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Auto theft has been one of the most perpetrated crimes for several years now in the United States and Jacked: Auto Theft Task Force is a reality-based show focused on unearthing the criminals through a fleet of police officers and high-tech tracking devices. The show focuses, each episode, on a series of bate cars. These cars are traditionally, commonly stolen vehicles that are equipped with tracking devices and engine cut-off technology.

To start off each episode the task force briefs the audience on the plan and the vehicle they have planted in the area. The force waits nearby for a perpetrator to take the bait, so to speak. Once the perpetrator has successfully taken the car the task force than follow the perpetrator, tracking the car along the way; following a pursuit the force cuts off the engine and keeps the perpetrator locked in the car until they are arrested.

One of the most entertaining portions of the show is the excuses, lies and explanations that the perpetrators often come up with as to why they were in the car and what they were actually planning to do with the vehicle. The criminal is dutifully arrested following a discussion with the force and the cameras.

Each episode of Jacked focuses on two or more instances of stolen vehicles; from the setup to the sting that eventually follows once an unwitting criminal takes the bait. Each segment is unique, but it includes many of the same task force members and technologies used to catch criminals in the act.

Jacked: Auto Theft Task Force is one of several shows currently revolving on television schedules that focus on the baiting and catching of real-life criminals. The high stakes game of police work has long been a mystery to most people who aren't wearing the badge. Shows of this nature give the common citizen a look into the world of police work and, more interestingly, the inner workings of a criminal mind.

Thursdays at 10:00 pm on A&E
1 Season, 13 Episodes
August 21, 2008
Crime, Drama, Family
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Jacked: Auto Theft Task Force Full Episode Guide

  • Clips include a field test for a new computerized license plate reader; and the unit chases fleeing armed robbers in their vehicle.

  • An officer conducts a foot pursuit through a five lane highway, and a police officer finds a suspect from a discarded cigarette butt.

  • The task force is on the prowl in Newark -- and they have plenty to keep them busy, including tricking out a new SUV with all the high-tech gear a squad truck needs. Later, they get a cardio workout when a perp flees on foot.

  • A helicopter is needed to hunt down the suspects in a case; a tracking device is used to find a suspect on a motorcycle.

  • A stolen jeep is followed by the Auto Theft Task Force (A.T.T.F.). They capture three suspects and a gun.Later, they discover on the street about a decoy vehicle causing the unit to make changes. Plus, the unit responds to the scene of a shooting while the Union County Prosecutor rides along.

  • Unoccupied stolen vehicles, smart-talking perps, foot chases, and stakeouts has this one of the busiest nights ever for the Auto Theft Task Force (A.T.T.F.). The unit does take time to figure which of the team is the speediest runner.

  • A car thief is chased down who leaves a brick in the car as a calling card. Also, an officer has to work on his own chasing down a suspect when backup proves to be too far away.

  • An examination of the teams cases other than those involving stolen cars, including a search for suspected robbers and a hunt for a person believed to have a weapon.

  • The unit pursues a vehicle down an alley during a rainstorm and later is in a chase with an erratic driver.

  • The task force mans their heavy metal SUVs as they search for stolen cars in and around Newark. Later, a deliveryman's car is stolen at gunpoint, and the unit uses the decoy vehicle to capture a pair of unsuspecting car thieves.

  • The task force faces scenarios beyond the usual drill. After following a stolen vehicle from a distance, the unit finds it abandoned and rolling down the street -- and the hunt is on for the driver.

  • The Wolf Pack trails a stolen vehicle and blocks it in -- capturing a wanted gang member in the process. A few days later, their Lojack tracking signals go off, alerting them to a stolen vehicle in the area.

  • The team's helicopter spots a stolen car speeding through the city streets -- and we see just how dangerous stolen vehicles can be.

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