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During the construction of the Kurobe Dam, an ancient artifact was discovered, and so the United Nations Kurobe Research Institute was established. Intellectuals from all over the world gathered to study the object, and the children of those researchers attend Mt. Tate International Senior High School, including the institute head's daughter, Yukina Shirahane. In the summer of 2016, a lone samurai once again awakens.

Kuromukuro is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on April 7, 2016.

Kuromukuro is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Kuromukuro on demand atNetflix online.

Thursday at 12:00 AM et/pt on Tokyo MX
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
April 7, 2016
Cast: Johnny Yong Bosch, Bob Buchholz, Kira Buckland, Reba Buhr
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Kuromukuro Full Episode Guide

  • Through the fight with the Efidolg, the characters find themselves closer to their aims. Kennosuke discovers the path he must walk.

  • Ken and Zell are shocked to learn of a power that can resist the enemy. Everyone at school is tired of waiting for Yukina and the others' return.

  • Seeking the truth, Muetta turns against her former comrades. Realizing that the deciding battle is approaching, everyone makes their preparations.

  • Ken and Yukina take Muetta to school, causing a stir among the few remaining students. Carlos announces the completion of his movie scenario.

  • The enemy blockades the research center. At home, Yukina and the others are educated about the Efidolg and Yukina's missing father, Takehito.

  • Ken and Yukina have safely returned but have no time to celebrate after the research center learns that the enemy mothership will soon land on Earth.

  • Ken is on the way, but Yukina is already planning her escape. She encounters Mirasa, who attacks. Meanwhile, Sophie learns more about the enemy.

  • The Research Institute panics over Yukina's disappearance. Dr. Hausen makes a surprising discovery. Meanwhile, Sophie receives a mysterious message.

  • Yukina and a reluctant Ken receive their salaries and decide to go to the hot springs together. Rumors of their plans spread through the school.

  • Graham orders a comprehensive search to find the two missing enemy pilots. Meanwhile, the Efidolg mothership dispatches an additional geoframe.

  • Sophie shows excellent results in the single-pilot GAUS, impressing Ken. Soon, he learns that her parents expect her to leave Japan.

  • The local population begins to evacuate the area, and the school's students are transferring out. Carlos doesn't know what to say about his situation.

  • Kennosuke has been run through by a woman with the face of his princess. Before she can finish him off, a mysterious figure leaps to his defense.

  • Ken's Kuromukuro fights alongside the GAUS to drive off a giant geoframe. Meanwhile, Kayahara's plan for the Culture Fair stirs up excitement.

  • Summer vacation has come, and that means more training for Ken and Yukina, who is improving more than she expected. Akagi hopes to become a pilot.

  • The enemy pilot unexpectedly escapes and is able to restore his geoframe. Yukina is ordered to deploy in the Kuromukuro, but runs into him on the way.

  • The captured demon pilot, named Fusnarnie, and Kennosuke are both questioned about their origins. Kennosuke tells the tale of him and the Princess fighting their last battle together in the Black Relic. However Kennosuke can't seem too recall or admit if he knows Fusnarnie from the past. Meanwhile Fusnarnie disables his guards and remotely activates the longarm "callsign Lion" Geoframe to come and get him. But on his way out he stumbles upon Yukina whom he recognizes as a wielder.....

  • With Yukina back in the co-pilot seat the Black Relic is back in action. They launch at incoming geoframes which try to beam themselves and the Black Relic up to their mothership. This plan gets disrupted and with the help of Gaus 1 and 2 the Geoframes are disabled. But in a surprise turn of the situation the pilot of the main geoframe surrenders.

  • The Artifact, Gaus 1 and Gaus 2 mobile suits engage into battle with the "Yellow Crab" geoframe and two of his red minions. While suffering serious damage to the Artifact, Kennosuke manages to defeat the Yellow Crab. An apparently human pilot appears from the geoframes cockpit, who identifies himself as Hedo from the Frontier Reform Office. After asking Kennosuke why he betrays his own kind, the pilot activates the self-destruct sequence of his disabled geoframe.

  • Kennosuke's introduction into the modern world continues. His fellow mobile armor pilots decide his callsign is " Ken". Both Yukina and Kennosuke are apperently linked with implants to the steed and the giant, to some dismay of at least one of the other mobile suit pilots. Just when "Ken" is settling into Yukon's class and school a call to arms is given.

  • Kennosuke is adjusting to the 21st century which also includes a trip to the shopping mall together with Yukina. The demons past is hidden in history and only Yukina's father did research, until he mysteriously disappeared. From these studies they hope to discover more about the demons and how their connection to Kennosuke, the only survivor of the Wasabi clan.

  • After his battle with one of the demons, the samurai Kennosuke is captured and taken into custody. Kennosuke seems to originate from the Sengoku period about 450 years ago. He escapes from his jail, but doing so he unwillingly endangers Koharu, Yukina's little sister. Kennosuke manages to summon the cube, his transport vessel and rescues Koharu from a smaller demon. The Monk Osho Yakushi convinces Kennosuke to battle the unknown demons from the skies at their side.

  • Multiple locations are under attack from unknown attackers. At the United Nations Kurobe Research Institute they deploy their latest mech suits into the battle. On the inside Yukina triggers the "cube" and a lonely samurai appears who protects his "princess" Yukina from the attackers. Before Yukina and the institute can figure out who the samurai warrior is, he deploys the cube and activates " the giant" which is a powerful mobile suit warrior. The giant, with the samurai in control and Yukina as an accidental co-pilot, moves forward across Japan to seek and destroy the demons.

  • Yuhina Shirahane visits het mother at the United Nations Kurobe Research Institute. Here she learns of the "giant" and the "cube" unknown objects that enabled the institute and her mother to develop new technology. Suddenly fast incoming objects from the sky appear and one is headed straight for the institute.