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Have you ever dreamed of exploring an island or travelling to the moon? Do you want to race cars and horses or to talk to a friendlly bear? Or maybe you just need to hide from the rain? No problem! Louie is here! And with the help of Yoko, they will draw many exciting things for you to discover, right before your very eyes. What is better, you can learn to be a master artist yourself!

9 Seasons, 119 Episodes
January 1, 2015
Animation & Cartoon
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Louie draw me ! Full Episode Guide

  • Louie and Sophie are arguing over a football match. Yoko's the referee but she's had enough, she can't even manage to whistle! Who'll be able to referee the match in her place? Louie draws a marmot, but the one thing she wants to do: is to play football as well...

  • Louie and Yoko meet a clown and a donkey who are going to give circus performance. But they can't stop dropping everything that they're carrying: they're going to ne late! To help transport their equipment and to save the show, Louie and Yoko draw a circus caravan.

  • Louie, Yoko and Sophie have found an old box in the attic. They think they've discovered some hidden wonders. But by way of treasure there's only an old dusty carpet and a holey handkerchief... Yoko and Sophie are disappointed. Louie draws a genie to turn these objects into real treasure!

  • A witch violently lands in Louie and Yoko's garden. She has a terrible sense of direction which leads to her fair share of falls! Louie draws her a bat who will help her find her bearings.

  • Louie and Yoko are peacefully fishing beside the ponds, when meet a beaver collecting wood for his dam. Louie and Yoko offer to help the beaver carry his wool. For that Louie draws a hovercraft

  • Louie, Sophie and Yoko have written their letters to Santa, but they realise they haven't got a Christmas Tree. Where will Santa put their presents? Louie and Yoko draw a beautiful Christmas Tree

  • Louie and Yoko are together on the beach when a whale is beached on the sand. How will they get it back into the water? The whale's too heavy to carry, so they'll have to dig a channel for the seawater to reach it. To do this Louie draws a digger.

  • Louie and Yoko are having a picnic when they're interrupted by a squirrel who finishes off everything that they've laid out. What can they do so that this spring clean doesn't harm the environment? Louie draws a dustbin lorry to take the rubbish away.

  • Louie and Yoko are hiking. Yoko 's a little discouraged because she thinks they're lost. Louie reassures her that there's an animal who can help them - the lama, who possesses two qualities: he's a good hiker and good carrier. But be careful, the lama is a very sensitive creature.

  • Louie, Yoko and Sophie are playing cobs and robbers. Sophie's escaping in her getaway car with the loot. She quickly shrugs off the two policemen, Louie and Yoko, who don't have a vehicle. How ever will they catch Sophie? Louie draws a police car.

  • Louie and Yoko are on photo safari on the savannah. Their way is blocked by a grumpy hippopotamus who refuses to let them cross the river. How are they going to cross? Louie and Yoko draw an antelope to jump over the river, but things don't go as planned!

  • It's the end of the holidays. Louie and Yoko need to get a boat home. Giselle the giraffe would love to come with them! Next Edward the elephant says that he'd like to come along too... To carry them all, Louie draws a liner!

  • Louie and Yoko are playing with their cart, when Sophie joins them. Once Sophie's taken a seat, Louie can no longer pull the cart - it's far too heavy! Who can help him? Louie decides to draw a donkey.

  • Louie and Yoko meet a snail who is looking for a racing opponent! But both Yoko and Louie are hesitant to volunteer themselves: They are very quick and would risk discouraging him. What to do?! Louie draws a tortoise. Who might win out of the tortoise and the snail?

  • Louie and Yoko meet one of Santa's reindeer. He needs somebody to look after him. Yoko puts herself forward, but looking after a reindeer is complicated stuff! Louie draws an elf who will know how to take care of Rudolph.

  • Louie and Yoko meet a suckerfish who's upset because he's all alone. This fish tends to stick to larger breeds to cross the sea, so they need to find him a friend! Louie draws him a shark.

  • Louie and Yoko meet a kitten who's upset because she doesn't know how to climb trees. How can they teach her? Louie draws a tiger: He'll show her how it's done and also boost her self-confidence.

  • Louie and Yoko are doing some gardening. Sophie arrives with a wheelbarrow and crushes the bed of bamboo. The beautiful garden is ruined! Or is it? What if they make a seesaw out of the bamboos? What a good idea! LOUIE draws a panda to help them.

  • Yoko entrusts the Postman with a parcel, but his paws hurt too much to finish his round. Whatever to do!? Louie draws a scooter: that way the Postman won't have to walk! In his enthusiasm, he rushes off on the scooter forgetting his mail and Yoko's parcel!

  • And for his next trick, Louie has a flute and a turban... but he needs an assistant. With the help of Yoko he draws a cobra. Coupled together he can pretend to be a snake charmer.

  • Louie has caught a lot of oysters. Yoko wants to see if they have pearls inside. But opening oysters is no easy job! To help them Louie draws an otter.

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