunt down the kidnappers and rescue the famed inventor.

  • A French spy has a code that Jack and Emilia need and Emilia is quested with the task of retrieving it. She, unfortunately, needs help and Jack tutors her in how to seduce this man.

  • Jack Stiles, a government agent, is sent by President Thomas Jefferson to the remote island of Pulau Pulau in the West Indies. His contact there is a beautiful British inventor and entrepreneur, Emilia Rothschild. Together they are to hinder the forces of Napoleon Bonaparte.

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