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Kyousougiga is a 13 episode series that begins with a high priest gaining the power to animate his drawings. After animating a wife and finding an orphaned boy, the priest creates two siblings for "Yakushimaru," and they live as a happy family until the Bodhisattva returns to reclaim her end of a promise. The priest, Myoe, then hands over his powers to his mortal son.

The series then jumps ahead in time with a grown Yakushimaru serving as one of three rulers of the walled city, Kyoto. Should Yakushimaru's mother Lady Koto ever enter, it will likely end the multiverse.

Thursday at 1:30 AM on Tokyo MX
2 Seasons, 23 Episodes
August 31, 2012
Anime, Fantasy

Kyousougiga Full Episode Guide

  • As Lady Koto and Inari talk things out between themselves, where he states his wish to disappear and pass on his duty to Koto. Koto and Yakushimaru manage to use the power of their hammer and beads to repair the damage done to Kyoto and the parralels, arriving on the central plane, Takamakahara. There, they meet their grandfather, who tells Koto and Yakushimaru to take Inari's place as the new God of the world. Wanting to question Inari herself, Koto and Yakushimaru break their way onto the moon, where Koto uses her fists to let out her feelings to Inari, convincing him to stay. As such, Koto's grandfather allows Inari's existence to remain whilst Yakushimaru takes over his role as priest, and Koto's family is fully reunited.

  • Koto firmly states her case over why Kyoto should continue existing. Inari then reveals he is a god, who created the universe alongside his brother, the head priest, and his father. Saying that he wanted Koto to grow up to be someone he can live on through, Inari suddenly stabs both Koto and the priest with his sword, putting Koto under his control as she starts destroying Kyoto, causing harsher effects on the other parralels. As Yakushimaru, Kurama, and Shouko find themselves trapped under some rubble, Kurama urges Yakushimaru to start living for himself, before he and Shouko are eventually rescued and go their seperate ways. After coming across Yase, who praises how he always thought of Kyoto, Yakushimaru rushes to Koto's side and brings her back to her senses with the beads of creation he got from Inari, which he believes can save Kyoto.

  • Yakushimaru explains to Koto how Myoe had found him after he had attempted to take his own life following the death of his parents and decided to adopt him, using a special fruit to bring him back to life and make him immortal. Whilst intially hating being unable to die, Yakushimaru soon became attached to his adoptive parents, making it all the more sad when he became separated from them. After Koto and Yakushimaru talk about their respective parents, Yase and Kurama, who are curious about the identity of Koto, bring her to their assembly, much to Yakushimaru's objection. As Yakushimaru fights against Yase, Koto gets swallowed by Kurama's robot, which leads her to a gate that takes her to the moon, where she comes face to face with Lady Koto, who she identifies as her mother.

  • Yakushimaru feels pent up over his past, even having an outburst at Koto. After getting some advice from Yakushimaru's girlfriend, Koto goes on a moped trip with him, explaining how A and Un are like the beginning and the end, reminding Yakushimaru of the words Myoe left him with. He then tells him that the black rabbit she is chasing is most likely his mother, offering to help her find it on the condition that once she does, she would kill him.

  • Koto visits Shouko's lab, letting her analyse her hammer whilst she meets up with Kurama, who recalls his childhood. Meanwhile, Shouko freaks out when she loses a handheld controller for her giant robot. Her men chase after one being carried by a crow, only to find it isn't hers. She later manages to find it at a restaurant, thanks to her assistant, Yashimi, secretly putting a GPS tracker on it.

  • Koto recalls her past training with her master and father, Inari, a shrine priest who often goes on missions. Late one night, Koto spots a black rabbit in her home and chases after it, coming across a room where she finds the paintings of the Mirror Capital and Lady Koto in her rabbit form, and Inari crying in his sleep while calling out to Lady Koto, deciding to keep it a secret. Back in the present, Yakushimaru, Yase and Kurama discuss the possible link between Koto and Lady Koto.

  • A look at Myoe's past. Lady Koto, who was originally a black rabbit given life by Myoe's drawings, was given a body by a bodhisattva so she could express her love. They soon bonded and started a family consisting of three children; Yakushimaru, a human child, and Kurama and Yase, who were created from drawings. When the capital started to complain about them, they decided to live in the Mirror Kyoto that Myoe created, where humans and creatures could live together in peace and broken things simply regenerate. However, Lady Koto started having terrifying visions, which she believed would be brought about by keeping the bodhisattva's body, thus she and Myoe left their children behind in Mirror Kyoto. Back in the present, it is revealed that the current Myoe is actually a grown up Yakushimaru, taking his role as head monk. One day, a mysterious lightning storm appears, followed by a light falling into a shrine in the center of the city. As Yakushimaru arrives there, he meets Koto and her brothers, who had wound up in Mirror Kyoto whilst looking for her guardian.

  • Koto's VA, Rie Kugumiya and Myoue's VA, Ken'ichi Suzumura, narrate this episode that goes over the events of the series.

  • Inari asks Koto why he exists, and tells her to live because he's going to disappear.

  • Inari is moved by Koto's desire to know the truth of the looking glass city, and starts to tell her the secrets of the universe.

  • Inari asks Koto why he exists, and tells her to live because he's going to disappear. Myoue and Koto use the prayer beads to try and restore the city, but are sent to heaven where they meet God and are told to become the new masters of the Looking Glass City. Koto confronts Inari in the Holy Grounds to find his true intentions and the answer to everything.

  • Inari is moved by Koto's desire to know the truth of the looking glass city, and starts to tell her the secrets of the universe. When he's done he stabs her with his sword. The others are shocked. Koto's Aratama explodes and the world is destroyed. Myoue confronts Kurama and Yase amidst the rubble. Myoue awakens as the true king of the city, and runs to stop the end of the world.

  • Chapter 19:Koto takes her mother from the Shrine's Holy Grounds to the Looking Glass City.Chapter 20:The three siblings enjoy their time with their mother, but...Chapter 21:Koto tries to find out the secret of her birth from her mother, but instead she's asked to save her poor father. With no place for her feelings to go, she takes them out on Myoue.

  • Chapter 16:Yakushimaru was saved by the Priest Myoue from the flames, and became a member of his family, but...Chapter 17:As time passed, Myoue began to believe that Koto really was their younger sister, but when he sees the picture of Inari he's struck by how little it looks like the Priest he knows.Chapter 18:Meanwhile, Kurama and Yase have Koto fight Bishamaru, hoping to use Aratama's energy to summon their mother.

  • The Voice Actors visit the spots in Koto that are the model for Kyousougiga, and give a detailed introduction to the motifs and episodes_4-18 that inspired the show. They visit Kurama Temple, and the real Enzanji where where the Choujuugiga and picture of Koto's mother are held.

  • Chapter 10:The Station Opening, the day when everyone in the city gets rid of what they don't need, begins, and a cup that is very important to Yase is thrown away.Chapter 11:Yase has lived her whole life surrounded by things that remind her of her mother, and Koto tries to get her cup back, but...Chapter 12:Koto tries to fix things between Kurama and Yase, and feels a connection to her mother between them.

  • As Yase has one of her lackies shoot a television program following a yearly event in which unneeded objects mysteriously float away, Koto and co try to stop a young girl from being taken away with them.

  • Scientist Shouko searches frantically across Kyoto for her remote control device.

  • Koto recalls the teachings of her teacher, Inari.