KINGS OF CONversation

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Kings of Con continues after the show with Rob, Rich, the cast, friends, and YOU! Tune in for your questions, your fan art, and a peek at all of the shenanigans behind each episode.

Comic-Con HQ
1 Season, 9 Episodes
November 15, 2016

KINGS OF CONversation Full Episode Guide

  • Bernie Kopell is on board to celebrate the KINGS OF CON season finale alongside our hosts Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr., Rick Gomez, and a cameo filled audience. Featuring special messages from Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and Jared Padalecki.

  • Kim Rhodes and Osric Chau join our hosts Rob "awkward segue" Benedict and Richard Speight Jr. to discuss KINGS OF CON episode nine! Featuring murderous social mavens, failing in unison, and angry vaping.

  • Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr. celebrate the new year with Michael Cudlitz and Ron Livingston. Featuring innuendos, callbacks, an angry kiss with Cudlitz, and the story behind platform-gate.

  • Rob and Rich celebrate the holidays with Kurt Fuller and Jim Hanna. Featuring Secret Santas, raptorball, and your cosplay fails. Plus Emily Swallow, Timothy Omundson, and Jason Manns bring you the five days of KINGS OF CON.

  • Co-hosts Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr. welcome special guests Lindsay Sloane and Gil McKinney. Featuring your medical trial experiences, Jayden Swain, and a peek behind the scenes at a Supernatural convention green room.

  • Co-hosts Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr. are reunited at last and are happy to welcome special guest Sebastian Roche. Featuring epic gym fails, hilarious polyglots, and musical recaps.

  • Rob Benedict, guest host Josh Meyers, and special guest Matt "Mama's Garden" Cohen talk KINGS OF CON episode four. Featuring vocal warmups, shivering timbers, hot potatoes, and nude underwear.

  • Rob Benedict and guest host Jason Ritter talk KINGS OF CON episode three with Coby Toland. Featuring 9-1-1 calls, Sidekicks, and Plymouth Rock poses. Plus, Rich weighs in with his tips to baste a turkey.

  • Rob Benedict welcomes guest co-host, Josh Meyers, and a whole array of guests including: Timothy Omundsun, Laurie Fortier, Kim Rhodes, and Osric Chau! Featuring bloopers, aggressive moustaches, and convention fact or fiction.