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Look Around You - 2015 is a television series about various different places in the world. Each week the host will take you to a new destination, giving the history of the township, and the unique features only this place can offer you. Just take a deep breath in and enjoy the beauty of nature.

1 Season, 15 Episodes
October 10, 2002
Cast: Peter Serafinowicz, Nigel Lambert, Robert Popper, James Serafinowicz
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  • A look at the very latest in computer technology.

  • The team looks at advances in food science and technology, and the world's one and only vegetable orchestra, led by Teddy Clarke, gives us a live performance in the studio.We meet Andy Gough, Slimmer of the Year, a fellow who lost fifty-two stone [for American viewers: one stone is sixteen pounds] in six weeks, thanks to a controversial slimming powder.We also visit the food industry's annual show and see some inspiring hi-tech developments.A special report looks at the growth of fast food casserole joints, stepping into the world's only computer-run casserole cafe where the menu features four types of casserole - beef, chicken, ham and porcupine.Lastly, the gang throws a futuristic birthday party for Pam - with a surprise guest.

  • The team looks at advances in healthcare, and Jack Morgan goes under the knife as Dr Fu supervizes the efforts of a robot-surgeon called Medibot to create the perfect face.Other presenters try out a new toothbrush that burns away plaque - though with one rather serious side effect... And in a special report, the team visits a Sleep Institute and meets its director, Professor Craven, a man with some cutting-edge ideas.

  • We visit the Look Around You Music 2000 Competition, a search for the sounds people will be listening to in the year 2000. Three contestants have half a minute each to perform what they think will be the music of tomorrow.Contestant Anthony Carmichael gives us England's first ever performance of rap music.The contest is judged by Look Around You's resident music expert, the Ghost of the composer Tchaikovsky, who speaks through an interpreter.We also meet the chairman of the Royal Pop and Rock Association, Sir Alan Rees, who coincidentally is the reigning French-kissing champion.

  • A brief investigation of the world of music, from its Neolithic beginnings...

  • Why can't ghosts whistle? Well, let's hear from a ghost.

  • Watch a beautiful butterfly emerge from her cocoon. / See how a mother bird feeds her baby birds inside a nest!

  • You need to know something about Germs. You really do. And Professor Miles can help you...

  • In this episode we learn about the amazing igloo-building skills of ants and the surprising ability of water to boil eggs.

  • Maths can help us in our daily lives - for example, in cooking pasta, in calculating the correct moment for starting a conversation, or (if you can fly) in working out where to land.Queen Elizabeth III and Queen Elizabeth IV are going to a party given by Queen Elizabeth V. QE3 has forty dresses to choose from, QE4 has four thousand, and QE5 has only one dress, but it can take the form of many dresses. Then, during the night, QE3's servant steals the plans for QE4's party dress and, working till dawn, makes four thousand exact copies... So can we reckon what the chance is that all of the Queens will be wearing the same dress at the party?

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