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The Kroll Show is a half-hour sketch comedy show that stars stand-up comedian Nick Kroll. It debuted in January 2013 and is written by Nick Kroll, John Levenstein, and Jonathan Krisel. Members of the recurring cast are Jon Daly, John Mulaney, Jenny Slate, and Andy Milonakis. Other notable guest appearances have been made by Fred Armisen, Rob Huebel, Thomas Lennon, and Ed Helms.

Comedy Central touts the show as a satire of television and the culture it creates. The sketches featured are focused on highlighting the idiosyncrasies of news and sports programs and the calculated absurdities of reality television shows. While most of the material is new, some of the characters that make appearances were created by Nick Kroll from his days as a stand-up comedian such as the Jersey inspired stereotype, Bobby Bottleservice. Another one of his known characters is Fabrice, Fabrice who is flamboyant television personality that interviews people on the streets.

The sketches on the Kroll are parodies of the trends represented on television. One of the main recurring sketches that pokes fun at reality television is titled Armond of the House. It is inspired by other reality television shows that feature dysfunctional families. The head of the household is Dr. Armond, known for being California's top pet plastic surgeon. This sketch shows him attempting to bond with his wife and son through forced activities that would only be seen on a reality television show.

The Kroll Show airs on Wednesday nights on Comedy Central at 10:30/9:30cst.

Tuesday 10:30 PM et/pt on Comedy Central
3 Seasons, 32 Episodes
December 10, 2013
Cast: Nick Kroll, Jon Daly, Jenny Slate
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Kroll Show Full Episode Guide

  • Wendy of the Rich Dicks decides to get a bris so he can convert to Judaism, PubLIZity plans Wendy's elaborate Bris Mitzvah, and the Too Much Tuna guys pull a glorious final prank.

  • C-Czar and Bob Ducca pitch their new invention to PubLIZity, and Dr. Armond goes after his wife's killer in Europe and makes a stunning discovery during the finale of "Show Us Your Songs."

  • The Rich Dicks open a restaurant called Dunch, Ruth Diamond Phillips feels a strong attraction to her new client Ref Jeff, and Bobby Bottleservice enters his own body to "bounce" Farley from his heart.

  • "Show Us Your Songs" travels the British Commonwealth searching for talent, Bryan La Croix and Gene Creemers have a huge fight, and Murph's gambling problem leads him to Pittsburgh to seek out Don's help in "Pawnsylvania."

  • Tunes is arrested for detonating a locker bomb in Wheels, Ontario; Farley gives lawyer Ruth Diamond Phillips a makeover; Bobby Bottleservice decides to rebrand himself and become a country star.

  • PubLIZity plans a party for the Illuminati, the European offers to help an underground organization take the Illuminati down, and Fabrice Fabrice hosts a game show called "Crab Cab."

  • Bobby Bottleservice directs an action movie in which he must rescue his mother from Eagle Wing, C-Czar goes on a date with a coworker despite his feelings for Pretty Liz, and Mikey questions his sexuality on "Wheels, Ontario."

  • Nash Rickey and Niece Denise confront a karaoke bully; the Pawnsylvania guys prepare for Murph's wedding, and Larry Bird tends bar on the sitcom "Chairs."

  • Liz teams up with a team of gold miners in the mountains.

  • The Too Much Tuna guys prank a doctor and decide to leave New York City, "Show Us Your Songs" returns, and Dr. Armond encounters some potential new female companions and has a realization about his wife's killer.

  • In the third season premiere, Bobby Bottleservice competes in an elaborate game of H-O-R-S-E with his fellow gigolos to determine who will be ousted from Gigolo House, and Mikey gets addicted to pills on "Wheels, Ontario."

  • Watch a sneek peak of what's to come in Season 3.

  • PubLizity promotes "Blisteritos" with a celebrity-studded red carpet event, CCzar graduates from Dad Academy, and Rich Dicks throw a party.

  • Armond takes residences with with his taxidermist dad; "Wheels Ontario" is changed by a shocking accident; Bobby Bottleservice faces a cheater.

  • Farley records her single with the help of Bobby Bottleservice. C-Czar and his mother reconnect. Meanwhile the Armond murder trial begins.

  • The Oh Hello guys try to prank each other, Rich Dicks are forced to flycoach, and two Pennsylvania pawn shop owners switch shops.

  • In an attempt to take down Wendy's dad's bank, Rick decides to join a rebel group to help his efforts.

  • George and Gil create problems at the Y; C-Czar cares for a pretend baby on "Dad Academy"; Bobby Bottleservice finds a new home in "Gigolo House.

  • Ref Jeff works for the Transportation Security Administration; Nash Rickey promotes his deli; European Man appears on "Signing Bonus" to pitch his business idea to investors.

  • 80s rocker Nash Rickey tries to reunite the band, Ref Jeff finallyfinds a pal, and the Wheels Ontario kids visit the USA.

  • A geologist discusses rocks; Armond is under house arrest for his wife's murder; two rich guys deliver a eulogy at an old man's funeral to secure their inheritance.

  • On Wheels Ontario, Mikey considers losing his virginity and Tunesgoes into labor; Bobby Bottleservice becomes a gigolo, unwillingly.

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